HelmChat app: communication via cellular network

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HelmChat app: communication via cellular network


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HelmChat app: communication via cellular network

HelmChat app
Communication via cellular network

There is now a free app from the Netherlands that is supposed to allow group chats of up to 75 people on the motorcycle over the cellular network.

Uli Baumann

September 18, 2020

Anyone who wants to communicate with their fellow passengers on the motorcycle, but is not in the mood for a lot of hardware fuss, can now use the free HelmChat app, which is available for Android. iPhone users have to take a short detour via the Helmchat.eu homepage and download the linked Jitsi Meet app. In addition to a smartphone with a data tariff, both apps only require an accessible cellular network and a pair of headphones – of course, systems with helmet speakers can also be controlled via Bluetooth.

The apps then dial into the server via the video conference software Jitsi, which is reduced to the audio channel, and establish the connection. DTLS-SRTP encryption is intended to ensure data protection for group chats. Data is not saved on the server. With 1: 1 communication, the smartphones are connected directly to one another without a server.

No cellular network – no communication

Once a call has been established, integrated noise suppression should optimize the audio quality. If a participant drops out of the cellular network, the connection is broken. If the network is available again, the connection should be re-established automatically. The driver is informed of this by a signal tone. The best chat quality should result in groups of up to 15 participants, but group chats of up to 75 participants are supported.

However, communication is not entirely free. About 30 MB of data are used for one hour of entertainment via the cellular network.

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