Xiaomi Ninebot C30: electric scooter at a bike price


Xiaomi Ninebot C30: electric scooter at a bike price

Xiaomi Ninebot C30

Electric scooters at bike prices

Electronics giant Xiaomi has launched the new Ninebot C30 electric scooter in China. It doesn’t actually offer any new highlights, but it impresses with its incredibly low price.

D.he new Ninebot C30 is the third member of the Chinese C family. With a top speed of 25 km / h, it is truly not a hit, but it fits nicely into the moped class. A clear feature for this are the pedals instead of footrests on the C30.

The 400 watt and 40 Nm electric motor has to bend to every hair dryer in terms of performance – but the new Ninebot C30 is simply a hit and a price hit. The Ninebot C30 costs 3,599 yuan in China, which is the equivalent of only 470 euros. A price that is called in this country for every reasonably usable bike.

35 kilometers range

With a range of up to 35 km, the Ninebot scooter is only intended for short distances. The 5.8 kilogram battery can be easily removed from the frame and can be recharged in the home. The entire moped scooter weighs only 55 kilograms. The brake system with a single disc at the front and a drum brake at the rear should also be sufficient for this. The lighting is based on LED technology, the cockpit displays digitally and can be networked with the smartphone.

So far, the Ninebot C30 has only been offered in China, but export to Europe is also being considered. One can look forward to the price in this country.


The C30 is just a moped, only goes 35 kilometers and is only 25 km / h fast. It offers hardly any prestige, but plenty of mobility, almost at the price of public transport.

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