Airoh S5 Line full face helmet test


5,000 km test

Appeared in 1986 and then a service provider for renowned firms, the Italian manufacturer Airoh has, since 1997, been able to rise to the level of the tenors of motorcycling headgear. In 18 years, the transalpine brand has won 61 world titles, conquered in all disciplines. Hybrid, the helmet "S5" from the Italian manufacturer Airoh is designed for versatile use. Its offroad aesthetic thus rubs shoulders with more road elements..

Offroad aesthetics and road equipment, the Airoh S5 plays the hybrid


Made up of a thermoplastic shell, the entry-level transalpine range displays tapered and sporty volumes and is dressed in Italian style: with style and elegance. Thus, its profiled chin bar receives deflectors in the lower part and its sides are indented with ribs, leaving the appearance of false extractors. These top lines then loop to the top of the helmet, framing a top boss.

The S5 is made in a classic thermoplastic shell

A front spoiler holds the rigid cap, with its complex shapes, fitted to the helmet by a latch. Swiveling, it can thus be folded down on the screen, facilitating transport and storage. Thus, it fits easily in the trunk of a Honda NC750X. On the chin, two air intakes open with a central pusher, directing the flow on the visor. To hide them, it is then pushed back by passing a finger through the vast chin bar. A unique system.

The chin guard ventilation closes from inside the helmet

Anti-UV, the visor has lugs for fixing Pinlock anti-fog screens, unfortunately optional. It slides freely, without notching and the closed position is ensured by the lateral lug that clips onto the edge. The maximum opening, limited by the cap, then leaves the lower edge at the top of the field of vision. Little annoying, but hardly pleasant. For more road use, we can then remove the all-terrain appendix…. by means of an alen key. Not very practical, especially since then, to place the supplied plate covers, the screws are of the split type…. These decorative elements are also of low quality, but nevertheless give the helmet a good look. Finally, a retractable sunscreen is activated by a side slide. Its operation does not call for any criticism and its color is not too extreme.

The sunscreen is easily operated via a side slide

The base of the Italian helmet is very classic and unadorned. We regret the absence of protective foam coating and that of a removable bib. Consequently, the eddies will have the field very free given the importance of the clearance. On the back of the neck, a narrow insert allows the shell to be refreshed by the venturi effect.

The absence of bib is detrimental

Large and long fleece tabs protect the neck of the chinstrap with micrometric system, guaranteeing comfort and ease of adjustment. Aesthetic, the buckle features a neat design.

The chinstrap is finished with a micrometric buckle

Carefully assembled, the Airoh S5 offers a correct finish, but lets perceive its shell in the front storage of the sunscreen and on the neck. Likewise, the cover provided is a bit light.


Produced in two sizes, the thermoplastic shell is dressed in foams of variable thickness to decline the helmet in 5 sizes (XS – S – M and L – XL). Upholstered with an antibacterial treated fabric, the interior is completely washable and removable. However, this last operation reveals a fixing system as efficient as it is summary. Molded elements placed "in force" support the glued cover and the whole thus comes out..

The cap of the S5 is removable

The interior fabric is soft and comfortable, delivering flexible pressure to the cheeks. A perforated liner also ventilates the top of the occiput more. Lateral, the ears benefit from a good clearance, but the absence of tunnels for the temples of glasses makes the port of the latter uncertain. Depending on the frames, moles will have to ensure the comfort of their binoculars. The flat amounts of mine find their place by forcing a little and then do not interfere in any way. For others, the presence of sunscreen makes tinted personal protection unnecessary.

Dynamic test

Easily adjustable, the visor sliding freely reveals good comfort, allowing a slight flow of air in town. Devoid of anti-fog pinlock, the visor fogs up quite quickly in cool weather and will require appropriate treatment. In fine weather, we can leave the sunscreen alone. Its medium shade allows it to be kept in shaded areas or tunnels. In the closed position, the visor retention system is as simple as it is efficient, ensuring a good seal and the field of vision is comfortable. Easy to operate, the central air intake pusher, however, requires you to retract your thumb far enough into the chin bar to close them..

Ventilation works efficiently in the city

On a secondary network, this ventilation ensures correct demisting. But the turmoil inherent in the hybrid character of the helmet also contributes to the phenomenon. Likewise, soundproofing is necessarily limited on expressways..

When the pace increases, we benefit from good aerodynamics, especially in road configuration. With the cap, head movements will be more careful, but this all-terrain accessory does not vibrate at all and does not affect comfort in dynamics..

The weight of 1,450 g (in size M), contained for a thermoplastic, is not felt and remains in the low average for this range. In offroad use, we will appreciate the precise adjustment of the opening of the visor and effective ventilation. Also, foams absorb perspiration well and dry quickly. Finally, the paints are fairly resistant to the impacts of gravel, falls or other scratches and the whole aged flawlessly..

If it can be removed, the cap does not suffer from any vibration even at high speed

Visor disassembly / assembly

As already mentioned, this is the main weak point of the Airoh S5. A specific tool (Alen key) is required, making the maneuver less easy.

Not very practical, visor and cap require an Alen key for disassembly


Original and stylish, the Airoh S5 hybrid is equipped with interesting features (folding cap, sunscreen) and offers appreciable versatility. Only its interior finish and its screen system can still be improved. On a daily basis, we appreciate its lightness and comfort. Priced at € 249.99, the Italian helm represents an effective and good quality set. In this range, we will oppose the Nishua Enduro Carbon, asking for € 299, more attractive still, but without sunscreen. In another range, we can mention the X-lite X-551 Start N-Com, € 439 and AGV AX-8 Dual Evo at € 389.95. Much more expensive, these helmets have more remarkable finishes and equipment.

The Airoh S5 Line offers good compromises despite a perfectible interior and screen

With this S5, Airoh therefore offers a versatile outsider in the hybrid segment, at a very competitive price. Some improvements would give this helmet the extra seduction it deserves.

Strong points

  • Aero Dynamics
  • Retractable rigid cap
  • Comfort
  • Exterior finish
  • Sun visor

Weak points

  • Optional pinlock
  • Interior finishes and ergonomics

Features of the Airoh S5 helmet

  • Material: thermoplastic
  • Screen: colorless pre-drilled Pinlock (Pinlock available as an option) anti-scratch, removable
  • Internal sun visor
  • Removable cross cap, adjustable in height and foldable along the screen
  • Interior: removable and washable, in Sanitized fabric ©
  • Delivered with its transport bag
  • Chinstrap: micrometric buckle
  • Weight: 1.430 g (+/- 50 g) Size M


  • Line Orange Gloss
  • Line White Gloss Color
  • Black Matt Color
  • White Gloss

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