FSBK – Leaders stumble at Magny-Cours … –

Leaders stumble at Magny-Cours…

FSBK - Leaders stumble at Magny-Cours ... -

Neutralizations, falls and twists of fate punctuated the races of the fifth round of the French Superbike championship this weekend at Magny-Cours. No upheaval, but this event reminds that anything can happen in motorcycle racing…


The fires barely extinguished, the first Superbike final experienced an incredible dramatic turn of events: from the first turn, Erwan Nigon (BMW), provisional leader in the championship and author of the pole position, took to the mat, taking Baptiste Guittet and Olivier with him. Oven !

Meanwhile, Julien da Costa (Kawasaki) got the better of the other riders and completed the first lap in the lead before being overtaken by Sebastien Gimbert (BMW) who flew to the checkered flag. Behind, the teammates of the Junior Suzuki team, Vincent Philippe and Freddy Foray, compete for the last step of the podium. Foray is the most incisive and takes third place to never leave it.

In the second heat, Sebastien Gimbert got off to a good start ahead of Erwan Nigon and Julien da Costa. The BMW teammates then engage in a hell of a battle, passing each other several times per lap. Da Costa can only be a spectator of his third place while watching Freddy Foray who is coming back strong.

Freddy falls trying to get back to the Kawasaki rider too quickly, but manages to start again. Oil spilled on the track following an engine failure causes the race to be interrupted, which does Foray’s business as in the previous lap he was still fourth..

A new start is given for a sprint of five laps: Gimbert is again in the lead at the first corner. Nigon misses but returns to his Gimbert wheel in a few turns.

Combined, the provisional leader won the race by 452 thousandths while Julien da Costa completed the podium. Sebastien Gimbert did the right thing for the weekend by recovering 25 points from Nigon because of his white result in the first round. In the championship, Nigon is 22 points ahead of Gimbert and 69 over Da Costa, who takes third place over Freddy Foray by five points..


Gregory Leblanc (Kawasaki) hits hard once again! Although preceded by Mathieu Ginès (Yamaha) at the start, the pole-maker quickly found himself in the lead. The entry into the Safety Car track following a collision between Clement Dunikowski and Dylan Buisson calms the atmosphere for two laps … But the explanations are quick to resume, still led by Leblanc under pressure from Gines and Louis Bulle.

Gines tries several times to take command of the race, but Leblanc is uncompromising. Louis Bulle (Yamaha) can do nothing and must content himself with securing his podium.

The start of the second round is similar to that of the first. Gines gets the better of Leblanc at the start and at the end of the first lap, the Safety Car returns to the track after William Grarre and Anthony Loiseau clash.

Once the intervention is over, Ginès and Leblanc engage in a magnificent duel under the eyes of Bulle who cannot follow. Gines resists all the attacks of the Kawasaki rider … when the latter attempts a final attack that takes him into the gravel pit! Gines cannot avoid it and also falls….

Louis Bulle and Etienne Masson took advantage of this as the two men on land managed to set off again. Leblanc secures third place while Ginès finishes ninth.

In the championship, Leblanc widens the gap a little further with 14 more points over Ginès who is now 70 points ahead of Louis Bulle, third with 123 points. Leblanc can therefore obtain the title at the next Le Mans race….

Pirelli 600cc Trophy

Lucas Mahias prints from the start of the race a pace that leaves his opponents on the floor. Remy Echard and Randy Pagaud contested for second place, then Pagaud won and climbed on Mahias to overtake him on the 8th lap before crashing a few turns later! Mahias only has to manage his lead over Echard to claim his 4th win of the season in five races.

On the last lap, Marco Boue, then struggling with Robin Camus for third place, fell and left the field open to the Suzuki rider. Mahias keeps the position of provisional leader with 8 points ahead of Echard and 35 over Pagaud.

"The Groland Racing Team takes off !", rejoices Serge Nuques, particularly satisfied that his colt" Bernardo "(read) has again aligned the pole position and the victory.


Eventful race in 125cc: Jules Danilo took first position after a good start, but the MC Lesigny driver made a mistake after three laps. The race was then in command of Kevin Szalai, who was then passed by Jimmy Petit..

Twist of fate, Small retrograde two places following a mechanical problem but remains in contact. Szalai then took the lead again and had to deal with the attacks of his teammate Gregory di Carlo..

The finish was close between the three youngsters: Szalai won, but Petit crossed the line before Di Carlo who still retained the provisional leadership in the championship ahead of Szalai and Petit. The trio stands at seven points…

Next meeting at Le Mans on September 4 and 5 for the 6th round of the French Superbike Championship: stay tuned !

Maxime PONTREAU – Photos Julien PATALONE

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