Zero Motorcycles S test 13 kWh


0 to 100 km / h in less than 6 seconds

Instant torque equivalent to that of the biggest sports cars

Electric, motorcycle … two conflicting words for most bikers. What can be electric: a mixer, a scooter, a scooter, a bicycle, possibly a car, but not a motorcycle, oh, sacrilege. And yet, electric has never been so popular, with developments from all the major global car manufacturers and the explosion of scooter rental services in major European cities, from Berlin to Paris. As for Zero Motorcycles, for twelve years they have been developing models, expanding the range, their network with more than 100 dealerships, but also the main factors against electric: power, range and charging possibilities..

Good night lightingGood night lighting

For the possibilities of recharging, the Zero Motorcycles are recharged on a socket all that is more standard, the choice in the garage or by a wire falling from the living room to the sidewalk. In short, you can recharge anywhere, even by asking for a coffee while drinking your little black. For autonomy, Zero Motorcyles announces more than 350 kilometers for its 2018 models and the 2017 models already offer between 180 and 200 kilometers on average. What to do already more than the urban to consider a weekend in the countryside. As for the power, admittedly often only 70 horses, it should be forgotten, because the torque is phenomenal and instantaneous, superior to that of a Ducati XDiavel to give an idea! Better still, they are accessible to the A1 license or even B license for more than 2 years with training in their 11 Kw version! So, what to take the step? We have already tried the trail model, DSR. Roadster S test.

Roadster Zero Motorcycles SRoadster Zero Motorcycles S


Two wheels, a handlebar, a saddle, headlights, a frame that we enclose, a line … it is undeniably a motorcycle. And when you are seated on it, everything is like a traditional motorcycle, including with a dashboard here entirely digital. On the other hand, those who like engines and their shapes from the cylinder head to the crankcase with the exhausts under the saddle will be disappointed. Nothing like that here. For the rest, we are within the standards of the genre. Note a chest at the usual location of the tank, to which we can add suitcases and top-case, which in no way disfigure the machine. On the contrary, it undoubtedly reinforces its motorcycle versus scooter aspect. The finish is up to date and up to market standards.

Tail lightTail light

In the saddle

The roadster offers a natural position, tilted slightly forward without exaggeration. The triangle offered by handlebars, saddle and feet is natural. In the absence of a large tank, the legs grip the bike well.

Slim and easy to access for small ridersSlim and easy to access for small sizes

In front of you, a fully digital dashboard focuses first on the level of charge and autonomy … then we find the various traditional indications, speed, partial double trip, totalizer, clock as well as the mode. driving. Because yes, Zero Motorcyles has its ride-by-wire, with three modes: eco, sport and custom. The custom is not to behave like a custom but simply means that you can perfectly configure the engine according to your desires in a specific way, for the way of delivering torque and power according to your own criteria..

100% digital dashboard with emphasis on electric autonomy100% digital dashboard with emphasis on electric autonomy


Red or green light? Because in contact, we hear nothing. On the other hand, if the light is green and the handle is turned, the reaction is instantaneous. What to put one without paying attention. Fortunately, there is the eco mode. And there, frankly, difficult to put one precisely.

Tapered general lineTapered general line

The major feature of electric models is the delivery of torque and maximum power instantly. It’s really the big difference with the thermal. Imagine a motorcycle where the simple touch of the handle immediately propels you to the maximum possible? Even some 50cc equivalent electric scooters are actually unpleasant because of this: it feels like you’re on a rocking horse, in on / off mode all the time. Nothing like this with the Zero Motorcycles and even less in eco mode. In fact, in eco mode, it is even soft, as if the motorcycle was pulling long. We turn the handle and start slowly before picking up speed. This is the economical setting, which saves the battery as much as possible, to the detriment of behavior. Sure, it’s economical, but it’s boring to death, even if you can reach the 113 km / h peak in this mode. So, we immediately go to sport mode. Ah! Finally. You turn the handle and it reacts instantly but more like a sports car than a mid-capacity roadster. here pulses, here sends the block and in town, one finds oneself immediately at illegal speeds likely to make fly the permit. As much in eco mode, braking was also done with the engine, here, nothing of the kind and the braking are also more powerful and less progressive. In short, you take the machine in hand in eco mode the first time and you go to the first block in sport mode to never leave it..

