WSBK – Statements and analysis of the Superbike in Losail – Analysis of the World Superbike in Losail

Losail Superbike Statements and Analysis

WSBK - Statements and analysis of the Superbike in Losail - Analysis of the World Superbike in Losail

The twelfth and final round of the 2014 World SBK took place last night in Losail, Qatar. To complete our live reports, here are the statements of the Superbike riders as well as the Site analysis of the two Qatari races.

Analysis of the World Superbike in Losail

Results of Ligue 1 football and Rugby Top14, Djokovic’s double at the Master 1000 at Paris-Bercy, start of the (de) Route du Rhum, Wilson Kipsang’s hat-trick in the New York marathon, Lewis Hamilton’s tenth victory in Formula 1…

Sports news is so rich this Monday that the coronation of Sylvain Guintoli is relegated to the second – last ?! – plan by the media, even specialized in sport … On Site, however, the French driver has been making the headlines since his first victory last night in Qatar, followed a few hours later by a second success synonymous with a world title !

French motorcycle speed enthusiasts will long remember the evening of November 2, 2014, the perfect mastery of Sylvain Guintoli and his impressive RSV4 which made short work of its rivals at the end – or even in the middle, sometimes! – from the long straight line of the Losail circuit pits…

From Friday, Sylvain chirped happily: "good feelings this first day in Doha, 3rd place. The new version of the engine tested today is a rocket"(see the original version in English and more pictorial opposite!).

Of course, Aprilia provided its pilots with a really fast machine: during qualifying, Melandri, Guintoli but also Elias all exceeded 325 km / h, when the poleman Giugliano peaked below 316 km / h on his Ducati and that Sykes (4th speed max) remained stuck under the bar of 319 km / h ;;.

This speed being coupled with a foolproof reliability, the Noale brand amply deserves its fourth constructor title, obtained at the end of the first Qatari round against Kawasaki. But the motorcycle alone obviously cannot explain the success of "Guinters".

Irrefutable proof that it was not enough to have an Aprilia – even from the factory! – to dominate Baz, Sykes, Rea, Giugliano or other Davies: Marco Melandri literally went unnoticed during the first race (8th) and had to fight hard to get a distant 4th place in the second round.

The Hedgehog of Ravenna had yet crushed the competition during the last two meetings, and agreed to yield to his team-mate "Guinters" his first victory at Magny-Cours. But this weekend, Marco was no help for Sylvain. And the Frenchie is delighted not to be indebted to him…

Indeed, by finally ahead of Tom Sykes by six points in the general classification (416 to 410), Sylvain does not owe Marco – and his five points offered in France – his world title! "Winning the title by 6 points is symbolic, but it’s extremely important to me after the recent controversy", hammered the Anglo-Drôme resident on his arrival.

In this "title" precisely, the success of our No. 50 in 2014 may seem more legitimate than that of Max Biaggi obtained in 2012 against Sykes for a half point … and thanks to Laverty, who had offered his boss in a row Roman third place in the first Russian round in Moscow.

The team strategy and the instructions dictated this year by the Aprilia team did not ultimately have any positive role – a posteriori – on the fight between Sykes and Guintoli. Ironically, however, they cost Marco Melandri his third place in the championship, with Jonathan Rea preceding him on the shelves by a tiny point. !

At Kawasaki, the instructions had more disastrous consequences in terms of atmosphere this time … By refusing to finish third in the first Qatari round, either behind his teammate, Baz drew the wrath of Sykes who no longer had to "manage" and stay just behind Guintoli, but to beat him in the second round !

In the end, the second place of "Bazooka" can not be held responsible for the failure of the English Ninja, phew! The n ° 76 has therefore done well to maintain its rank and to pay tribute, at its true value, to the work provided by its mechanics throughout the year….

Baz held it fiercely because he could not do it a month ago during "his" French event: the "Green Giant" then had to let the 2013 world champion pass before him. "About team orders! Me at least, I helped him once in my life at Magny-Cours !Loris recalled last night on his Facebook page.He can’t say the same"…

This morning, Tom Sykes admitted via Twitter that Baz had helped him at Magny-Cours, but replied to his teammate that "my data and settings helped you when you joined Kawasaki", than "the instructions were given by the team and not by me"and that they were from elsewhere"probably decided following the mess you created in Sepang, for the team and for Kawasaki…"."Finally, I wish you good luck for next season … And congratulations on your "fifth" place this year. You must be proud ?!"he concluded bitterly.

