All the Duels – Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS test: finally a worthy competitor of the MP3? – The Lion (finally!) Pulls out its claws

Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS test: finally a worthy competitor of the MP3 ?

All the Duels - Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS test: finally a worthy competitor of the MP3? - The Lion (finally!) Pulls out its claws

The insolent success of the Piaggio MP3 in France could not leave our national manufacturer without reaction: it is done with this new three-wheel scooter Peugeot Metropolis 400 of which we tested the sport version, the RS ! First try.

The Lion (finally!) Pulls out its claws

Seven years ! Peugeot’s management has been boiling for seven years behind the windows of its offices on Avenue de la Grande-Armee in Paris, seeing thousands of Piaggio MP3s scrolling under its nose … It was high time for the French manufacturer to react and take its share of the three-wheeler market !

The counterattack thus arrives to us in the form of this Metropolis (without accent on the "e"). Under the name of cult film and Ile-de-France nightclub hides a 100% Peugeot product, from the engine to the cycle part..

Beta version

The model we are testing today is a pre-series produced in February 2013 that suffers from small problems of youth. But they are "being settled", Frederic Bart promises us.

Peugeot Scooters’ European communications manager warns us in particular that the front axle, considered too firm, will be made more flexible. Do not worry either if the trunk opens by itself while driving (!) According to the irregularities of the road: the locking system will be reviewed..

Finally, the quality of certain plastics (storage compartments, covers, etc.) and the capacity of the trunk must be optimized. "But we wanted to give it a try, because the Metropolis launches in dealerships on May 2 !"The demonstration vehicles will also be pre-production models, so customers will have to show the same indulgence as MNC !

The Peugeot touch ‘

Given certain technical constraints inherent in the very concept of the three-wheeled scooter (two-wheeled front axle, trunk under the saddle), the Metropolis inevitably takes up the aesthetic codes and the overall proportions of the Piaggio MP3..

However, Peugeot has been able to give its three-wheeler a good boost of youth and dynamism: the line is sportier, especially on this RS version charged at the same price as the normal version..

This variation is characterized in particular by a "sport" smoke screen, a floor with a stainless steel finish, a sport exhaust (in fact, it is simply without the cover of the normal version), a saddle stitched in orange and various aesthetic touches such as black rims.

A new way

Peugeot did not go easy by starting from a blank page, without copying the front end of the MP3: the French engineers entirely designed the front axle called DTW (for "Dual Tilting Wheels", or double tilting wheels).

No need to leave Supmeca to differentiate between the two systems: visually, we immediately realize that the solutions adopted by the two manufacturers differ. While a gap separates the front wheels of the MP3, we have a breathtaking view of the injected aluminum architecture placed between the two wheels of the Metropolis.

These independent and tilting wheels, however, are only connected to a single hydraulic shock absorber. This front axle is so prominent that Peugeot took the opportunity to adorn it with a column of five powerful diodes, which act as daytime running lights ("Daytime Running Light").

Excellent ergonomics

In addition to the lowering of the center of gravity, the big positive point of this "lowered" front axle lies in the significant gain in roominess. Unlike MP3, we benefit from a flat floor and a real place for the feet. We even take advantage of a package hanger to transport bulky objects that would not fit in the trunk.

The space gained in the apron has also made it possible to integrate two very practical storage compartments: the first is central and the second is at the top left. The latter houses a 12V socket to recharge a GPS or a phone while driving.

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