Zero Motorcycles S 13 kWhZero Motorcycles S 13 kWh

In the city

In eco mode, you will get burned at a red light by the 125. We will therefore prefer the sport mode to eject from the white line until the next traffic light. It’s much more fun. Thin and light, the motorcycle therefore weaves its way through traffic with ease, without ever being hampered by the mirrors of motorists and trucks. 10/10 therefore in terms of ease of interfiling. Its headlight shines as well as a thermal model, so if we can’t be heard (no Akra pot here), we are well seen. The lighting is also effective at night. We regret on the other hand a wide turning radius, which will avoid gymkhana between stationary cars. For the rest, it’s velvet and you can hear the friction of the tires on the asphalt; quite disconcerting at first but pleasant. At least we don’t have enough of it. As for the weight "all full facts" at 188 kilos, it offers the lightness of a mid-size model. We can therefore easily evolve even at very low speed, completely forgetting the weight. You could even say that it is closer to a 160 kilo model than to 190 in terms of handling impressions..

Lightweight and easy to handleLightweight and easy to handle

On the highway

The roadster sets off naturally on the motorway. If it is limited to 113 km / h counter in eco mode, press while driving in sport mode and the motorcycle sets off dynamically to reach 153 km / h counter, i.e. a good 140 km / h real, already likely to slam a radar. It’s a roadster, so we will avoid talking about wind protection, but we could almost drive quietly at this speed, with less earplugs and watching the gauge go down faster, with a range closer to 120 kilometers. than 180 in town. Once again, the 2018 vintages bring something better to this level; in particular with a fast charge possible allowing to regain 95% of the charge in less than an hour. But to go far, it is better to spare your mount and to maximize the autonomy for the weekend in the countryside, it is better to take the cross roads.

153 km / h153 km / h

On departmental

You can really have fun with this bike on small roads, but also on the roads, with less scruples than with a heat engine. At least no one can hear you. But with potato and an accessible ease of driving, we chained quietly or on the contrary dynamically the virolos. If the front seems a little heavy at first glance, you learn to counterbalance a little more to take it into a bend and it goes, quickly and well..


Braking is effective, with ABS present without being intrusive, however, capable of triggering in the dry at the rear.

ABS brakingABS braking

Comfort / Duo

There is not much room in the back, but the addition of a top case definitely improves things, especially with the acceleration possible in Sport mode. Care must be taken to ensure that the latter is not mounted too close, however, at the risk of forcing the passenger to be too close to the pilot..

Comfortable seat for the rider and compulsory top-case for the passengerComfortable seat for the rider and compulsory top-case for the passenger


In town, in sport mode, this 13 Kw model loses about 10% every 20 km. As the range estimate takes into account the previous use, I had even taken it at 100% when it displayed 135 km and in eco mode, it rose to 180 km, while I had driven 20 km with already. You then get into the habit of recharging it when you arrive, without waiting to arrive with dry electricity. Just remove the plug on the side to connect it to the mains. Without tank charge, full charge takes eight hours; in an hour with a fast charger. Having a coffee now allows you to gain 50km of autonomy. In one hour of charging, we gain 137 km more autonomy.

The 2018 vintage, now in 14 kW, announces 350 kilometers of autonomy in the city. Even if it is a maximum value, a guarantee that we have reached an effective maturity in terms of autonomy.

Depending on the electric subscription, a full costs around 1.5 euros, or about 20 times less than a thermal equivalent. This explains why despite a higher purchase price than a thermal model, savings increase with the number of kilometers traveled..

Trunk in the false tank at the frontTrunk in the fake tank at the front


The tank that contains a chest! We do not put a helmet, even jet on the other hand. But it allows to put a reflex or a few races. And then suitcases and top case in no way spoil the line, on the contrary and allow to exceed the capacity of the largest scooters.

Suitcases and optional top-case in addition to the trunk in the false tankSuitcases and optional top-case in addition to the trunk in the false tank


No vibrations, no noise … which is the soul of a motorcycle for many. On the other hand, the sensations of acceleration are there and everyone is dropped off at the red light and even after. A character that can be more on / off, even more linear, but which can be controlled with its mobile application with its smartphone to give it the character that we actually want. It is now more nervous than many motorcycles of average displacement and it is not stingy in sensations, without forgetting an autonomy equivalent to the majority of motorcycles. The chargers starting to arrive at the service station (timidly ok), we can even consider real journeys in electric. The price remains, starting from 12,590 euros (in 11 Kw) but climbing to more than 16,120 euros (in 14.4 Kw). We retort that maintenance is then much less expensive in electric than with a thermal, not only because of the fuel economy, but also at the level of the tires or quite simply lighter and easier revisions..

The video test

Strong points

  • performance
  • eco-responsibility
  • 5 year warranty, unlimited mileage

Weak points

  • price


Test conditions

  • Itinerary: small varied roads + interurban highways

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9 thoughts on “Zero Motorcycles S test 13 kWh

  1. Hello you

    Motorcycle style that I like to do a little bit of road in my old age; but here it is, some things displease me, I’m going to be Acid.

