Comparison test Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro and Rally Pro


Annexation of new territories

3 cylinders in line, 888 cm3, 95.2 hp, 87 Nm, 198 kg and 201 kg, euros

Although the creative nation of rugby, the English brand does not necessarily have a reputation for rolling in the mud, or rather for rolling its machines. However, it draws its – distant – legitimacy from its history with the first Tiger entered in off-road competition in 1936.. They are more scramblers, modified roadsters. In 1973, the Tiger 100 invented the English trail. Twenty years later, the modern 885cc model relies on simple equipment. Rational, 90% of its parts are identical to those of the Trident, Trophy or Daytona…. Enough to limit the adventure aspect. Its three-cylinder then delivered 85 horsepower for 8.35 Nm torque with a 24-liter tank and a weight of 257 kg. The Triumph played in the register of large engines and was eyeing the BMW R100GS, the Cagiva Elefant or the Yamaha Super Tenere. This trail will then evolve towards a more road destiny, culminating with the excellent Tiger Sport 1050, still in the catalog..

In the meantime, at the end of 2010, the English firm returned to the land and expanded its menagerie with two new beasts. One rather dedicated to roads, the Tiger 800 and the other showing better off-road inclinations, giving its name the suffix XC. Aesthetics and careful manufacturing, overall comfort and dynamic three-cylinder engine, the English seduces and comes in two complementary machines, the XC and its radiated rims more dedicated to excursions off asphalt, with 85,000 units produced. Modernized in 2015 and 2018, the machines received a clear evolution in presentation and finish, the quality of the paints, the fit of parts and equipment.

Comparison test of the Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro and Rally ProComparison test of the Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro and Rally Pro

2020 heralds a new era and delivers no less than five Tiger 900s: standard, GT, GT pro, Rally and Rally Pro. Without forgetting the holders of the A2 license (35 kW / 48 hp) with a compliance kit (dedicated APS handle, engine adjustment) to be fitted in concession, available for all Tiger 900 GT and Rally models. And easily restored to original performance thereafter.

To get an idea of ​​the new Hinckley cats, we set off between Marrakech and Essaouira (Morocco) for a road and offroad test.


Resolutely contemporary, elegant, the new Tiger 900 GT Pro and Rallye sport a strong personal aesthetic, with muscular lines but refined volume. The front side carries most of the work. Almost slender, the beasts bear witness to a visually perceptible lightness. Racy and dynamic, they always impress with perceived quality. Led lights, like all lighting, are more compact, however reinterpreting the design of their origins. The Pro versions receive daytime running light and all models look good on a short, streamlined spoiler. Above, a new screen adjusts in height by 50 mm. The sculpted side lines run towards the 20-liter tank with supple and refined upper shapes towards the pilot. Narrower at this level, it does not reduce its capacity. Scoops surround it, ahead of the openings of the air extractors of the two new radiators. Narrow, the rear part receives welcoming seating. The accompanying person will be able to count on ergonomic and raised grab handles that join together in a useful luggage rack. The whole thing rests on a new tubular aluminum rear frame, bolted to the main frame. This is fully optimized to accommodate the new engine. The center of gravity of the new Tiger 900 has been advanced by 40mm and lowered by 20mm.

Additional lights are added to the Rally ProAdditional lights are added to the Rally Pro

Placed lower, the mechanics also reinvent themselves, losing 2.5 kg. But it is of course a 3 cylinder in line, cubing now 888 cm3 (78×61 mm), the cylinder head houses 12 valves driven by a double overhead camshaft. Pistons, crankshaft, connecting rods are new and lighter. The block displays an unchanged power of 95 hp…. BUT he pulls them out 750 revs lower, at 8,750 revolutions AND over a wider range, especially at mid-speed (+ 9%). The torque follows this increase with 87 Nm at 7,250 rpm (+ 10%) and again 800 rpm lower. An evolution promoting convenience and efficiency. And Euro5 standards…. Other important changes include the engine’s ignition timing changed. Called T-plane (like a certain Crossplane….) It lights cylinders 1-3-2 according to a 180 ° / 240 ° / 240 ° start-stop timing (previously 240 ° full). This irregular arrangement of the connecting rods provides more engine character at mid-range and a deeper sound. The air box has a more accessible filter, under the saddle.

