Bikes for 999 euros and the consequences ?? part 3

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Bikes for 999 euros and the consequences ?? part 3


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Bikes for 999 euros and the consequences ?? part 3

Bikes for 999 euros and the consequences ?? part 3
Light and shadow

While everyday life has returned to the Yamaha XT 600 after the Honda CX 500 C and Suzuki GS 500 E, the Yamaha FJ 1100 still does not want to run.

Jorg Lohse, Stefan Gluck, Holger Hertneck, Michael Schroder


With sentences like: »Auf der hab ?? I got my driver’s license “or” a buddy once had a machine like this “, but also directly” may I drive it? “, numerous colleagues in the editorial team expressed their interest in the 999 euro bikes. And of course everyone can get into the saddle and record their impressions in the logbook.

The level of awareness of the unusual used vehicle fleet is also increasing outside of MOTORRAD. “Isn’t that one of the 999 euro machines?” In this way, many a conversation began in front of the garage at home when a neighbor turned the corner and then poked the MOTORRAD employee in question. CX 500 C, GS 500 E and XT 600 stand out? the fourth in the quartet, the FJ 1100, would do the same when it finally ran. On the following pages you can read what the reason is and what else is new to report about the Gang of Four.

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Bikes for 999 euros and the consequences ?? part 3

Bikes for 999 euros and the consequences ?? part 3
Light and shadow

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Suzuki GS 500 E.

And runs and runs … The little Suzuki covered well over 1000 trouble-free kilometers in the first few weeks of being part of the editorial team. All of the colleagues, whom it served as a support for the drive home or a weekend tour, were completely satisfied ?? except for the ancient and therefore rock-hard tires. Even with a slight incline or only a little slippery ground, they sometimes lost their composure and began to slide. But that has now come to an end, the new Bridgestone BT 45 ensure a much more trustworthy driving experience.
In addition, the GS received new brake pads, which admittedly was the highest railway at the front. The rear ones still had plenty of “meat”, but were also replaced by Lucas sintered metal linings. It’s amazing how poisonous they bite in the first few meters. Certainly, changing the brake fluid and cleaning the brake pistons at the same time is not entirely uninvolved in this. All work that should not be a problem for any reasonably talented hobby mechanic after expert guidance.
A new H4 lamp, which the colleagues from the sister magazine mopped donated after they had borrowed the GS 500 for a light test (see mopped 6/2007), ensures better light output. The Philips X-Treme Power for around 20 euros each and the Philips Motovision for 15 euros, with which the GS is now on the road, left the best impression. Hec

Yamaha FJ 1100

Tell me where the parts are, where have they gone? ”Would Nana Mouskouri have complained, she would have been entrusted with the revitalization of the aged FJ 1100. The fact is that the once proud touring athlete has proven to be more in need of care than expected. Ultrasonic cleaning of the carburetor battery was unfortunately not enough, the ravages of time left various needles, nozzles and their sticks irreparably decayed, replacement was necessary. Basically, the procurement of parts is not a problem, the prices of the original parts alone threaten to blow the budget. Cheap alternatives are quickly found on the Internet, but until the hardware finds its way from the depths of the network to the workbench, nerves and, above all, time are required. Despite the threat of an order, email inquiries are sometimes only answered after several days.
Almost all the spare parts have now arrived, and Operation FJ seems to have bottomed out. This was achieved when a stone chip damage was discovered in the headlight glass. A used replacement was found on the Internet, and the replacement required almost a complete dismantling of the motorcycle. In order to bridge the waiting time for the part, the fork oil had to be changed. What was intended as a little finger exercise for in between, developed into a day-filling occupation, because a 27-millimeter Allen key is required to open the fork plugs. But even this exotic tool could be organized, and so the FJ is back on the way from the construction site to the big bike. The FJ may have lost the race for the fastest registration, but when it does, we’ll roll up the field from behind. Promised. Sgl

Honda CX 500 C.

