E-Scooter: All models at a glance

E-Scooter in Germany

That can be the new electric scooters and E-scooters

E-Scooter: All models at a glance-Click Down Electric test Nissan14

New Mobility: E-Scooter in Germany: The silent novelties flood

In China, electric scooters have long been embarrassing the street. In Germany, however, they are still a margin. But a flood of attractive new models rolls on us. Site shows the most interesting news.

The urban mobility of the future becomes, since experts are meanwhile aging, increasingly electrically. The Pedelec Boom of recent years shows impressively how successful e-mobility can be especially in urban transport rooms. A vehicle class higher, with the scooters, could soon use a similar hype, because in addition to some already available offers, many novelties are placed in the coming months. These are suitable for everyday use, cooler and more crosslinked. Site shows the most interesting news.

BMW C Evolution

Methal and undisputed king of the electrically powered Scooter scene remains until further notice of the BMW C Evolution. Since 2014, the maxi scooter from Munich is built in series. He has not been cleared to the seller since then, which is among other things at the high price of proud 14.000 Euro should be. The conventionally driven and thus more dynamic counterpart is less at BMW for some thousand euros. For an e-scooter, the C Evolution is at least lush: its drive makes up to 35 kW / 48 hp, which allows a speed of up to 130 km / h. In view of a range of up to 160 kilometers, even smaller overland trips are possible.

E-Scooter: All models at a glance-e-scooter

BMW Since 2014, BMW has been offering the electrically powered Maxiscooter C Evolution

Niu N1 and M1s

With an electrically driven maxi scooter, BMW has praised pretty far. The gros of the current and coming e-scooters is moving in the 50s class, such as the two models N1 and M1s of the Chinese manufacturer Niu. These are comparatively easy knitted but quite chic scooters in the price window of 2.000 to 2.700 euros, which accelerate up to 45 km / h and offer up to 120 kilometers reach. For use in city traffic, the duo is well prepared. NIU even offers a smartphone app with some clever functions for users. In the spring, the Chinese still want the U Pro, which offers a special feature a removable battery pack. For the end of 2018, a compact comfort roller was also announced with the N-GTX, which can drive up to 100 km / h quickly and up to 180 kilometers far.

E-Scooter: All models at a glance-models

Niu With the M1 Niu also offers a cheap and send e-scooter


Also interesting future plans is the Spanish manufacturer Torot. With the Muvi there is already a series that depends on model dependent up to 60 km / h quickly and up to 85 kilometers wide. As a special feature, the city cootor offers two removable batteries. In addition, the MuVi is perfectly networked thanks to built-in Bluetooth module and special app. The 45 km / h Muvi is from 4.800 euros to have 200 euros more costs the 60 km / h version.

E-Scooter: All models at a glance-e-scooter

Torred The covered Torrot Velocipedo should come to the market in Germany in 2018

At the end of 2018, the Spaniards still want to launch the Velocipedo, which is a covered tricycle. The Clou: The two-seater can be hand-free. A 10 kW / 13.5 hp engine makes the electrician up to 90 km / h quickly, the range should be 150 kilometers. The price could be with 6.000 Euro legally low.

Ujet city scooter

The well-hottest scooter novelty for this year is the Ujet developed in Russia. The city cooter looks not only chic and futuristic, also offers several technical treats. So that with small battery can be folded only 40 kilograms weighing two wheels, which allows a particularly space-saving accommodation. The single-seat is powered by a 4 KW / 5.5 hp engine integrated in the rear hub engine, which allows a maximum of 45 km / h. Depending on the battery pack, 70 or 150 kilometers range should be possible.

E-Scooter: All models at a glance-models

Ujet With almost 9.000 Euro requires Ujet a proud price for his scooter

The UJET is equipped with plenty of connectivity technology. So are a 3G SIM card, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth on board. With a special smartphone app, the scooter can be unlocked. The Cockpit offers a large TFT display, which also allows access to travel-relevant information along with special control buttons on the handlebar also the use of navigation, music streaming, telephone and a HD camera mounted in the front. With 8.690 euros the UJET belongs to the relatively expensive newcomers.