The 888cc inline three-cylinder engineThe 888cc inline three-cylinder engine

Technology is an important part of Triumphs. Apart from the standard model, a Continental brand inertial unit (IMU) with three axes (6 directions) is fitted to all Tiger 900s. It optimizes the use of ABS and traction control when cornering, taking the angle into account. tilt of the machine. Also, up to six drive modes adapt the responsiveness of the throttle control and adjust the intervention of the ABS and traction control. The standard Tiger 900 model only offers Road and Rain, the 900 GT and Rally feature two additional modes, Off-Road and Sport. Pro versions benefit from a fifth customizable Rider mode. But the more adventurous integrates a sixth Off-Road Pro program. The latter maintains the engine idling speed to prevent stalling at very low speed. It allows you to deactivate the ABS, even on the front.

Selecting the driving modes of the Tiger 900Selecting the driving modes of the Tiger 900

The clutch is assisted and limited slip to stack gears when driving engaged and have a softer lever. It is assisted as standard on our test machines with an upshift and downshift quickshifter. The 5 and 6 are longer and the breaker is placed at 10,000 turns. Well integrated, a new exhaust follows the line of the rear loop, freeing the wheel and the aluminum swingarm.

Like the GT Pro, the Rally Pro has an up / down shifterLike the GT Pro, the Rally Pro has an up / down shifter

As standard, the Tiger 900 receives non-adjustable front suspensions, preloaded at the rear. Both GT versions feature a new Marzocchi 45mm inverted fork with 180mm of travel and fully adjustable. Their shock absorber slides over 170 mm, adjustable in preload and rebound. But the Pro range has an element with electronic adjustment of these same functions.

The Triumph Tiger 900 Rally ProThe Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro

Any other program on Rally models dedicated to much more extensive offroad use. High-end Showa fork fully adjustable in preload, compression and rebound allows 240mm of travel. At the rear, the gas-fired shock absorber from the same supplier debates at 230mm, also fully adjustable. The geometry combines agility and stability, with a caster angle of 24.6 °, but 1,556 mm of wheelbase for standard and GT. Taller Rally models increase to 24.4 ° and 1.551 mm.

Triumph Tiger 900 GT ProTriumph Tiger 900 GT Pro

Another top-of-the-range equipment, the Triumphs borrow their front caliper from the latest hyper sport models…. ! Four-piston, radial-mounted, one-piece Brembo Stylema bite 320mm rotors. Single piston rear element bites a 255mm disc.

Triumph Tiger 900 Rally ProTriumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro

On GTs, the clamps stop 19- and 17-inch split-five-spoke rims and fit Metzeler Tourance Next in 100/90 and 150/70. The adventurer is ready to see further. Its 21 "and 17" spoked wheels already give it a wider wingspan and are fitted with a Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41 tubeless in 90/90 and 150/70. For the offroad, it will receive Pirelli Scorpion Rallye.

The GT Pro is fitted with Metzeler road tiresThe GT Pro is fitted with Metzeler road tires

Enhancing, the new Triumph Tiger 900 sport a neat and dynamic aesthetic. Adjustment of the elements and finish are appreciable. The white frame of the Rally is particularly attractive. This is also the case with the engine with magnesium crankcases. Its surface coatings meet English standards, one of the most remarkable on the market. Finally, all peripherals, targets or hoses are perfectly integrated. A plastic shoe is fitted to the GT Pro, in aluminum on the Rally of the same version. Both have grips, heated rider and passenger seats and standard LED fog lights.

The engine guard of the Tiger 900 Rally ProThe engine guard of the Tiger 900 Rally Pro

Depending on the version, the tigers admit 192, 194, 196, 198 and 201 dry kilos. Pro versions, the last two therefore estimate at nearly 230 kilos ready to bounce on asphalt or dirt.

In the saddle

With my boots on the ground, my eighty-four meter ideally finds its place at the highest summit of the Rally Pro. Altitude 870 mm! The narrow crotch arch significantly reduces this gross value. The youngest will appreciate being able to reduce it by 20 mm by a simple adjustment mechanism with 2 positions. GT models are much more accessible with 810 to 830 mm. And a lowered suspension version of the Tiger 900 GT model is available with a seat 50mm lower than that of the standard model, only 760–780mm (Tiger 900 GT LRH).