Our dog sitter, a die-hard motorcyclist herself, laughs to herself: “What have you done that you have to drive something like this?” ride the CX too. And even at the traffic lights, people complain, with drivers cranking the windshield down and shouting out bluntly: “Your brake light is always on!” The Honda CX is obviously not popular.
But she drives. It is buzzing and alive. It emits a multitude of mechanical noises that cannot be narrowed down any further. And also doesn’t want to narrow it down. The main thing is that you simply move forward at the push of a button. And in this regard, the V2 has so far been reliable and uncomplicated. The “easy going” has another advantage: It is absolutely harmless for the driver’s license. On the country road, the driver and CX commute to just under 100 km / h, and towns are passed through at 50 km / h as a matter of course. However, it gets tough when you’re stuck behind a truck and want to overtake. Those who are used to just pulling the throttle up briefly to beam columns backwards with warp three will quickly bite the grass with the CX. Overtaking maneuvers by vehicles with a “mine is 18 meters long” stuck to the rear should be well calculated with the 27 HP slurry pump.
Anyone who thinks that the economical use of speed at the petrol station pays off has cut himself: with an average of 5.8 liters of regular gasoline per 100 kilometers, the twin is decent. A new GSX-R 1000 is content with a comfortable, but significantly more dynamic driving style compared to the CX with a good half a liter less.
Without much grumbling, the 1981 Honda was taken over into the MOTORRAD fleet. “Drives, brakes, can be steered through curves without any effort, and everything is in the right place,” commented the managing editor of MOTORRAD, Harald Humke, on his first ride with the CX. MOTORRAD tester Rainer Froberg struggles with the chassis (“Back then you probably built the rebound and compression damping into the seat”), but found words of praise for the maneuverability: “You can turn it around like a tank almost on the spot. «
As a replacement for the rusted exhaust collector (see box “Rust”), the CX has meanwhile been replaced with a replacement-
position (without elbow) from Jama. Cost: just under 500 euros. The assembly turned out to be tough, contrary to expectations. First it was necessary to loosen the stuck original parts, then to adapt the new system to the CX. Particularly problematic: the brake lever had to be readjusted using a specially made screw. To make matters worse, the paint on the end pieces of the silencers peeled off on the first exit. In spite of the worse sounds, the originals have to work again. The eye goes with you. After massive bombardment with steel gravel, the heavily rusted collector has become really chic anyway. The TuV appointment is coming up soon. It remains exciting. Joel

What to do with rust?

The quick rusting collector is a known weak point of Honda’s CX. Our purchase is no exception. But on closer inspection it turned out: The substance is good, due to the high material strength, something still has to be salvaged by sandblasting. In the business directory we come across Gebhard Haberkern (phone 07143/92333, email, who specializes in the restoration of motorcycle and vintage car parts.
He moves our collector’s rusty fur with steel pebbles. Compared to conventional blasting media such as corundum or glass beads, it has the advantage that it does not break and turn into dust at high speeds (up to 250 m / s) with which it hits the surface. Haberkern thus creates optimal conditions for being able to paint the collector: “Because a high level of dust in the blasted surface is rather harmful for a good paint build-up.” As a result, the paint could quickly peel off again. Incidentally, Haberkern swears by blasting media made from aluminum granulate or stainless steel balls for cleaning, tempering or compacting surfaces that are not being painted.
After the treatment in the cabin, our collector looks like new within 15 minutes. The costs are very low at 25 euros. The subsequent recommendation of the specialist: »Either have it flame-sprayed by the steel refiner or prime with heat-resistant zinc spray and then apply thermal paint, which you ?? when the woman is not at home? Bake in the oven at 250 degrees for half an hour. ??

Running costs of the Honda CX 500 C

In principle, the CX arrived at the buyer ready to drive. She was de-registered, but thanks to a valid HU it could be registered immediately. As a replacement for the rusty original collector, a Jama replacement system including matching tailpipes was ordered from SO Products (phone 05924/78360, Internet This means that the amount of the expenditure has reached around half the purchase price.
Registration with custom registration number 78 euros
Jama exhaust collector 219 euros
Jama rear silencer with EG-BE 269 euros

