Yamaha SCR 950 INTERMOT 2016

Yamaha SCR 950 at INTERMOT 2016

Right in between

Yamaha surprises with the Yamaha SCR 950 – a cross between a scrambler and a chopper on a technically known basis.

Yamaha has the new Yamaha at INTERMOT S.CR 950 presented. Derived from the XV 950, to which it largely corresponds technically, the SCR is a kind of scrambler with a two-cylinder V-engine. The completely black 60-degree twin is air-cooled as the last engine in the Yamaha range and has 52 hp in the XV 950. Yamaha has not yet given any details about the performance in the new SCR 950, but it should hardly deviate from the XV.

The new Yamaha SCR 950 is visually pleasing with its chrome-plated wire-spoke wheels, the bellows on the fork and the two-in-one exhaust that is slightly raised for more ground clearance. All of this gives the SCR 950 a slight off-road attitude. At the front it rolls on a 19-inch wheel at the rear and a 17-inch wheel, which gives it a little more ground clearance than the 16-inch XV 950 at the rear.

Yamaha SCR 950 from February 2017

The Yamaha SCR 950 is not designed for off-road use, the belt drive stands in the way of real off-road use. The 13-liter tank, which is not exactly lush, also speaks for use in the urban jungle. The seating position on the 830 millimeter high, straight bench is very upright thanks to the broad handlebars with cross braces, the footrests are slightly set back.

The rear stereo struts give the SCR 950 a somewhat classic touch, which is underlined by the number plate look of the small side panels. The new Yamaha SCR 950 will be available from dealers from February 2017, the price has not yet been determined. The colors do, namely racing red and black.

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