The Triumph Tiger 900 GT ProThe Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro

The flexion of the legs is not very pronounced, dedicated to travel use, especially on GTs. Its footrests extend 30mm over longer frames. The handlebars are tilted towards the rider and the general position is very natural. It smacks of adventure at the helm of the Rally. For better off-road use, the hanger is raised, the boots further back. The arms are significantly higher and stretch more to grip the handles. We sit further forward to counter this phenomenon. Possible concern at the level of the knees, the frame protectors of the adventurer can be a little harsh with these joints.

Heated grips and hand guards are part of the package on the Rally ProHeated grips and hand guards are part of the package on the Rally Pro

Comfortable, the pilot’s seat allows good recoil if desired. At the rear, it lifts slightly to tilt the pilot further towards the large 7˝ TFT screen (5 on standard). The information provided is plethora and exhaustive. Innovative, the 4 display styles have a bit too futuristic graphics whose bar-graph tachometer is not readable in any case. We will use the digital lap display for more precision ….

The display of the TFT screen is adjustable in 4 modesThe display of the TFT screen is adjustable in 4 modes

GT Pro and Rally Pro models come standard with My Triumph connectivity and the Bluetooth module that give access to phone, music and GoPro control as well as step-by-step navigation via backlit switches and the TFT screen. The latter includes What.three.word technology, a unique navigation system. This new concept replaces traditional addresses and GPS coordinates with a series of three words separated by dots. Each three by three meter square on the planet has been defined by a random combination of three words. The principle works in more than 40 languages. Efficient, the set provides precise and simple guidance without displaying a map, but only directions. And under the seats, a closed compartment incorporates a 5v USB socket to charge your smartphone continuously.

Finally, the hand guards are qualitative and sufficiently rigid and the levers are adjustable in spacing (micrometric at the brake).

In the city

The new tone of the Tiger 900 is more attractive. Deep, serious, the arrhythmic pulsations of the block already give the English women a dynamic charm. These sophisticated mechanics take the machine gently, a quality shared by the clutch. Our machines fitted with the quickshifter up and down gears then leave this lever at rest. The selection is less friendly. Sound, however, it locks correctly.

The Tigers get a new exhaustThe Tigers get a new exhaust

This so British savoir-vivre is combined with appreciable engine flexibility, the mechanics barely accepting the sixth report to the urban legal, at 2,000 rpm. Devoid of vibrations, the large mirrors return a wide and clear field. Rather small, the turning radius allows easy U-turns and maneuvers are easy.

Easy to handle, the Triumphs prove to be very civilized in the city, circulating with ease in the suburbs and Moroccan villages. The balance is excellent and the machines responsive. However, we clearly feel the center of gravity shifted to the front. Without being heavy, the front axle makes you feel this evolution, bringing a clear feeling of stability. Taller and perched on its 21-inch front wheel, the Rally version reduces this sensation by shifting its mass a little. But its larger rim and its greater suspension travel give it, already in town, a more typical kinematics..

The Rally Pro is equipped with a 21-inch front wheelThe Rally Pro is equipped with a 21-inch front wheel

Englishwomen from good families love urban areas. But their good education destines them to less agreed horizons or their traveler genes wait to be expressed..

Motorways and expressways

When the British get excited and leave for the towers, their voices change into more metallic trills. The typical roar of their new mechanics gives them significantly more body. Affirming their sound presence, the Tiger 900s tumble with enthusiasm on the fast asphalt. We quickly hit a 200 km / h at around 8,000 laps. On board the Tiger 900 GT Pro, the vibrations then took place for 2,000 revolutions in the handles and footrests. Shorter on the Rally, the frames filter more through the boots. But the block struggles to retain its quivering vigor at high speed. A relative inconvenience because back to the legal, there is nothing more painful.

The 3 cylinders can reach 200 km / h at 8,000 rpmThe 3-cylinder achieves 200 km / h at 8,000 rpm

Thus, the three cylinders then displayed 5,200 rpm, leaving only a healthy and elegant mechanical life, kindly communicated by the block. Not enough to depreciate the good level of general comfort. The ergonomics are natural and the seats are soft. But, narrow towards the front, their angles could possibly become awkward on long journeys. To see according to your morphology. The pleasure is always the best aboard the Rally Pro, its suspensions putting you in a cloud.

