WSBK – WSSP Italy: Sofuoglu at the top, Cluzel at the top … –

WSSP Italy: Sofuoglu at the top, Cluzel at the top…

WSBK - WSSP Italy: Sofuoglu at the top, Cluzel at the top ... -

Beaten in qualifying by the young Federico Caricasulo, Kenan Sofuoglu waited for the last laps of the race to beat the Italian and the American PJ Jacobsen. Jules Cluzel on the contrary, missed the Misano ordeal… Supersport Misano 2016 Race Poleman Federico Carica gets off to a magnificent start and plunges into the first sequence…

Beaten in qualifying by young Federico Caricasulo, Kenan Sofuoglu waited until the last laps of the race to beat the Italian and the American PJ Jacobsen. Jules Cluzel on the contrary, missed the Misano ordeal…

Supersport Misano Race 2016

The poleman Federico Carica takes a magnificent start and plunges into the first sequence of the circuit ahead of Kenan Sofuoglu, Patrick Jacobsen, Randy Krummenacher, Jules Cluzel, Christian Gamarino, Alessandro Zaccone, Ayrton Badovini, Gino Rea, Alex Baldolini.

In Tramonto’s double right technique, Gamarino dives inside Cluzel but has to brake suddenly to avoid hitting Krummenacher … Surprised, our international "Julo" has no time to react: the front wheel of his F3 climb on the rear wheel of Christian’s Ninja !

Cluzel manages to control this involuntary "wheeling" but widens and "falls" to 11th place. Our second representative registered in the Superstock 600 category – which runs this year at the same time as the Supersport -, Cedric Tangre, is 33rd.

In front, Caricasulo prints his rhythm. Jacobsen threatens Sofuoglu at the start of the 2nd lap and passes the Turkish in the super fast Curvone curve! Zaccone moved up to fourth position, installing his Kawasaki San Carlo Italia between the two Kawa Pucetti: the n ° 1 of Sofuoglu and the n ° 21 of Krummenacher.

The young leader – just 20 years old! – tries to take off in the third lap but Jacobsen comes back in the wake of Caricasulo in the two following laps. Sofuoglu lets slip several lengths but reduces his delay in the 5th lap.

Krummenacher on the contrary let go of his predecessors, forced to fight with Zaccone. Rea, Badovini, Gamarino, Cluzel and Baldolini ride in close formation … The leading Briton pulls this group towards the two Kawasaki too dissipated to keep a distance.

In front, Jacobsen takes the lead at the exit of turn 8 (Quercia). The first third of the race has just been crossed and the podium is far from being awarded: PJ does not manage to widen the gap on Federico, author of a new lap record in the following lap (!). In addition, a certain Kenan remains on the lookout, a small second behind them…

Krummenacher still occupies the fourth position, got rid of Zaccone … but is informed on his 9th passage in the short pit straight that Gino Rea is now threatening him! Badovini falls at the start of the 9th lap … Cluzel too! For the third time this season, our n ° 16 will not score a point.

At the forefront, Caricasulo caught fire slightly and almost lost his balance in the middle of the long chicane at the start of the course! Honda rider n ° 64 loses contact with his colleague n ° 2 but remains in front of Kawasaki n ° 1, particularly wise since the red lights went out…

On the 11th lap, Sofuoglu tries to slip his Ninja under the Italian’s CBR in the second turn but the latter dives towards the rope without seeing his rival and nudges the front wheel of the quadruple champion! Kenan does not insist and takes "his" third place.

This little heat – which could have had colossal consequences – benefits PJ Jacobsen. The New Yorker "Pidjay" benefits 5 laps from the end of a lead of half a second over Federico and Kenan. Behind, Khairuddin then Gamarino fall and join a long list of dropouts.

Caricasulo widens at the exit of the hyper fast triple right of the return and offers his second position to Sofuoglu! The n ° 54 takes extremely defensive trajectories which in no way prevent it from getting back on the American leader! Eight seconds away, Gino Rea passes Randy Krummenacher.

Sofuoglu goes on the attack with two laps from the end, getting inside Jacobsen under braking – on the corner! – of the Tramonto double right! The "Number One" plunges his helmet behind the bubble of his ZX-6R and irresistibly distances himself from his two rivals…

Caricasulo climbs to second position on the last lap! Unable to retaliate against champion Sofuoglu, Jacobsen was unable to launch any counterattack on rookie Caricasulo. The podium is therefore sealed. Kenan can score his fourth win of the season (second in a row) from an impressive rear wheel.

The leader of the Supersport 2016 championship generously increases his lead over his teammate: Sofuoglu has 146 points, against 106 for Krummenacher, fifth in this race at Misano. Jacobsen comes back on the Swiss (92 points in total) but not on the Turkish.

Jules Cluzel loses his fourth place to Gino Rea (respectively 75 and 78 points). Our "Coq Supersportif" is also closely followed by the brilliant Caricasulo (74 pts) … Hopefully the big summer break (three months!) Will allow "Julo" to take stock with his team

The Supersport pilots not going to Laguna Seca (USA) in three weeks, we will meet them on Sunday September 18th in Lausitzring (Germany)! In the meantime, the Superbike continues to run, especially on Site: stay tuned !

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