Full face helmet test Nolan N87


34 colors and liveries available, from 209 euros, available from XXS to XXXL

A well-built, well-finished, fairly efficient mid-range integral

Things, sometimes, are thankfully simple: this is how the Nolan N87 succeeds the Nolan N86, a mid-range full-face, which was introduced in 2013.. Mid-range (prices that start at 209 euros and go to 299 euros for the most expensive liveries (replica), that does not mean a discount helmet: the proof, the Nolan N87 is pre-equipped for the N-Com (the bluetooth and communication system of the Nolan / X-Lite group) as well as the ESS (emergency stop signal which consists of an LED at the rear which lights up in the event of sudden deceleration), has ” an integrated sunscreen, a screen with a quick-release mechanism, a large anti-wind flap that proves to be effective, four vents, a Microlock 2 chin strap, a large pinlock, it starts to There are also points to be noted. Another point to note is the range of sizes, which goes from 54 (classic) to 65 (XXXL), it is already less common. However, there are only two sizes cap (the small one goes up to 58).

Full face helmet test Nolan N87, a full face with a retro look

Matter of choice

With 34 liveries available (is this a record?), The hardest part is already to start choosing: there are four somewhat vintage liveries (the Martz N-com), with two small bands on the left side, available in red, gray or white at 244 euros, for my part I chose the silver chrome version at 274.99 euros. Perfect for going on stylish motorcycles, like this Yamaha XSR 900 Abarth.

Nolan N87 full face helmet test on Yamaha XSR Abarth

In use, we appreciate the ease of donning with chin straps that spread well, the foams are appreciated just as much by their softness and the feeling of comfort they provide. Good impressions which are confirmed by a completely correct build quality, a beautiful finish and this very pleasant feeling that everything falls perfectly in its place, that it has been calculated with precision.

Full face helmet test Nolan N87, chin strap

In the same vein, we appreciate the new mechanism for disassembling the screen (just pull down a small lug at the level of the plates) while the internal sunscreen, which can be adjusted to several positions, is manipulated via a small pull tab located behind the left plate and. It is easy to handle even with gloves; what does not happen to me. Not that I don’t wear gloves (I even have tagged gloves, so I’m inmourable), but I don’t like internal sunscreens so I cleared it (it’s easy) and I don’t drives only with a black screen, even at night, even in the rain, even in tunnels. This is the mark of the rebels.

Efficient but not perfect

In short, you quickly feel good in this helmet, especially as the wide field of vision, to the side, allows you to feel comfortable in traffic. The helmet remains perfectly stable with speed (even high, there is no parasitic turbulence) and its relative lightness (a bit more than 1400 grams announced) means that it can be supported for several hours in a row without feeling any discomfort. particular.

Nolan N87 full face helmet test, chin ventilation

Despite everything, it is not perfect: it is still a bit noisy and on long journeys, earplugs are recommended. Then, even if the ventilations seem generous, their effectiveness did not seem to me transcendent during the strong summer heat; maybe a question of internal ducts which do not "force" the air to circulate enough, but you do not feel a gentle breeze cooling you the top of the scalp like on some competing helmets. Finally, a ride on a Bimota YB11 in the very radical driving position showed that the upward field of vision was a bit tight, which can be handicapping for those who also intend to ride on the track or who ride on machines at the driving position tilted forward.

Full-face helmet test Nolan N87, vents on the shell

However, we must also bear in mind the reasonable price of this helmet, which starts at 209.99 euros and consider its build quality, its overall versatility, its possible level of equipment with the technologies of the Nolan / X group. Lite and above all, its comfort. Suddenly, the quality / price ratio remains favorable to this good mid-range helmet.

Full face helmet test Nolan N87, back

Features full face helmet Nolan N87

  • Two shell sizes (XXS-L / XL-XXXL)
  • Innovative screen tilting mechanism (patent pending)
  • Large Pinlock®
  • Removable interior with latest generation dual density and micro-perforated breathable fabrics
  • Adaptive Eyewear System for spectacle wearers
  • Large wind flap
  • Airbooster ventilation with two upper air intakes, chin air intake and a rear extractor
  • Screen with quick release mechanism
  • Adjustable internal sunscreen and UV400 treated
  • Microlock2 chin strap (patent pending) with double retention lever for added security.
  • Pre-equipped for N-COM and ESS (emergency stop signal)
  • Sizes: from XXS to XXXL
  • 34 different colors or decorations

Strong points

  • Wide range of colors
  • Price / performance ratio
  • Overall comfort
  • Content weight (1400 grams)
  • Large lateral field of vision

Weak points

  • Ventilation not super efficient in heatwaves
  • Still a little noisy
  • Upward field of view when lying on a sports car

Test conditions

  • Directions: several weeks of daily use and during testing
  • Problem encountered: none

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