Simple and effective, the bubble protects perfectly to the top of the helmet in the high position. At its minimum, there is much more air in the helmet, ideal for finding a little freshness. Handling while driving is correct at moderate speed. The air pressure complicates the principle beyond 130. If the knees are well protected from the air flow, the legs are much more exposed..

The bubble is adjustable, even while ridingThe bubble is adjustable, even while riding

Graphic, elegant, the reading of the bargraph tachometer is however very approximate. And this in the 4 displays. In mode 1, the most immersive, however, you can feel things a little better; but too invasive, the system reduces the other indications far too much. For more precision, we will therefore display the digital engine speed. This possibility also underlines, in my opinion, this lack of readability. Original, but not super convincing in dynamics. On this point, Triumph has paid more attention to the form (really nice) than the function. The needles were good too, no ?

With the optional regulator, one spins efficiently and serenely, the English women showing a perfect holding of course. Nothing to want to drag on more than reason on the rectilinear tape. Our Tiger 900 are hungry for curves and so is their pilot.

7 inch color TFT screen has four display modes7 inch color TFT screen has four display modes


The machines are taken with ease on the winding path of the Moroccan valleys. Energized by the three cylinders, the wild beasts of Hinckley beat the countryside with the hoarse roar of their exhaust and the muffled roar of their air box. On the intermediates, the mechanics are dynamic from 5,000 laps and always bite more beyond, without letting go. Devoid of inertia, the unit revs up vigorously and tows the same. Lightened pistons and connecting rods provide this engine liveliness. In addition, the reduced stroke favors these revs. In fact, the boiler likes to take turns and likes high speed. If a certain linearity of acceleration is noticeable, thank you Euro5, the personality of the triple English is safe. The English cavalry then swept over the slopes of the Atlas. Its 95 horses now more available quickly take our trails to the top of the tachometer. Beyond 7.000, more marked and less elegant vibrations always come to agitate the machine.

The engine develops 95.2 hp and 87 Nm of torqueThe engine develops 95.2 hp and 87 Nm of torque

When the layout becomes more compact, we also appreciate the maximum torque placed lower, right between its optimum level of efficiency. Indeed, from 5,500 revolutions, the block is almost at its ultimate strength placed 1,500 revolutions higher; and the power then takes over to act at an additional 1,200 rpm. No downtime therefore. All served by a trepidation and an appreciable mechanical life. The irregular ignition of the new three-cylinder brings a welcome roughness to the English. Another appreciable point, the electronic accelerator finely controls the injection and the engine responses. On the corner, we keep the rhythm smoothly on a trickle of gas. And responsive, the control reacts to the slightest millimeter of rotation. Each mode gives a fairly differentiated profile, especially between Rain and the other two profiles. The latter show less marked differences. Little invasive, the assistance works in full transparency. No jerk, no response time, efficient and safe.

The GT Pro has four driving modesThe GT Pro has four driving modes

GT Pro and Rally Pro therefore stand out from each other in dynamic handling. The first, fitted with a more road-going chassis, demonstrates greater precision and better responsiveness to changes of angle. The fork regulates its dive perfectly and the electronic shock absorber can be hydraulically adjusted to the handlebars at any time. On her large stilts, the adventurer logically admits more movements. Mass transfer and side-to-side rocking are a little less straightforward. But hardly. The sagging of the tubes is more marked but quickly slowed down. And, like in town, its less sensitive center of gravity on the front makes it almost as efficient. Even its 21-inch rim hardly gets in the way. The general position on board also contributes to this good dynamism. Efficient in the winding, the Tigers are racing the English way, well supported by efficient tire fitting. Their different envelopes offer the same performance on the road. The ground clearance of the GT Pro quickly admits its limits in more dynamic driving, scratching the road with its footrests. Its adventure version is logically less subject to this phenomenon.

The GT Pro weighs 198 kg without fuelThe GT Pro weighs 198 kg without fuel

The two Triumph trails can enter a curve on the brakes without any movement, without straightening or freezing the direction, leaving full latitude to the driver to correct his line. These qualities of deceleration and precision underline the quality of the chassis and electronics and the hydraulic adjustment of the suspensions. The latter are a real pleasure on the Rally Pro, erasing all the faults of the more or less drivable roads of the west of the Maghreb.


