DVD on motorcycle driving safety

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DVD on motorcycle driving safety

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DVD on motorcycle driving safety

DVD “Motorcycles ride well and safely”
Price reduced to 9.90 euros

Motorcycles ride well and safely

MOTORRAD, the Institute for Two-Wheeler Safety (ifz) and the German Road Safety Council (DVR) have produced a DVD on motorcycle safety. “Riding a motorcycle well and safely” is currently available from 9.90 euros in the MOTORRAD shop.

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Riding a motorcycle, a fascination for everyone. And even more so if you know all the techniques, tips and tricks. MOTORRAD, the Institute for Bicycle Safety (ifz) and the German Road Safety Council (DVR) developed the content of this DVD in a joint project.

You can now purchase the DVD for only 9.90 euros (with a demonstration license: 19.90 euros) in the MOTORRAD shop.

Subjects of the DVD

  • Before the ride: From the right motorcycle to the right clothing
  • Driving techniques: Efficient braking and cornering
  • Useful basic knowledge: motorcycle types, vehicle optimization and loading
  • Safety in traffic: dangerous encounters, wind and weather, safety training
  • On the go: driving in a group, rules and tips as well as route planning
  • Driving physics: 30 minutes of explanatory basics

Making Of DVD “Safe Driving”

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