FLM Sports leather suit now also in two pieces

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FLM Sports leather suit now also in two pieces


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FLM Sports leather suit now also in two pieces

FLM Sports leather suit
Now also in two parts

In 2020, Polo added the one-piece leather suit FLM Sports to its range. For the 2021 season, the portfolio will be expanded to include a two-part version of the FLM Sports.

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Racers like one-piece suits, but a two-piece suit has many advantages in everyday life. Polo represents according to the super sporty FLM Sports one-piece now a two-piece version to the side.

Made of cowhide from 400 euros

The two-piece suit is also made from 1.1 millimeter thick, partially perforated cowhide leather, which is processed with special safety seams. Stretch zones on the shoulders, sleeves, elbows, lumbar area, knees, back of the knees and lower legs also ensure the necessary freedom of movement. Shoulder sliders are built in right from the start, knee sliders can be retrofitted to the existing Velcro surfaces. The hump ensures streamlinedness and the sporty look, the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee protectors, which are connected to the outer material in a non-slip manner, for additional safety. A suitable back protector can be retrofitted individually. Jacket and pants are connected by a robust 360-degree zipper. Alternatively, both parts can also be connected to each other with a short zipper in the back area. There is a small inside pocket in the chest area.

The two-piece FLM Sports leather suit is available in sizes from 48 to 60. The only available color is black with red applications and white elements. The price for the two-piece is 399.99 euros.

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Polo is now also offering the FLM Sports leather suit as a two-piece suit. In terms of equipment, the only thing missing is a standard back protector, but the price of 400 euros for the sporty two-piece suit is okay.

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