Wunderlich BMW S 1000 Piranha in the test

Driving report: Wunderlich-BMW S 1000 Piranha

Fresh meat from Wunderlich

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A piranha is a nasty fish – it bites firmly and only lets go when everything is gnawed off. Like this Wunderlich weapon: it’s only over when you fall from the flesh.

AT.Attentive PS readers have noticed: We recently had a bare S 1000 RR conversion. But the recently presented Californian BMW works against the current iron like mackerel against predatory fish. This is mainly due to the fact that US tuner Ken Zeller just wanted to show how easy it is to turn the currently untouchable Superbike king into a powerful naked bike. Wunderlich tuner Frank Hoffmann, on the other hand, prefers to go all out. In this respect, the piranha is the logical consequence of the Zeller BMW and thus sufficiently explains why the piranha is here and now in front of us.

Which, thank God, she doesn’t last long. Hoffmann starts the four-cylinder, which immediately lures the tester into the saddle with a distinctive growl from the Remus slip-on. The sporty seating position seems contradictory at first because of the raised rear behind the ultra-wide Magura handlebars. However, the lack of tire warmers is even more contradictory on the racetrack. “It doesn’t matter,” roars Hoffmann into the tester’s helmet. “The Conti Sport Attack2 stick like hell. It’s full after two corners. "

Naked bike

Evoluzione Cyclesports BMW S 1000 RR put to the test

S 1000 RR as a naked bike

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The Piranha underlines the potential of the BMW to attract a large fan base both as an athlete and as a naked bike.

Sure, of course! Trust is good, control is better. And so the first lap in Almeria has to be a real warm-up lap. After this lap, the hairs on the back of the neck still stand up in the first right after the start / finish while shooting in: Please, please, let Hoffi be right! But that doesn’t last long, because on the one hand the perfectly tightly tuned FGRT Ohlins fork provides the finest feedback and on the other hand the tuner has not promised too much. The rubber sticks surprisingly well, which is why the gas can be turned up early and ironed over the first knoll with a lot of flavor when flying low. The tire is also quite handy and accurate – respect!

With the crisp brakes, the technically demanding course on the Andalusian plateau is even more fun and even the otherwise greatest fun brake, the narrow chicane in the far corner of this piste, becomes an experience. Bam-Bam! None of the series S 1000 RR that the tester could try before could be folded down as easily as the Piranha. You don’t even have to pull excessively on the wide handlebars, you can easily navigate through this eye of the needle with thigh pressure and determined use of the upper body. Doubts about the perfection of the piranha are then shown in the subsequent long right out onto the endless straight. The Ohlins shock absorber causes a bit of unrest and the bike wants to go a little far at the exit of the curve. After a few rounds of confirmation, a pit stop solves the problem: Hoffmann, as the suspension specialist, clearly corrects the pressure level.

With this setup, the bare Wunderlich gun finally irons across the slopes like a racing motorcycle. Merciless thrust, crystal clear feedback, brutal braking – that’s pure fun. Yes, until you hit the straight again every time, which doesn’t want to end in Almeria.


In addition to the mask, the lighting is also small and discreet.

The next day, the sore muscles in the neck tell of how hard one has to defend oneself against the wind pressure when performing and how in vain it is behind the visually aggressive, but here almost ineffective lamp mask. But the piranha is finally street legal. The racetrack is therefore a must, but certainly not a must factor. And that explains the initially tamer coordination of the suspension elements and the choice of tires.

The equipment of the Wunderlich-Naked speaks particularly well for enjoyable shooting in the wild – and that doesn’t just apply to the chassis or wide handlebars. The regulatory measures are very discreetly housed in the very coherent renovation. Above all, this includes the inconspicuous LED indicator strips on the left and right front of the radiator spoiler and the delicate unit of license plate holder, indicators and integrated taillight. So the naked BMW should go into series production, which is sure not to happen. Then you take a wheeled S 1000 RR and Wunderlich’s phone number to hand.


Other triple clamps, risers and Magura handlebars for upright seating.

PS judgment
The Piranha underlines the potential of the BMW to attract a large fan base both as an athlete and as a naked bike. Anyone who cannot wait until the series premiere or is afraid that the series will not be radical enough will be well served with the Wunderlich Piranha. Everyone can decide for themselves how unconditional their own piranha is.

Super athlete

Endurance test interim result: BMW S 1000 RR

Endurance test of the BMW super sports car

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PS data


Naked Bike Wunderlich-BMW S 1000 Piranha.

Four-cylinder in-line engine, 4 valves / cylinder, 142 kW (193 hp) at 13000 / min *, 112 Nm at 9750 / min *, 999 cm³, boron / stroke: 80.0 / 49.7 mm, compression: 13.0: 1, ignition / injection system, 48 mm throttle valves, mechanically operated multi-disc oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, chain, traction control

landing gear

Light alloy bridge frame, steering head angle: 66.0 degrees, caster: 99 mm, wheelbase: 1423 mm, inner fork tube Ø: 46 mm, spring travel f / h: 120/60 mm

Wheels and brakes

Cast light alloy wheels, 3.50 x 17 / 6.00 x 17, front tires: 120/70 ZR 17, rear: 190/55 ZR 17, 320 mm double disc brake with four-piston fixed calipers at the front, 220 mm single disc with single-piston floating caliper at the rear, SECTION

Weight (full tank)
189 kg *

Base price
35,000 euros (plus ancillary costs) *

* Manufacturer information

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