Ducati Monster 1100 Evo ABS DTC motorcycle test


Darwin’s twin

Like all species, the Monster 1100 evolves and keeps only the best in the irresistible race of evolution that began in 1993 with its appearance. The new 1100 Evo is no exception to the rule and is adorned with an ABS as an anti-slip system to contain the unprecedented power of its twin in L. The two-valve crosses the symbolic and exciting milestone of 100 hp.

Ducati Monster 1100 Evo ABS and DTC

Like a lava flow, the horde of red motorcycles hurtle down the slopes of the foothills of Mount Etna. It is in this setting where nature constantly reminds man of its superiority that Ducati presented “the ultimate evolution of the Monster 1100” as Pablo Quattrino, product manager of the Bologna firm likes to say. It is indeed the first machine of the brand to cross the 100 horsepower mark in the L-twin family, fed by two valves per cylinder and cooled by air. An ancestral architecture that was believed to be doomed to extinction, given the very restrictive anti-pollution standards. It was without counting on the pugnacity of the engineers "house".

Ducati Monster 1100 Evo engine and twin in L

However, by the way, the performance of the 1100 is nothing exceptional with regard to the displacement power ratio developed in the 696 (80 hp) which still cubs 400 cm 3 less. It seems that the 1100 still has some reservations under its belt.

Ducati Monster 1100 Evo ABS and DTC

Survival kit

For the time being, and with its 100 horsepower, the machine seems perfectly suited to the French market where an 1100 can be exchanged for "full" against € 11.690, provided it is part of the list of 700 customers for as many units planned. in production for France. A good budget which places the clientele in a range of 35/40 years, the heart of target of this new motorcycle. These quadras in the making, often fathers of families, will no doubt be interested in the new electronic crutches supposed to contain the power of the new twin. For the occasion, this popular variation of high-cost technology (for anti-skating) has been called the “safety-pack”. It includes an ABS for braking, an anti-skid system whose finesse can be chosen from four positions as well as another technology tumbled from the GP paddocks: Pirelli Diablo Rosso II dual compound tires with less soft tread that the ends.

Speedometer Ducati Monster 1100 Evo DTC

Sound of "Cannon"

Engine underway, the new 1100 Evo has no content so far. The sound of the double silencer called Cannon style is enticing to say the least and immediately refers to the consequent displacement of the beast. The twin slams with a low rumble into the 45mm tubes. A real volcano ready to wake up.

On the saddle stitched with red, the pilot then seeks his place. The cushion is hardly higher perched than on a 796, 810 mm against 800 mm, and bombs the gap with a very accessible 696 perched at 770 mm. To compensate for the rise, the handlebars have been raised by 20 mm. But the position remains tilted forward, the pilot engaged towards the road and the front axle. The controls that fall under the hands are adjusted as on a sports car.

Clutch or front brake, we adjust the levers to the millimeter. And the time to travel on the connecting road which winds between manhole covers and coating rinsed by the rain and the sun, we quickly find our position on this new machine, which is just waiting to rumble..

Ducati Monster 1100 Evo ABS and DTC

Unprecedented comfort

What immediately shocks is the comfort of this Monster that we were not used to being. The 43 mm diameter Marzocchi fork and the Sachs rear shock contribute to this flexibility which allows you to absorb holes and bumps without tiring the rider. Ready to climb Etna at last. The road is gray, clear with regard to the anthracite slopes which culminate at 1,800 m. The Black version with a matte band would have been tone on tone in this lunar setting. Ducati red lends itself better to contrast and finally decides to let go of the horses. Flexible after 4,000 rpm, usable on intermediates after 3,000 rpm, the maximum torque of 105 Nm arrives gradually as we approach the maximum set at 5.750 rpm. Thus mapped, the twin seems to like the draw, the passages between 6,000 and 8,000 rpm to take advantage of the typical sound, and finally give up control when approaching a bend. Because if it is soft and progressive, the 1100 Evo does not forget to be efficient and propels the whole at very high speeds without appearing to be so..

Ducati Monster 1100 Evo ABS and DTC

Between two switchbacks, 160/180 km / h are commonplace. In a gut of bends, you hesitate between the second and the third. Perhaps too discreet in this exercise, the torque perched at almost 6,000 rpm lets us prefer the second. It is quite new to use this report on a twin of this displacement rather than the third stage of the box, but it is more efficient to restart the machine. Ducati will slip us that a pinion of 14 out of the box will reveal the true face of this Monster which had, once again, to sacrifice to drastic anti-pollution standards to continue to exist on the market..