Yamaha XT 600

Granted that Yamaha XT 600 doesn’t make it that easy for you. Just one word: Kickstarter. You have to get used to this procedure again after years of abstinence. Unlike on modern bikes, you don’t just drive off on this motorcycle. Which is why the following consideration is definitely justified: first put on the complete set and risk breaking out in a sweat and anger if the carrot refuses to work? Or get the engine running first and only then jump into your clothes? Hm. In the meantime you can confidently get dressed first, then decide to start, because the bottom line is that the good old XT starts quite reliably. Who un-
under the eyes of tense editorial staff-
If colleagues need more than three attempts, however, they have to put up with quite a bit of sayings…
When it rolls, the Enduro is fun right away. The engine (alleged mileage: 34,000 kilometers) pushes amazingly-
Lich fits well, the high seating position fits perfectly, and in the city the agile XT is always the first at the traffic lights. Wheelies? Hardly any of them make it that easy-
their motorcycle! At the premiere on the country road as well as on the autobahn, then the disillusionment. Almost 135 things,
and that only with great effort, because it should
actually go more. Also has
the shock absorber loses its function for the most part and lets the rear rock uncontrollably up and down after bumps in the road. We wrap over the front brake in spite of the chic steel braid-
Better keep the cloak of silence and hope never to have to rely on this stopper in an emergency.
Also annoying: loud mechani-
nice rattling from the engine (hopefully it’s just the valves) and oil leakage at the cylinder base. “The engine was guaranteed to have been on before, because this ailing seal is certainly not original,” says workshop guru Mike Funke from sister magazine MOTORRAD Classic. He doesn’t believe in the low mileage of the 23-year-old motorcycle anyway. Well, it is what it is. Now the TuV and re-registration are pending. So far, the XT drove with a red number.
There is not much to do there, all that is needed for the authorities (and driving fun) is new tires and brake pads, the rest falls into the inspection category? and that was apparently overdue: The consistency of the deep black mass that is dripping from the engine block is more reminiscent of tar than oil, and also runs with three
Liters more than expected in the collecting container. The oil filter is suspected-
Lich still from the equipment ex works, as well as the completely crumbled foam filter element of the air filter and the battery. The spark plug, the center electrode of which is badly flared, ends up in the garbage. The valves are set quickly (and can ?? unfortunately! ?? as a cause for
the mechanical noises inside the single cylinder are definitely excluded). To a great surprise, the front brake pads turn out to be almost new. Anyway, get rid of it and others
pure. The result: hardly any difference to before. The brakes used to be that bad?
Day X. The TuV inspector (GTu) is in the yard, and I bravely move the XT in his direction. In retrospect: cocky. The new tires haven’t landed in the editorial office yet, and since the old skins just have enough tread, I wasn’t worried about it. In the investigation report, however, it says: “Tires with aging cracks, rubber porous.” Pleading doesn’t help, especially since I hadn’t thought of trying out the horn for its function? the pathetic tone of the horn isn’t even enough to make a fly on the droppings-
scare wings. From the dream of the badge.
How it goes on? As quickly as possible
Get the necessary parts and start a second attempt at the TuV. mis

Running costs Yamaha XT 600

Nothing going on without moss. In the case of the Yamaha XT 600, an old rule quickly comes to mind: With old vehicles, keep around a third of the purchase price ready for additional expenses? With the XT, the bottom line could be even more.

Battery 32.95 euros
Air filter element 1.95 euros
Oil filter 4.95 euros
Oil drain plug 4.95 euros
Motor oil (two liters) 16.95 euros
Spark plug 1.75 euros
Brake pads (front) 28.95 euros
Brake pads (rear) 28.95 euros
Tire set (Bridgestone Trailwing) 135 euros
TuV (HU) 37 euros

The specifications of the XT

Well, the first attempt at TuV was nothing. However, the problems should be resolved quickly. In addition, there will be a few more work to be done in the next few weeks.
Technology: The mechanical noises suggest that the camshaft has been hit, as is known to be the case with the cylinder base gasket. The engine will probably have to reveal its innermost part in the foreseeable future. In addition, a new chain set and a strut for the rear are due.
Appearance: The self-painted XT emblem (purple!) On the tank is an insult to the good taste, and the subsequent painting work on the side covers is peeling off anyway. If the budget allows, the parts are taken to the painter. The discolored bench could also use a new cover. Otherwise, the Yamaha is doing well with its gold rims and red frame.
Rust: The exhaust doesn’t last long, rescue measures are being considered.

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