All Tests – First Honda PCX test: the low cost scooter with a bang! – A scooter for everyone … and everyone!

Honda PCX first test: the low cost scooter with fanfare !

All Tests - First Honda PCX test: the low cost scooter with a bang! - A scooter for everyone ... and everyone!

It was in Barcelona that Site was able to discover the new entry-level Honda 125 scooter, the PCX. Offered at a very attractive price, it offers very honest services with, in particular the Stop and Start system. First test … under the sun !

A scooter for all … and all !

The PCX is rewarding but not oversized like many 125 scooters pompously called "GT". Honda has designed a compact machine to make it easy and manoeuvrable and the weight of 124.4 kg fully loaded attests to this perfectly..

If we add a saddle height of only 761 mm, we get a scooter perfectly accessible to everyone and in particular to small builders and / or women. Unfortunately, the lack of a flat floor makes boarding on board impractical and does not allow carrying a bag between the legs.

Almost everything you need where it takes

Apart from a clock and a warning button for absent subscribers, the PCX has fairly complete equipment. The dashboard is simple but perfectly readable with the two trips (full and partial), a fuel gauge, a large speedometer and the light that indicates the engine has stopped in "Idle Stop" mode..

The PCX also has two crutches, one side and one central (both very easy to use), a large trunk that can accommodate a full face helmet and a few things, and finally a small storage compartment to the left of the fairing..

Not for giants !

Despite its compactness, the PCX offers good ergonomics. Only those over 1.85m are likely to feel cramped on their handlebars because they may have a little trouble accommodating their knees and feet.

We note from time to time that like the "GT" scooters, the PCX offers two locations for the feet: either flat on the floor, or at an angle in the spaces provided for this purpose in the apron. But big feet tend to stick out a bit…

The fairly firm saddle is rather short, both for the passenger and the rider, but not enough for it to be really disturbing.

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