The Tiger 900 GT Pro remains in its cage while the Tiger 900 Rally, Pro version, is now taken through the varied landscape of the Moroccan coast. The electronics go into "Rally" or "Rally pro" mode to remove traction control and whether or not to retain ABS in the front. From the first evolutions, the upright ergonomics perfectly satisfy the pilot. Footrests slightly set back and the narrowness of the frame and the tank at this level of the machine, combined with a handlebar whose adjustment raises the horns, allow an ideal position. If the balance of the machine is excellent, we nevertheless feel again these offset masses on the front of the Tiger. Personally, I feel a – slight – discomfort in tight movements, as if to force the machine to turn. In addition, although largely worked, the masses remain quite high. But, responsive to the support of the feet, the trail weaves its way through nature. However, it lacks, in my opinion, a little natural at this level.

The Rally Pro stands out with its Showa suspensionsThe Rally Pro stands out with its Showa suspensions

This does not prevent you from having fun at the controls. The new block takes the crew along with smoothness and excellent mechanical control. At this level, the fineness of the injection works wonders. It remarkably links the throttle to the reactions of the engine. The latter is particularly available and benefits from a good staging of the box. It is thus not uncommon to evolve in second on a more technical track without noticing it. We are often a ratio above what we would usually roll. Another good point, the quickshifter effectively supports the whole, for ever more ease and efficiency of piloting off asphalt. Especially since the Pirelli Scorpion Rally are effective in all terrain as on the asphalt of the links.

The model is also fitted with spoke rims and Pirelli Scorpion Trail tires.The model is also equipped with spoke rims and Pirelli Scorpion Trail tires.

What to want to seek the high-end suspensions of the machine. On undemanding to more engaged and brittle tracks, the Tiger 900 Rally Pro demonstrates good damping efficiency. The machine settles on its elements, effectively and gradually braking their course. The Rally Pro swallows the terrain with good ease and comfort. However, I have noticed that during stronger landings or, perhaps also, less clean riding, the fork and shock absorber click at the end of the stroke. What, perhaps, to point out the limits of this beautiful equipment compared to other machines. However, the general efficiency is obvious and the pleasure of riding this Triumph..

Despite its off-road orientation, the Rally Pro is 3 kg heavier than the road versionDespite its off-road orientation, the Rally Pro is 3 kg heavier than the road version.

And the English staff do not hesitate to take us to the sand. The Hinckley trail is very capable and shows good traction. However, in the most "moving" passages, I again feel this center of gravity placed on the front. It prevents me from easily placing the steer wheel and seems to force me to lighten it by moving to the rear. Lack of technique / pilot experience? But here again, the balance of the machine makes it possible to overcome obstacles..

The center of gravity is very focused on the front of the motorcycleThe center of gravity is very much on the front of the motorcycle

When the sand gets harder or when you move magically on a beach bordered by the ocean…., The Tiger 900 Rally is imperial. We find this stability already noted and the general balance of the machine. The fawn from across the Channel likes to scratch large commas on this flexible sheet devoid of any trace. An impression of fullness and infinity invades the pilot and we would like to extend the experience until … Dakar ?


Particularly worked and well equipped, the cycle part of the Tiger 900 GT pro or Rally Pro brings efficiency and pleasure. On the road, the more road like its adventurous sister demonstrate rigor and comfort. The GT takes care of the first point, the Rally is master of the second. The latter benefits from top-of-the-range elements ensuring top-quality services excluding bitumen. Efficient, the suspensions provide excellent comfort, are responsive to adjustments and seem to smooth out damaged roads.

The Rally Pro opts for a Showa inverted forkThe Rally Pro opts for a Showa inverted fork


Powerful, Brembo Stylema radial-mount front calipers deliver a clean attack without being too sharp. This restraint allows the deceleration force of the two Tiger 900s to be effectively dosed. When braking, the GT Pro will offer a stronger feeling of deceleration and better control. The higher travel of the Rally Pro lessens this feeling, but hardly its performance. Dedicated to travel, the system favors efficient comfort more than the pure sportiness of these clamps. The electronics optimize safety and provide optimal decelerations. The rear element is just as flexible, providing additional guidance.

