Yamaha electric crosser: first prototype by the end of 2020

Yamaha electric crosser

First prototype by the end of 2020

Development service provider Dohms and electromobility specialist Spike Technologies – both from the Netherlands – are jointly developing a crosser with an electric drive. Support comes from Yamaha Europe and the Dutch motorcyclists association KNMV.

D.he Dutch project team wants to put a purely electrically powered prototype on the studded wheels by the end of 2020, which can compete with current 250cc motocross machines in all areas. The idea for the project came from Elmar Dohms, head of the development service provider of the same name, MX racing driver and motocross trainer.

Quieter and more sustainable

A conventional Yamaha YZ250F serves as the basis, the drive train of which is completely replaced. The electric drive should make the Crosser quieter and, above all, significantly more sustainable. The strikingly higher torque of the electric motor should also bring advantages when driving. Spike supplies the replacement battery for the Crosser, Dohms takes care of the electric drive and the overall concept. Yamaha provides moral and ideological support with the basic bike and the KNMV.

Spike Technologies

The electric motor sits at the bottom in the chassis in front of the pivot point. The area above is slammed into the battery. So far there is no data on engine performance, battery capacity or range.


The electric drive has potential especially in the motocross sector. Enormous ranges are not required here. But the quiet and emission-free drive in particular takes a lot of wind out of the sails of critics of off-road driving. Cross-routes near built-up areas are just as conceivable as training around the clock, seven days a week.

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