    Prominent tank cap not top to put a tank mat and its bag

    14.5 liter tank, I’m laughing, 200 kms of autonomy, Ptain it’s not heavy, just by exaggerating a little the trip St Just (07) Mont Ventoux (84) by pulling on the reports when you arrived at the top, you’re dry, so we coast back down, nice..

    Retro at the end of the handlebars, some say not great, but for me very ugly.

    Central stand as standard, not one more heresy on the agenda, it’s true that it’s used to shit it weighs down the bike for some, just like the fuel, at least you have it the faster you go but less far !, 200 terminals in autonomy before reserve, my rublon consumes the same (5.5 6L) by making 300 terminals for 60 kgs mini more, you speak of an advance .. Look for the error.

    On the other hand from an aesthetic point of view I find it pretty just like the Kawa 900 RS, but that’s another story.

  2. And how to explain that in the State this motorcycle is worth 4000 euros less ?

    There is not 4000 euros of transport costs for each machine.

  3. Hi everyone,

    I have mine since July 2017, 10000km, we are in February and I am RAVI.

    In terms of driving, it is incredibly comfortable, the bike glides on the road like a snowboard on powder. We have the feeling of floating above the asphalt.

    The acceleration is frank and silent, only the noise of the wind in your helmet will annoy you, as on all bikes..

    Some will say that the silence is dangerous, I compensate with the horn if necessary, without pissing off the whole town by giving gas shots.

    Personally, I set my acceleration to 70% of the maximum power, it is more than enough to blow a Tmax or an electric scooter from BMW when starting. I put the regeneration engine brake to 100%, so I only use the brakes a little.

    Level of real autonomy, I can really do 250km in town even more, in the beginnings I made 260 terminal in one day in Paris and I still had 30km of autonomy, on average I do about 160km on mixed roads (quays de Seine, A86, ville) for info, I am 1m88 and 86kg, someone smaller and lighter will do more.

    With my girlfriend behind (140kg to the two of us) I can do 110km of highway driving at around 120.

    I drive every day, Nanterre – Antony, 46 km round trip, pulling a lot in it, (a city part at 60 km / h, a mixed part at 90 and a motorway part at 120-140) I consume about 30%, 35% in winter (the batteries hold 10 or even 15% less once below 10C °)

    I go home and plug it into the mains, it is full in 3 hours (about 10% per busy hour). I never ran out of fuel when it happened to me 4 times in two years with my mp3 500.

    After that, you won’t be hiking in Switzerland with it, but an afternoon in the Chevreuse valley, no worries..

    Level of cost of use is unbeatable. 0 € maintenance in 10,000 km traveled. The brakes are not used too much, the tires wear out normally, the belt changes every 60,000 km, I’m still wide.

    Electricity level, I do about 1600km per month, it costs me about 18 €.

    In terms of insurance, at AMV there is -50% for electric vehicles. My zero is considered a 125, although it has the acceleration of a 700 and 142kmh of max speed. At all risk I am at 40 € / month.

    Do the calculation 0 + € 18 + € 40 = € 58 / month of use. Cheaper than a Navigo pass.

    My mp3 500 cost me 70 € of maintenance + 120 of gasoline + 45 € of third party insurance! = 235 €! / Month.

    Here it is, I can only recommend it to you.

    This is the best investment I made in 2017 and the new model is even better wink

    Try it you will see for yourself.

  4. On the other hand, agree to the absence of a central stand, it is "mean" at this price, it had to be a defect ….

  5. I confirm everything that Waboo says, since I ride a Thruxton on which I use a tank cover and its bag.

    QuoteGibe 84
    200 terminals in autonomy before reserve, my bank consumes the same (5.5 6L) by making 300 terminals for 60 kg minimum more, you speak of a breakthrough..

    Conso not at all the same: the Thruxton is 25% less, and without saving the handle. Only city driving (8 liters / 100) is a concern on this aspect.

    In short, no problem to make the terminal with these motorcycles.

    A center stand would indeed have been practical. However, the chain is on the right, which limits the effort to lubricate it compared to most motorcycles on which it is on the left.

  6. QuoteBerny
    And how to explain that in the State this motorcycle is worth 4000 euros less ?

    There is not 4000 euros of transport costs for each machine.

    Berny, generally in the USA, the prices are given exclusive of taxes, because the taxes are specific to each state. Suddenly, there are already 20% which are easily explained.

    Then I don’t know anything about it, but I guess you have to amortize the cost of probate and maintaining a distribution structure on relatively few sales – I guess in the US the volumes are higher.

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