Contained power

In the meantime, the Monster is forgotten in its smooth operation. The very soft box allows you to take full advantage of the desired range of use. Between 6,000 and 8,000 rpm from heavy braking on restart. Always comfortable therefore, the cycle part is stopped by radially fixing calipers whose efficiency is above all suspicion. Power, attack and progressiveness are part of the game. We almost forget that the whole is equipped with ABS.

Brakes Ducati Monster 1100 Evo

A little ash deposited by the aerodynamics of the Norman cabinet of a tourist coach and the anti-blocking system catches up with a drift of the machine. Confidence returned and throttle in full force, the DTC is responsible for sweeping the last grains of ash carried a little further by the traffic, and prevents the rear wheel from slipping by derailing the engine. We will end up provoking the phenomenon, just to find its limits. Not easy.

The more athletic can choose to modify the DTC by changing it from position 4 to 1, the least interventionist, or disconnect it completely. Like ABS for that matter. Everyone will benefit from a motorcycle that is easy to take, quite instinctive in the sequences. And which does not require any particular commitment from the pilot to be entered on a curve.

Ducati Monster 1100 Evo ABS and DTC

Ride tamed

To stay in the logic of assisted sport, Ducati has chosen to equip its Monster 1100 Evo with Pirelli Diablo Rosso II. A bigomme whose edges of the carcass are loaded with softer rubber than on the tread. After the electronic crutches, it is the equipment that directly places the pilot in safety without compromising his pleasure of attacking. Positioning very far from the machine that appeared 18 years ago and of which 246,483 units have been purchased since March 1993.

Ducati Monster 1100 Evo ABS and DTC

If at the time, the engine performance tended to come out of a too modest framework, and this participated in the hairy charm of the Monster, today, the chassis as the chassis largely dominate the ardor of a more powerful engine. but also more exploitable. It is because the Monster has progressed on many points since its genesis. It now has a real rear brake, a long time a pitfall for the brand, which contributes to the serenity of the pilot who can at leisure close an overly optimistic trajectory by using the 245 mm element clamped by two pistons. On this point, the silencers could give rise to fear, as on the Streetfighter, that the metal protuberances did not interfere with the pilot’s heel, forcing him to place the foot at an angle. If the discomfort exists when the sole of the foot is resting on the footrest, it evaporates as soon as the pedal is used and the foot advances on the controls..

Ducati Monster 1100 Evo ABS and DTC

Handles and it steers

If during this test the machines were adorned with a shell referring to the exclusive use of the Monster, it is nevertheless possible to accommodate a second passenger on the saddle. Once the single-seater shell has been removed, handles profiled in the lines of the rear loop are attached to either side of the machine to secure the passenger.

Ducati Monster 1100 Evo saddle

This will be the only practical element to note as the space under the saddle is inexistent. On the other hand, like its little sisters, the 1100 Evo allows completely acceptable U-turns without pinching your hands against the tank. She points.

Ducati Monster 1100 Evo ABS and DTC


With this evolution and the 100 horsepower bar passed, Ducati is polishing the face of a flagship model that appeared just 18 years ago. Now brutality has been replaced with the contained power of a motorcycle that has never been so usable and efficient. And who forgives, thanks to its electronic crutches, many errors of appreciation, moments of inattention or simply the vagaries of the road. Without losing any of its sex appeal, the machine is now in the running to compete with the very serious BMWs, effective in daily transporting quadra wishing to move on two wheels without putting either their life or their timing in danger. With the new Monster, it is now possible to do the same by sending a much more sporty image of himself. A real business card.

Strong points

  • engine sound
  • safety-pack (ABS, DTC and dual compound tires)
  • general behavior

Weak points

  • Right foot position while riding
  • Limited duo
  • No room under the saddle

Competitors: Aprilia Tuono, Honda CB 1000 R, Kawasaki Z 1000, Suzuki
Bandit 1200, Triumph Speed ​​Triple, Voxan V 1000, Yamaha Fazer 1000, Yamaha XJR 1300

Ducati Monster 1100 technical sheet

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10 thoughts on “Ducati Monster 1100 Evo ABS DTC motorcycle test

  1. 2,200 kms ON THE METER

    Here I am to give you more information on the VFR 800 X, as promised.

