WSBK – WSBK: teams, drivers and challenges for the 2011 season – Aprilia: three RSV4s, the champions to beat

WSBK: teams, drivers and challenges for the 2011 season

WSBK - WSBK: teams, drivers and challenges for the 2011 season - Aprilia: three RSV4s, the champions to beat

Once again this year, Site will follow the exploits, setbacks, fights and victories of the World Superbike for you. The 2011 season begins February 26 in Australia, but let’s take advantage of the official tests in Portimao to make the presentations !

Aprilia: three RSV4s, the champions to beat

Reigning WSBK world champions Max Biaggi and his official Aprilia Alitalia team have signed for two more seasons (read). In 2011, the Aprilia RSV4 Factory, which is entering its third year, and the Roman Emperor, who will be celebrating his 40th birthday on June 26, therefore set off in search of new podiums, new victories and new coronations. !

Last year, the Noale brand climbed 17 podiums – including three with Leon Camier. She has climbed the highest step ten times – in the company of Max exclusively – and has won the two titles involved: that of driver and that of constructor..

This means that at the start of the 2011 season, the Aprilia RSV4 will be the machine to beat! The one flanked by the indestructible number 3 – Mad Max’s favorite number who will not roll with the n ° 1 – will certainly be the most dangerous…

Winner of a fifth world crown – finally! -, Max Biaggi has apparently spent an excellent vacation, busy nurturing his second child: Leon. Yes, like Leon Haslam, his biggest rival in 2010, or like Leon Camier, his Aprilia Alitalia teammate !

The day before his departure for the Portimao tests which take place until Sunday, Max assured on his official website that he was calm and feeling good. "Hopefully the weather will be favorable for us to find the best settings on the bike as quickly as possible "", concluded the Italian pilot.

Unfortunately, the forecasts are not very promising: the rain threatens the Algarve region, where the superb track is located … Will the times that will be collected there be significant, or will it be necessary to wait for the last official tests in Phillip Island, one week before the opening of the championship ?

Whatever the case, Biaggi will be the man to beat at Phillip Island and during the following races … However, a driver has the same gear to win in the race: Leon Camier! It will therefore be necessary to closely monitor the driver of the RSV4 n ° 2, who is preparing to play his second season at the highest level..

Finally ranked 12th in 2010, Leon made some good performances during his apprenticeship year but ended up injuring his hand in Germany, missing the last three rounds of the championship..

For 2011, the former English champion (2009 in SBK and 2005 in SSP) has trained like never before and claims to be in full possession of his means. But he also warns the bookmakers: "I think people now know that I’m not having fun forecasting my next test, let alone the next race or the season" !

Aware that he is participating in a championship at an extremely high level, the big boy (1.88 m!) Prefers to wait until he is on the track surrounded by all his little comrades before deciding. "Wait and see", as he says so well…

Just as famous as n ° 3, n ° 41 will find its place on a third Aprilia, prepared by Team PATA: Noriyuki Haga will compete in his 12th season in World Superbike on the handlebars of the RSV4 bike. !

Officially unveiled in Verona last week, this newcomer could well steal the show from the two official motorcycles. "With this bike, I think I can aim for the first places in each race", launches Nitro Nori !

Impressive, brawling and victorious – 43 times in WSBK – Haga had a disappointing 2010 season riding the last official Ducati 1198 but remained very fast. He apparently found new motivation by joining the Aprilia satellite team and said he was ready to achieve his goal, the same for years….

"I have achieved many things in my career but I am still dissatisfied", admits the Japanese pilot."I dream of winning the world title and it is not written that I will not make it with this bike", warns the multiple vice-world champion (2000, 2007 and 2009).

Because to paraphrase one of the greatest scientists of the XXth century (of the XIXth or the XXIst, we do not really know with Doc Emmet Brown): "the future is never written in advance. For no one. It will be what you make of it…". Noriyuki is therefore free to draw inspiration from Biaggi and to begin, at the dawn of his 36 years, a new chapter in his great career. !

Aprilia teams

Aprilia Alitalia Racing Team

  • Max Biaggi # 3

  • Leon Camier # 2

    PATA Racing Team

  • Noriyuki Haga # 41

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