So many statements that no longer appear on the official account of "TheRealTomSykes" … the latter having preferred to delete them! To forget everything, definitely? "I think a lot of you get me wrong", corrected this afternoon the official Kawasaki rider to the attention of his detractors.

"I’m a good loser against the new world champion Sylvain Guintoli, and that doesn’t pose any problem for me", insisted the 2014 vice-champion who actually shook hands with n ° 50 during the lap of honor last night and congratulated him again in the parc ferme.

"I tried to defend myself a little against the attacks of Loris Baz … But too bad. It only makes it worse", noted Tom who will probably not regret the departure of Baz for MotoGP next season. Nor will he miss him, moreover. !

At Aprilia, on the other hand, the separations will be more painful … Sylvain Guintoli, who felt that he felt in the official team as "in a second family", has already officially left with his Number One plate under his arm: head to the Honda Pata box !

"A new challenge awaits us now", reports Roberto Colaninno, president and managing director of the Piaggio group."The entry into MotoGP materializes a year ahead of what was initially announced. We will enter this global competition with the same mindset: devotion and the desire to learn and grow.".

The big Italian boss does not forget to compliment his pilot "Guintoli which was exceptional"and his shadow men:"Romano Albesiano did a superb job. With his team, he not only demonstrated his ability to make exceptional motorcycles, but also to successfully meet the challenges of sports competition.".

"Since Aprilia’s return to Superbike in 2009, the brand has won 7 world titles in just 6 years", continues the inexhaustible Colaninno."Today’s two titles reward the efforts of the Piaggio group for technological innovation. It is no coincidence that in just ten years we have enabled Aprilia to win 28 of its 54 world titles". Forza Piaggio !

Second French Superbike world champion – after Raymond Roche, 24 years ago! -, Sylvain Guintoli also receives the "warm congratulations"of the French Motorcycling Federation (FFM), with which the pilot made his competitive debut via"the French Espoir Speed ​​Team in 2000 before joining the French Grand Prix Team in 2001".

"Sylvain, who was 44 points behind in three races to go to the end of the season, had fallen 12 units behind the leader before this last race", recalls the FFM."The Habs caught up again and took the lead in the standings by winning both rounds at Losail with panache. He thus obtains the long-awaited world title".

Perfectly applied and ultra fast, the French driver won the very first double of his career last night in Qatar. This result completes a season in which he has always crossed the finish line – even after his blunder in Portimao! – within the Top 10 (Top 9!).

Site recalled last night that Sykes had won the most victories this season: eight for Tom against "four + one offered by Melandri" for Sylvain. But at the end of the day (s), Guintoli is undoubtedly the great champion of this year 2014.

Besides the general classification, other statistics prove that "Guinters" deserves his title: he climbed the same number of podiums as Sykes (16 out of 24) but was frequently faster than him in the race (six records against four) and led more laps (128 against 115 for Sykes, 81 for Melandri, 33 for Baz, etc.).

Finally, from a human point of view, Mister Guintoli is unanimous, especially among British pilots. "All my congratulations to the new world champion and also excellent guy Sylvain Guintoli"tweeted for example Jonathan Rea.

"I don’t think I was as happy for another driver as I was for Sylvain Guintoli yesterday", testified the Welshman Chaz Davies."He’s a good guy surrounded by a nice family: he really deserved it !"

"Sylvain Guintoli is worthy of being champion", said Leon Haslam a little earlier, who is also leaving the Honda team and must decide his future these days."Well done mate. I’m so happy for you and for the whole family".

"How do you feel Sylvain ?"asked Tom Sykes, who knew the answer in advance for being in his shoes last year!"I am sure you will enjoy this day, surrounded by your family. You had a hell of a rhythm yesterday … Enjoy !"

Finally, the "serial twitter" Loris Baz wondered last night if he was not "the first to take a selfie with the 2014 WSBK champion ?"Site confirms … Very fast on the track," Bazooka "was the first to unsheathe his smartphone to take a picture of himself with" our "champion. He will not be the last !

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