WSBK – WSSP Malaysia: the second blades in the foreground –

WSSP Malaysia: the second blades in the foreground

WSBK - WSSP Malaysia: the second blades in the foreground -

Contested until the last corner of the magnificent Sepang circuit, the victory in Supersport – and super wet – was really played between three outsiders: the Italian driver Badovini, the Malaysian Khuraiddin (!) And the English Rea…

Contested until the last corner of the magnificent Sepang circuit, the victory in Supersport – and super wet – was really played between three outsiders: the Italian driver Badovini, the Malaysian Khuraiddin (!) And the English Rea…

Supersport Sepang Race 2016

Heavy raindrops crashed on the Sepang circuit ten minutes from the start! The race is officially declared "Wet" while all the bikes are shod with Pirelli Supercorsa "almost" slicks. The start is slightly delayed in order to allow the teams to change the tires. But what to choose: intermediates or rain ?

The drivers have a second reconnaissance lap – the race will be shortened by one lap as a result – in order to check the condition of the track and confirm their choices in terms of tires of course, but also of suspension settings. . and helmet visor! It appears that the whole circuit is soaked.

The rain redoubled in intensity when the Supersports were released for their warm-up lap! Visibility in the straight line is very limited. Too much to start the race. A few thunderclaps roar above the circuit: it is too much, the red flags are out.

But the rain does not weaken, so that the Supersport race is postponed after the second round of Superbike … When the start is – finally – given, the track remains wet but the rain is much less heavy and the visibility perfect..

Departure : Gino Rea takes the best start at the controls of his private MV Agusta and takes the lead in the first sequence of the circuit. The poleman Kenan Sofuoglu then leads Zulfahmi Khairuddin, Patrick Jacobsen, Ayrton Badovini, Kyle Smith, Nico Terol, Ayrton Badovini, Jules Cluzel, Ondrej Jezek and Randy Krummenacher.

At the very end of the first lap, the local driver Khairuddin brakes the quadruple world champion Sofuoglu under the encouragement of – a few – spectators of this late Supersport race. Ninja # 63 continues to attack and quickly joins Rea during the 2nd round.

The Malaysian rider reproduces his attack in the final hairpin and takes the reins of the race. The fight between Kyle Smith and Kenan Sofuoglu, however superb, is relegated to the background! The British No.111 gets rid of the Turkish No.1 and lets him explain himself with the Italian No.86, Ayrton Badovini.

Starting off with an intermediate rear tire – unlike the majority of the field wearing "rain" – Jules Cluzel is 13th place at the end of the 3rd lap and is already more than 15 seconds behind the leader! Our "Coq Supersportif" is a few lengths from Roberto Rolfo and three seconds from the three drivers who are fighting for ninth place.

Up front, Khairuddin continues to lead comfortably, turning half a second faster than his pursuers. Rea is passed by Smith on the 4th lap, then passed by Badovini in the next loop. Sofuoglu and Jacobsen follow a few lengths

In the space of half a loop, Kyle Smith hoists his CBR600RR into the pot of that of Zulfahmi Khairuddin! But the English driver was lost when braking the final hairpin and found himself six tenths of a second behind the leader. Badovini and Rea are in Smith’s aspiration, Sofuoglu and Jacobsen are not far from it.

Twenty seconds later, "Julo" is only beginning to take advantage of his tire choice. The French n ° 16 signs the best time in the race and enters the Top 10 on the 8th lap! Reaching seventh place for Baldolini seems playable, but reaching the Top 6 placed 10 seconds ahead seems impossible.

In front, Khairuddin still leads by a small second as the peloton broke up again. On the 10th lap, Badovini and Rea, who completed the podium, were more than a second ahead of the inseparable duo Sofuoglu-Jacobsen. Smith is gradually dumped.

Ayrton Badovini takes the lead under braking – on the corner! – the penultimate corner of the 10th lap. At the next – very big – braking, Jacobsen passed Sofuoglu. Under braking – very heavy too – of the first corner of the 11th lap, Khairuddin takes back the controls of the race, while two seconds later, Kenan tries to recover his fourth place, passes in front of "PJ" but widens and leaves the first sequence always fifth.

The fight for victory intensified in the last two laps (13 and 14): Khairuddin and Badovini took turns leading the race four times … Outpaced by the Honda n ° 86 at the end of the course, the Kawasaki n ° 63 comes out perfectly from the penultimate turn and climbs to the level of its rival as it approaches the final hairpin !

The Malaysian grabs the right lever an instant later than the Italian … Too late unfortunately to be able to join the rope. The local Khairuddin therefore lost to the impeccable Badovini who won his first Supersport victory..

Gino Rea and his F3 complete the Malaysian podium just ahead of Patrick Jacobsen who would have liked to have gleaned three additional points: three seconds behind Kyle Smith, Kenan Sofuoglu collects ten points for sixth place. Relegated to 10 seconds from the Turkish champion, Jules Cluzel pockets nine points. Randy Krummenacher scores eight.

In the championship therefore, Sofuoglu only increased his lead by two points against Krummenacher (96 to 79) and by a small point against Cluzel (67). Smith is ten points from our national "Julo", Jacobsen is 1 and 4 point (s) from English…

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