Eifel initiative against motorcycle noise

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Eifel initiative against motorcycle noise
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Eifel initiative against motorcycle noise

Initiative against motorcycle noise in the Eifel
Campaign “Silent Rider” with growth

In the Eifel, eight cities and municipalities have jointly launched the “Silent Rider” campaign against motorcycle noise. Motorcyclists are very welcome in the Eifel, but noisemakers are undesirable. More and more communities are joining the initiative.

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Noise makes you sick – including those caused by motorcycles. However, the mayors of the Eifel National Park region make it clear that the “Silent Rider” campaign is aimed specifically against the “black sheep” among motorcyclists. “The Eifel and all other affected regions expressly welcome everyone who goes on a trip to our regions with their motorbikes,” said Mayor Karl-Heinz Hermanns from Simmerath. The other communities include Heimbach, Hurtgenwald, Nettersheim, Nideggen, Schleiden and Bad Munstereifel. The Federal Association of Motorcyclists (BDVM) also supports the initiative. The community of Blankenheim has now also joined.

Expansion to other regions is conceivable

“Together with the Federal Association of Motorcyclists, we advocate that those who are responsible for unnecessary noise pollution through manipulation and forbidden driving style and thus damage the reputation of all motorcyclists are sanctioned more”, continues Hermanns. A list of requirements was also drawn up, which includes stricter legal frameworks for the noise development of motorcycles, owner liability, higher penalties for tampering with the exhaust system and additional information about who the motorcycle rider is – on the helmet or on the front of the vehicle.

The campaign should start in spring 2020. You need the time to prepare the campaign thoroughly. In addition, the campaign is to be expanded to other regions if there is interest in participating. At an initial meeting, representatives from the Bergisches Land, Rhon, Odenwald, Sauerland, southern Hesse and southern Black Forest regions were also represented.

More and more supporters

As the newspaper Express reports, since the kick-off event in Duren, numerous other declarations of commitment have been received in the email inbox of the managing community of Simmerath. These include the district of Osnabruck, the municipality of Bayrisch Zell on the Austrian border, the municipality of Glienicke / Nordbahn from Brandenburg and the cities of Schmallenberg and Sundern in the Sauerland. They have all pledged to pay 5,000 euros into the joint fund from which the initiative’s projects are to be financed.

Support is also emerging from politics. The Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of Transport has reported because it wanted to support the initiative. The Greens in the NRW state parliament in Dusseldorf have also expressed their interest. The noise protection officer from Baden-Wurttemberg, Thomas Marwein, also asked for a discussion in the Simmerath town hall on this subject. Marwein had recently told the ZVW that the problem of motorcycle noise is now the same in all of Baden-Wurttemberg – whether in the Black Forest and in the Swabian Forest, in the Lowenstein Mountains, in the Welzheimer Forest or in the Schurwald. Motorcycles accounted for 40 percent of the complaints to the noise protection officer, mainly between Easter and October. But it’s not just motorcycles that are much too loud, many high-powered automobiles also make noise.

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