Vespa Elettrica

A also anticipated E-Scooter novelty with yet unknown price is the Vespa Elettrica. Despite future propulsion, the Italo classic in the classic Vespa look comes with only some easily futuristic accents. In addition, Piaggio relies on a technically demanding equipment. So there is LED headlights, USB socket, Cockpit with colored 4.3-inch TFT display and connectivity technology. The Italians promise a new multimedia board system in which the integration of smartphones will play a central meaning. Even with the drive, the E-Vespa should offer lifted level.

E-Scooter: All models at a glance-models

Piaggio In 2018, Piaggio wants to bring the Vespa Elettrica to market

The E motor is designed for a continuous power of 2 kW / 3 hp, but up to 4 kW / 5.5 hp peak performance are possible. In addition, the E-machine provides a torque of 200 Newton meters. Since the Elettrica is likely to occur in the 50s class, the maximum speed is limited to 45 km / h. The range is given at 100 kilometers. Piaggio plans a second Elettrica variant with Benzingenerator as Range Extender for a total range of 200 kilometers. The at the end of 2018 in Germany at the latest Vespa Elettrica has the potential of a Gamechangers who might even trigger a small e-scooter boom.

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Oldest Vespa of the world is auctioned

E-Scooter: All models at a glance-models

Site / Wochit Oldest Vespa of the world is auctioned

Govecs Elly

Even before the original, the E-Roller specialist Govecs will offer Elly a new model in Vespa-like presentation. The novelty is powered by a Bosch motor, which will give it in two power levels with 2 kW / 2.7 hp or 3 kW / 4 hp. In both cases, the maximum speed is limited to 45 km / h. For the lithium-ion battery removable to load, two sizes are provided. The small battery should allow a range of 30 to 40 kilometers depending on the engine, with the larger power storage, the radius increases to 60 to 70 kilometers. As a special feature, the Elly allows a coupling of the smartphone with the on-board system. Thanks to this solution, the scooter can be easily started with the smartphone. In addition, in addition to driving-relevant information on the 5-inch display in the cockpit, the content of the phone is mirrored. The price: around 3.300 Euro.

E-Scooter: All models at a glance-e-scooter

Govec Also with Vespa flair comes the E-Scooter Elly of Govecs arrived

Electric swallow

Good 2000 euros more demands the Govecs daughter Schwalbe for the new E-Schwalbe. As the name implies, it is a scooter in the look of the GDR two-wheeled icon Schwalbe. But unlike the historical two-stroke, the new edition ensures a quiet electric engine with 4 kW / 5.4 hp for propulsion. This should accelerate in five seconds to the top speed of 45 km / h. A for a surcharge larger dual battery should allow 100 to 120 kilometers reach.

E-Scooter: All models at a glance-glance

Govec The E-Schwalbe should be inspired above all retro fans

Everything about electromobility

On our E-Mobility Portal Efahrer.COM Find all E-vehicles & hybrids available on the German market with technical data, prices, delivery times and model comparisons. There are ongoing insider news, tests of all important vehicles, an overview of charging stations and a range calculator.

You can also make a test drive for your desired car directly for free and as uncomplicated to start e-mobility.

Peugeot Scooter

Actually announced for early 2018, Peugeot Scooter has announced the market launch of the Genze 2 produced by the Indian vehicle manufacturer Mahindra.0. The Indian E-Scooter is powered by a 2.7 kW / 3.7 hp electric engine, which allows acceleration to a maximum of 45 km / h in quite long-prone ten seconds. The removable battery should enable a range of around 50 kilometers. As special features, the chic stromer offers a 90-liter luggage shell in the rear as well as a large display on the handlebar, which also displays an ECO score or boost in addition to vehicular information. The genes are started via a PIN code, which should ensure better theft protection. There is also a special app that allows, among other things, a geolocation function.

E-Scooter: All models at a glance-e-scooter

Peugeot The Indian Genze 2.0 Will Peugeot 2018 in Germany

Vionis of KSR

On such connectivity arts, the motor Vionis distributed by the Austrian KSR Group is dispensed with. This is a 2000 Euro fairly favorable scooter in the Vespa style, which offers as a special feature a removable battery for 55 kilometers reach. The vionis is powered by a Bosch engine, with 2.000 Watt continuous power and 46 Newton meter torque a decent performance potential. The E-Scooter occurs in the 50s class and allows a maximum speed of 45 km / h.

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E-Scooter: All models at a glance-e-scooter

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