    So the overhaul after running in went painlessly … and a small financial drain of 50 euros … Question consumption is still correct: in town = 6.2 / 6.4 l; road and 4 lanes = 5.4 / 5.6 l; mixed = 5.8 / 6.0 l. I find it still reasonable. Tell me what you think ! Until now, the range has been between 295 km and 340 km before the reserve light comes on. This bike is still so easy to live with and to ride on a daily basis … At least for a beginner like me. In town it’s a balancing act and I hardly ever set foot … except at red lights … of course (LOL). My dealer no longer takes his … he has already done too many kilometers (+ 2500 kms) if he wants to sell it as a demonstration model at a good price … That is to say! If not, well that’s happiness …. You’re right Tartopum, go try it and get your idea! Parenthesis of importance … The VTEC is perfectly SOFT … It is pure pleasure to listen and to "play" without being scared and taking a kick in the C ….! Finally I measure 1.80m and even if the position of my legs is a bit more folded than on my Vardero 125 or even a Hornet or other CB600 F … After a stage of 150 kms in one go and my 39 springs. ..no pain on arrival … All good … Rest assured I will find faults and I will communicate them to you … Such as the reverse controls Klaxon and Warning … But hey we get used to it quickly.

    @ + and have a good vacation.

  2. As I tried it yesterday at length and in excellent conditions, I post my test report below; obviously it can also appeal to old hands and not only to beginners:

    <<<<<Another test of my day, in addition to the KTM 990 SMT ABS, I also tried the Honda 800 Crossrunner.

    the test was more than prolonged since I took the bike at 11:45 am and the guy told me to bring it back to the 2:00 pm reopening. I took the time to swallow a sandwich in barely 1/4 hour and so I rode more than 1h45 with this wheel. Well, she’s not disagreeable at all, even if there are some things that I have a problem with.

    Good points:

    -handling: obvious, easy, immediate impression of having understood everything. This is due to its lightness, to its excellent handling, to its very reasonable saddle height, to the fairly upright chest position, with a wide handlebar, all of which no doubt, but the fact is that I was immediately а ease.

    -Imperial handling and astonishing suspension comfort. it’s a very comfortable motorcycle.

    -the engine: not hollow at all at the bottom and frankly lively when the VTEC starts up. I still lack a bit of torque at the bottom, which is normal when driving a 1200 bi on a daily basis. nevertheless the Triumph Tiger 800 does much better at low and medium revs and also well at the top without having to go through this stage On / Off provided by the VTEC. This does not prevent this engine is otherwise very smooth and very civilized

    in the city, which makes it very pleasant and accessible to an inexperienced biker. If I had to give just one opinion, it would be Ok, good for the service because overall very pleasant.

    negative points:

    -the legs are very bent and the footrests too far back. honda did not want to modify the frame of the VFR but here we have a much straighter bust, which gives a slightly odd position. However I did not suffer from this position, it is just unnatural to me.

    -the protection of the small original windshield is totally null: I had mosquitoes in the mouth as it had not happened to me for a long time. It would take at least 25 to 30 cm more to the bubble for it to be effective.

    -dual CBS + ABS braking, very efficient, too much to my liking: the attack is brutal and I found the braking violent, too powerful, difficult to control. it is as brutal on the attack as the one we had on the BMW 1150 R and RT ABS in power-assisted version and it brakes much harder. you probably have to take the time to get used to it but honda should soften it up a bit to improve the comfort.

    Overall result: good machine, pleasant, very easy to access, comfortable, very safe to handle. It remains to be seen if its aesthetics will please (I like white like that of the test) and if its price of almost 11,000 euros will not sting the eyes too much. >>>>>>>


  3. Happy owner for 3 weeks, I just love it! Finally, a motorcycle that meets all my requirements. 🙂

    Regarding faults:

    – low revs

    – perfectible finish of plastics (speedometer and handlebars)

    – position of the warning switch (@hopfrog +1)

    The rest is happiness. 🙂

    Question to other owners (or Honda mechanic ^^):

    Does the raised center stand remove space between the ground and the underside of the motorcycle ?

    I had asked the question to a dealer, he had told me that when going down a sidewalk, I would leave the crutch and the pot there….

    When I see the kickstand raised on a VFR (http://bit.ly/qM6RP6) and a photo of the CR with the kickstand unfolded (http://bit.ly/nkVKuT), I am puzzled by the dealer’s response…

    Thank you for your answers ! 🙂

  4. Hi "V3rsys" … I don’t have a ready-made answer to your question … Because I don’t have the center stand on my crossrunner. However do you really need it? I’m going very well both for the lubrication and for the chain tension … To see from your side in use … On the other hand if I "can" allow myself a piece of advice and seeing that you want to invest a little for your bike … So go for it and don’t hesitate! Buy a high bubble (list price 159 euros … negotiated at 130 euros at my dealer … It’s a treat and a real change past 110/130 km / h … and then at my helmet ( a Nolan N 43 air) quite a change: it has finally become silent … This helmet has a lot of qualities (weight, field of vision, modularity, …) except air noises … well there. .. "there could be noise" … Top from top … Well finally this bubble has a defect … We risk losing points on the license more quickly (LOL). your crossrunner. @ +

  5. @cdcernon: I intended to use it mainly for maintenance but also to park when the available centimeters of Parisian places are few.

