Ducati Monster 821 Stealth motorcycle test


The stealth version of the Monster except the price

Exclusive color, Kayaba adjustable fork, DQS shifter and nose screen

Mostro! I still remember the test of my first big bi downshift, having only tried 4 cylinders before! I almost put one ! That was the Mostro in its early days, a big twin, character and feel. 25 years later, the Monster has evolved a lot, in yet another version for this Stealth edition, variation or limited series of the Monster 821 tested when it was released in 2016. But why a stealth edition? For the color black, like Ford! But beyond the color, the Monster 821 Stealth is an exclusive color, an adjustable Kayaba fork, a DQS shifter and a nose screen. That’s all ? Test.

Stealth! Did you say stealth?Stealth! You said stealth ?


The Monster 821 Stealth is revealed with its matte black color and some additional decorations such as the red stripes on the rims or the 821 on the frame completed by a tank decoration in gray and red. The nose screen provides a little more protection while being consistent with the Stealth edition. We finally find this seat cowl tuned in color. It is both discreet and elegant, Italian style!

2,154 mm long and 1,480 mm wheelbase2,154 mm long and 1,480 mm wheelbase

Under the plumage, we find the L-Twin Testastratta 11 ° of 821 cm3 developing 109 horsepower and 86 Nm of torque with braking equipped with Brembo M4-32 radial calipers.

Twin cylinder Testastretta 11 °, liquid cooled, desmodromic distribution, four valves per cylinderTwin cylinder Testastretta 11 °, liquid cooled, desmodromic distribution, four valves per cylinder

If the shock absorber is still adjustable, it is especially the front fork which is now adjustable with a Kayaba fork. And that’s the big news, especially for those who found that the front fork was a little too soft during the initial test..

Rim with 821 in black on red stripe backgroundRim with 821 in black on red stripe background

The pretty LED headlight finally offers good night lighting but above all a nice light signature.

Lighthouse with light signatureLighthouse with light signature

In the saddle

The Monster adapts to the morphology. The saddle height is indeed adjustable, with 25 mm of difference between the two heights (785 and 810 mm), which allows the driver of 1.70 to put his feet almost flat, but finding himself a little sunken in the motorbike. We find a position tilted forward, but not as much as some past models could be..

Under the eyes, we finally find the speedometer or rather the TFT screen with all the information of an on-board computer, accessible from the left stalk which also allows to choose its ride-by-wire mode: city, touring or sport . Each mode includes different settings in terms of ABS, traction control. And like, it’s a TFT screen and the mood of the meter changes depending on the mode. In town, for example, we have a clearly visible clock but no tachometer! The tachometer is in fact only visible in the other two modes. On the other hand, we always have the average and instantaneous consumption, the temperature, the elapsed time, the partial double trip, the totalizer…

TFT screen, with display depending on the modesTFT screen, with display depending on the modes

The advantage of TFT screens is that they are easy to read! And this one is no exception to the rule.

867 mm wide867 mm wide


The big twin snorts in a serious way. First, you have to play with the clutch so as not to jerk or even go wheeling. The Monster has not lost its character, far from it.

Double escapement with a deep melodyDouble escapement with a low melody

In the city

Dynamic, even violent, the Monster 821 is at ease from one fire to another, to leap violently and slip easily between the lines. On the other hand, if it sneaks in interlocking, do not ask too much of gymkhana, with a sufficiently large turning radius, which requires a wide street to make a U-turn easily in one go..

The spirit of MostroThe spirit of Mostro

The bi is flexible compared to what it used to be, but still grumpy. In other words, it is capable of knocking in second gear at 20 km / h. Suddenly, we play a bit of the selector in town, his preferred report being despite everything the second report, to then prefer 4,000 rpm at 50 km / h. Certainly, we can drive at 50 km / h on the last report but it hits hard then.

Lively but bangs in 2nd at 20 km / h so asks to play the selectorLively but bangs in 2nd at 20 km / h so ask to play the selector

What we especially appreciate in town is the model’s shifter. We forget the obligatory or even painful musculation of the wrist of certain past models and it suffices to engage lightly with a finger to shift gears up and down. it also does so without touching the clutch but it is more violent. And in town, we prefer to be gentler. Moreover, in the city, the sports or touring modes are not used much and the 75 horses of the urban mode are largely sufficient..

On the highway

It’s a roadster and the nose screen doesn’t change much. At 130 km / h, we are already taking it all in the face. Come on, we can push up to 140 km / h but you will not last long on this type of road. However, the Monster is particularly neutral and the large, fast curves are taken at a sustained pace without any worries. Straight-line stability is just as excellent.