The Tiger receives Brembo 4 piston front calipersThe Tiger receives Brembo 4-piston front calipers

Comfort / Duo

Once again Scheherazade was not available. Too bad, it would have benefited from good saddle comfort, amplified by high-end damping. On the thousand and one turns, his ergonomic grab handles and placed high would have convinced him to swap his flying carpet to accompany me on the English tiger..

The Tiger GT Pro two-seater saddleThe Tiger GT Pro two-seater saddle

Effective, the bubble protects well up there of the body. We will invest in a larger element to include the shoulders. If the thighs are protected, the lower legs remain exposed. We will equip the Tiger 900 with original Givi plastic or aluminum luggage to go on an adventure..

The high screen of the GT Pro versionThe high screen of the GT Pro version


Not precisely measured. About 5.5 liters per 100 km.

On both models, the tank offers 20 liters of capacityOn both models, the tank offers 20 liters of capacity

Video test


Triumph clearly raises the tone in a segment of the most active. With this displacement, the English firm is skillfully placed. Particularly attractive and sleek, the new Tiger 900s offer a wide range. Always more efficient, they secure the services of advanced electronics in the service of mechanics with elegant and demonstrative operation. Typically English, the sound of the new block with asynchronous tracks brings real personality to the Hinckley trail. Voluntary, the mechanics remain a little linear, but always pleasant and actively revive the machines on the intermediaries. And with these Rally versions, the Tiger 900 offer wide offroad possibilities, able to conquer the great wild spaces. It’s a real conquest of territory.

Priced at 11,800.00 € as standard, GT and Rally ask for 13,400 and 14,200 €, the Pro versions of our test 15,200 and 15,800 €. Over-equipped, these are real road vessels or seasoned adventurers..

The Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro and GT ProThe Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro and GT Pro

We will oppose them both road machines and more adventurous. First in place and priced at € 12,499.00 as standard and € 13,499 for the R version, the KTM 790 Adventure are the greatest opponents of the English. The more equipped of the two offers, in my opinion, even more mechanical comfort and off-road qualities and facilities. The GT Pro will be able to oppose the BMW F900 XR available from € 10,995, but much more expensive with its inevitable packs. The Yamaha Tracer 900 at 10,499 € can also be taken into account. The Tiger 900 will also compete with the BMW F850 GS and Adventure at € 12,250 and € 13,300 base. Honda is offering its Africa Twin CRF 1100 L at € 14,499, € 15,499 in DCT. Adventure Sports is asking for 16,499 and its ultimate DCT version for € 18,999. At Suzuki, the V-Strom 1050 asks for € 12,999, the XT € 14,599. More charming, the Moto Guzzi V85 can be an attractive alternative, but less effective. The same goes for the Ducati 950 Multistrada at € 14,950

To these contenders, the Triumphs pose remarkable versatility. It is especially the Tiger 900 Rally model that I will retain on this point. Comfort and performance of the suspensions make it my favorite choice for going to work or much further. In addition, its dynamic behavior suits me more. Road or land, the Triumph Tiger 900 cover an increasingly large territory. Will you escape ?

GT Pro strengths

  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Intuitive cycle part
  • Braking
  • Balance
  • Quality of suspensions
  • Personality and engine availability
  • Configurable electronic assistance
  • 7 inch TFT screen
  • Inertial unit
  • Superior finishes
  • Comfort and ergonomics

Weak points GT Pro

  • Vibrations beyond 5,500 revolutions

Rally Pro highlights

  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Intuitive cycle part
  • Braking
  • Balance
  • Dynamic behavior
  • Quality of suspensions
  • Off-road capabilities
  • Personality and engine availability
  • Configurable electronic assistance
  • 7 inch TFT screen
  • Inertial unit
  • Superior finishes
  • Comfort and ergonomics

Weak points Rally Pro

  • Vibrations beyond 5,500 revolutions

The technical sheet of the Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro

The technical sheet of the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro

Test conditions

  • Itinerary: winding roads with variable surfaces, dry. Off-road: dirt, sand
  • Weather forecast: sunny, 10 to 25 ° C
  • Motorcycle mileage: 170 km offroad, 600 km road
  • Problem encountered: ras

Test equipment

  • AGV AX9 helmet
  • Dainese Centauri GoreTex Boots (offroad)
  • Vanucci Okovango II textile set

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