    For maintenance, I solved the problem with the "Easy Clean Roller" from Tecno Globe (http://bit.ly/n9ynWq, ~ 60Ђ), very practical and much cheaper. So, bye bye the crutch а 293Ђ !

    I know the N43 Air well, I got it and sold it (today!) Because of the acoustic problems and the fact that it does not hold well during peaks. I haven’t thought of investing in a high bubble for the moment, I do not drive very much or for a long time at high speed, the need has not been felt. It’s a good helmet but too ventilated (even when everything is closed) for winter especially since it has no bib.

    In any case, I note the idea of ​​the high bubble. Thank you. 😉

  6. Quotewaboo
    Yes … that’s what the detractors of the BMW GS and quite a few other models in the range were saying.

    to smile

    The most annoying, in my opinion, comes from the suspension which would have deserved a more efficient equipment.

    With a frame / engine / swingarm assembly directly taken from the VFR, the price of 10,999 Ђ would justify at least a fork or even a shock absorber of superior quality..

    Absoutely !

    Almost 11,000 euros for a bike whose base (engine suspension chassis) was designed more than eleven years ago (no criticism inside), that’s too much.

    In general this process (taking an old base to produce a new vehicle), in the automobile it is used to produce Low Cost cars, sold much cheaper than cars of very recent design (ie, see the price delta between a Dacia using the Megane 2 chassis, and the equivalent in the Megane 3 by Renault range)

    A big jackpot on sale for Honda now!

  7. I have owned this motorcycle in the 2012 camouflage color version for 2 weeks and I am extremely satisfied with it..

    I don’t really understand your comments by the way.

    How is it bad to have excellent chassis / engine torque from the VFR800, even from 10 years old? I prefer an excellent 10 year old chassis than a bad new chassis !

    I rode the Hornet 600 for 2 years, and switching to this V4 changes everyday life, especially in the city, which is my "playground" at 90%.

    More torque, much more maneuverable than the Hornet despite the 40kg more.

    Go try it instead to speculate on its qualities / flaws !!

    And this bike is really not a low-cost bike, it’s annoying to read things like this !

    The only flaw for me so far is its too slippery saddle, otherwise it’s flawless, this bike is really fantastic on a daily basis.

  8. Hello,

    Happy owner of a vfr 800 x, I have owned this bike since October 2011, and I must say that I am delighted. The driving position suits me very well, legs folded and back straight perfect for me Ha yes! Sorry I’m 57 years old! A very young age to be on a motorbike, question of handling, braking, acceleration only fun, the meter is a little small for me, but my ear is enough for me. An everyday pleasure motorcycle, flexible and pleasant gearbox. It’s really good on winding roads !! as a duo or alone that happiness once again. When at the mouth of the motorcycle I adore. Some say sluggish engine not so sluggish as that! Try it !! This machine does not flinch the tarmac is its domain the curves are taken on the fly without any worries. What praise to be made on this beast and once again Honda exudes seriousness and I love it !. I recommend the High windshield for better protection. Here are some comments on this vfr 800 x.

  9. Hi FOUCHE & jl56, happy to see that you are fully satisfied with your vfr800x … Which is always my case and I believe that you have summed up the qualities of this bike … I am well of your opinion … To all those who criticize this bike without having tried it … well no comment … For those who have tried it and were not convinced, it takes everything to make a world. .. Concretely CRAZY I think you should invest in a bagster saddle or something else … that should solve your problem. This is what I did and I don’t regret it! For the high bubble … 200% agree with jl56 … it changes your life … For the rest there are some flaws, especially the price … but a priori it does not deter buyers … my dealer has already sold a few … For my part, I’m not complaining about the dashboard … my eyes can still see well at 40 … But I still appreciate the comfort of the upright position on the bike … for the rest only fun … @ + on the roads

  10. Tried yesterday …. Absolutely fabulous this evolution and mm if I will take mine with the termi, the original sound has nothing to do with it and becomes very nice!

    For the rest ….. Just impressive rigidity, efficiency with insane braking.

    Qques motorcycles in 17 years of license, but this one is frankly a brilliant compromise to avoid the hypersport "permits of conduirocide" while having an omnipresent potato, without being insane, but so sensational (compared to the Japanese mixers). It is still controllable but unstoppable to double in a flash in current traffic conditions!

    So with the "sapetoku" kit, additional terminals and a 14 in front!!!!

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