245 km / h possible on circuit, but not on road with non-existent protection245 km / h possible on circuit, but not on road with non-existent protection

On departmental

Was it said that the driving position was tilted forward? It allows you to become one with the motorcycle and the Monster turns into a neutral toy. A lightweight toy, moreover. We can pick up the pace without ever being surprised by the behavior, homogeneous and even forgiving, with a clear gain in confidence given by the original Pirelli Rosso III. The power is there, but not too much. There is character without falling into the rodeo, including a second capable of taking you to 100 km / h. But it still remains a bi, even if the downshift is smoother than in the past.

We become one with the motorcycleWe become one with the motorcycle

Comfort / Duo

It’s a roadster. The passenger seat is anecdotal. This is also the reason why the seat cowl is original. This bike is not made for the duo, or only for short trips. Its motor character encourages nervous driving and there is nothing to keep you going except the pilot. But on heavy braking, it can regularly find itself castrated against the tank.

LED tail lightLED rear light
Slightly tilted forward positionSlightly tilted forward position


The Monster 821 is equipped with Brembo … but it is not enough to be in Brembo for it to brake. Braking is good, homogeneous, progressive, with a good feeling. But it is not particularly powerful either, especially the rear brake, at the stage of retarder. And suddenly, we think A2 since the machine is accessible to them and we tell ourselves that this braking is ideal for a young license because it can be controlled in all conditions, especially since the ABS only comes into action in the rain and with trapper braking.

Double semi-floating 320 mm disc. Brembo M4.32 radially mounted four piston monobloc calipers. ABS as standardDouble semi-floating 320 mm disc. Four piston monobloc calipers with radial mounting Brembo M4.32. ABS as standard


The on-board computer indicated an average consumption of 6 liters per 100 km, with the majority in town. But as we have said, we are sticking to the first reports in town. The pump check confirms consumption at 6.3 l / 100, with a last reserve stick showing at 210 km. But there is still more to offer an overall autonomy of 260 kilometers with the 16.5 liters of the tank..

16.5 liter tank, one liter smaller than in 201716.5 liter tank, one liter smaller than in 2017


There is a socket under the saddle.

The Ducati Monster test in video


The Monster 821 Stealth is the most successful mid-size Monster since the 696 and it benefits from full shifter ++ and the front fork which corrects its initial behavior under stress. So if you still prefer the red, the Shifter and the Kayaba fork are options to include on the checkbook. It remains its price, high for the category because facing models financially more accessible to young people allowed to start with the MT-07, or even a Street Triple even if the Monster is clearly above a CB 650 for its driving character. and the sensations offered.

Strong points

  • motor
  • shifter

Weak points

  • price
  • rear brake

Monster 821 technical sheet

Test conditions

  • Itinerary: small varied roads + interurban highways with a lot of city
  • Motorcycle mileage: 300 km

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2 thoughts on “Ducati Monster 821 Stealth motorcycle test

  1. 7 liters in consumption is a mini in town, it is greedy the bougresse, I have the old model, with its weight there is no mystery, and 2000 euros more

    it’s too much for this model

    the V-TEC is blah in normal use, a cavalcade of valves to go painfully to 200 with all the inconvenience of "high speed"; and we must not forget the revisions there it is downright too expensive … to adjust a V-TEC (see the table of revisions) to work the engine is to empty his wallet

    it remains all the same a good bike for a non-purist like me, too heavy to handle when stationary it makes you forget its weight when driving fortunately.

    on the highway very well, not tiring …. except for the buttocks

    as a good duo (apart from the bruised buttocks after 150 km) which requires a welcome coffee break

    braking a little delicate all the same always because of the weight of the machine it is necessary to envisage the distance … or an anchor,

    on the Parisian ring road (yes I am from the area) it goes by itself, agility is at the rendezvous; which is quite amazing with its weight..

    good this new machine is still and decidedly too heavy, too expensive for me and the consumption which is an important factor will still fly, it is a shame in our times of scarcity

  2. The new Crossrunner does not exceed 6L in the city. You have to hit it to go beyond 7 L.

    The Vtec, on a motorcycle, does indeed pose a question. Making a moderately expressive motor at the bottom to fill it at the top gives a contrast that is certainly noticeable, but we would prefer a more lively block everywhere.

    But the most painful is the length of intercourse.

    On a daily basis, the machine remains pleasant to use, easy and high-quality. A Honda to be enjoyed over time.

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