Yamaha BW’s 125 – newly developed

In the test: Yamaha BW’s 125

Newly developed: Yamaha 125cc scooter

Yamaha’s BWs 125 looks more striking than graceful. In dense city traffic, it proves that it has a sensitive character.

Minimalist and extravagant, this is how a Yamaha designer would sell the look of the new BW 125. The exposed frame and the headlights placed one above the other are actually unusual and give the BWs a striking appearance. Not everyone likes that; But once the first lap has been driven, anyone who struggles with the striking appearance also revises their opinion: The small air-cooled four-stroke engine with injection and G-Kat drives incredibly bustling, steers precisely and therefore moves as sensitively as a gazelle on the city street. The scooter hangs lively on the gas. From around 75 km / h to the top, the shows B.W’s 125 is a bit tough, but at a moderate city pace, thanks to pronounced sprint qualities, even sharp traffic lights are possible. On the well-padded bench, which has a storage compartment underneath, the driver and passenger sit comfortably even on longer journeys. After several hours of driving, your wallet is happy too, because the speedster swallows little fuel and is also kind to the environment thanks to the catalytic converter. It is a little sobering that the headlights only emit poor light. The Japanese presents itself as a largely cleanly made, long-lasting city vehicle. It’s always a question of perspective – the unusual front looks stupid to some, but it shows the true character of the scooter to others: The BWs 125 is a loyal and playful companion that swiftly conquers any city.

Brief verdict:


Lively engine
Deep step through
Very easy handling
Room for two
Easy to read instruments
Low consumption
Largely neatly processed


Weak light
For long-legged people tight
Quite expensive
Electrical connections partly unprotected

Driving behavior / competition


Lambda probe, friendlier to the environment than many other city cars.

Driving behavior:

In the city

There is hardly such a bustling scooter in city traffic as the BWs 125. In the metal thicket, the enormous handiness is a real advantage. And the scooter can be turned even in the smallest of spaces. This is supported by the wide handlebars, which also ensure a comfortable seating position.

On the country road

Road trips are no problem for the BWs. The seat is expansive and comfortably padded for the driver and pillion passenger. But not even a full-face helmet fits in the storage compartment under the seat. In return, the lively Japanese is frugal in consumption: the 6-liter tank is sufficient for around 200 kilometers.

On the highway
If you want to glue behind the truck, please. Everyone else is strongly advised not to take the BWs 125 on the motorway. You can lurch in the right-hand lane at top speed of around 90 km / h, but above 75 km / h the speedster accelerates slowly. There is also no wind protection.

The competition:

Aprilia Sportcity 125
The city runabout impresses with excellent driving characteristics, is 1 kg heavier and 700 euros cheaper than the Yamaha scooter.
Price: 2499 euros

Kymco Agility
The robust Korean is only half as expensive as the BWs 125. The picture shows the 50 cm³ variant with a split seat.
Price: 1695 euros

Piaggo Typhoon 125
The look of the beefy 125cc scooter with the characteristic wide tires can be individually designed with graphics.
Price: 1999 euros

Final evaluation / technical data


Space-saving: If a full-face helmet is in the storage compartment under the seat, the lid no longer closes.

Final scoring

Thanks to the air-cooled and petrol-injected engine, traffic light sprints are no problem. From 75 km / h it accelerates rather slowly.

landing gear
The chassis is agile, the scooter can be steered with great ease and turned in a small circle. The suspension is adapted to the weight.

The appropriate disc brake at the front and the drum brake at the rear decelerate reliably. This guarantees a timely stop at the traffic lights.

Suitable for beginners
This good-natured vehicle makes it as easy as it gets for newbies on the scooter. The comfortable sitting position gives a feeling of security.

On the soft two-up bench, you can also spend a longer time on the scooter with the low step-through and wide handlebars.

Small items can be stowed in the storage compartment under the seat and in the glove compartment in the front apron. A full-face helmet does not fit in the storage compartment.

Technical specifications

engine: Single-cylinder four-stroke
Displacement: 125 cc
Power transmission: Variator / belt
power: 6.7 kW (9.1 PS) at 7500 rpm
Max. Torque: 9.6 Nm at 6000 rpm
Front brake: Disc (Ø 220 mm)
rear brake: Drum (Ø 150 mm)
Front tires: 120 / 70-12
Rear tire: 130 / 70-12
Front / rear suspension travel: 78/71 mm
Tank capacity: 6 liters, great
Colors: White, titanium, black
Maintenance intervals: k. AT..
price: 3195 euros without additional costs

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