Helmet provider in the service test

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Helmet provider in the service test
mps photo studio

Helmet provider in the service test

Helmet provider in the service test

Helmet provider in the service test

Helmet provider in the service test

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Helmet provider in the service test
mps photo studio

Exciting question: Will the manufacturers find the fault??

Helmet provider in the service test
mps photo studio

Suddenly a small but important part was missing from 18 helmets …

Helmet provider in the service test
mps photo studio

…which, when everything has been fixed again, is not easy to find.

Helmet provider in the service test
mps photo studio

We also indulged in pretending to be intensive use.



Helmet provider in the service test

18 helmet providers in the service test
What to do if the visor mechanism is broken?

How just change the scratched visor? Zack, it already happened, two left hands wrecked the mechanics. Can the manufacturer help? 18 providers in the undercover service test.

Jorg Lohse


Johann B. is a MOTORCYCLE tester in real life, but was on a difficult, secret mission for us. His job: take a critical look at 18 helmet suppliers. How do you react when the customer knocks helplessly on your door with a defective helmet??

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Helmet provider in the service test

18 helmet providers in the service test
What to do if the visor mechanism is broken?

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Thanks to a perfect camouflage, the undercover test succeeds, and Johann B. is actually not discovered by any provider. And so at the end you look at a balance sheet that couldn’t be more multifaceted. First of all, the good news: The concept of service is now very important in the accessories business of our motorcycle scene.

Motorcycle helmets with a five-year guarantee

But let’s first take a look at how the helmet providers react to our staged drama: A small component is defective, the wearer is very insecure – can it be repaired? And can he still wear the helmet with a clear conscience? After all, the helmet should protect him as best as possible! Johann B. is desperate … From a technical point of view, the problem for every provider can of course be solved with a snap of the finger. Loosen the screws, get rid of the old visor mechanism, screw on a new one from the spare parts box, done. The use of materials is in the cent range for manufacturers.

At the meta level, however, the question is much more multifaceted – here the helmet professional must above all exude safety and sovereignty: Of course, it’s about your head! Yes, we take care! That famous “look & feel” is difficult to put into point tables. But if the gut feeling is right, he can be cast in gold by the customer. In addition, an episode that occurred as part of this test on a Friday evening shortly after New Year 2017:

The service employee of a large shop chain with headquarters in Hamburg answers the harmless number of our undercover tester. She apologized for the late disruption, but wanted to know again whether the customer request has now been resolved to the fullest satisfaction.

The tester is amazed – yes, the repair request has long been processed and the once defective helmet has already been delivered again. Yes, the nice lady explains, but it could be that not all customer inquiries were correctly forwarded over the Christmas period due to technical problems. Now she just wanted to make sure again. And as a little goodie for the circumstances (which weren’t any), she would accept the shipping costs for returning the repair. But our test customer is happy and happily says “Thank you”! Critical spirits may rightly note on this occasion that this care and aftercare may already be too much of a good thing, but it more than clearly shows what needs to be done in the meantime to keep customers involved. In plain language: A good product is one thing. But when making a purchase decision, the question of the best possible service is becoming more and more important. Let’s just look at the helmet manufacturers. Quite a few of the premium brands now equip their helmets with a five-year guarantee. It is only a matter of time before the first mid-range models with this high-end feature also want to set themselves apart from the competition.

Fresh cell treatment for the cheap helmet

But it is also priceless when the technician calls Johann B. and discusses abnormalities from the repair with him. Gives him clear recommendations on how best to look after his helmet in the future. Gives him tips on which dealers could help right on his doorstep. A very personal support with which Arai can convince in this test. But also Schuberth and Shoei, where our Johann can pull the repaired helmet and a detailed inspection report out of the box.

There are also surprise winners: In this undercover test, it’s Hein Gericke. Not only because the customer service representative is exemplary in taking care of the desperate motorcyclist’s concerns. But because the service technician gives the inexpensive helmet in the U100 Euro league a more than extensive rejuvenation treatment that would actually only be located in the luxury helmet class.

Questions of jurisdiction

Not only Johann finds the rigid blocking of his inquiries from the Italian helmet providers completely incomprehensible Airoh and AGV. Almost like a mantra, you chew through the dealer’s responsibility – but you don’t even manage to give Johann a suitable address in his area. Keyword retailers: We already thought that providers would reject them in this direction. Which is why it was part of the legend of Johann that he “used the helmet and privately on Ebay” bought.

This undercover test is particularly tragic hero and HJC. Unfortunately, the Held technician misses the fact that the spring has been removed from the visor mechanism. And so the helmet finally goes back to the customer with a defect. At HJC, on the other hand, the headdress is given the really large care program – including the renewal of many parts. Too bad that Johann B. is only informed after all work has been completed and the return has already taken place that almost 150 euros have been due for this.

Without a doubt, service work can have its price and should be rewarded accordingly. Johann B. sees it that way too. But if he did, he would have liked to find out about it via a quote. After all, looks HJC the faux pas and reduces the bill by a good third in response to Johann’s astonished question. And what else was Johann B. allowed to experience during our test?

This is how MOTORRAD tests the manufacturer service

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Helmet provider in the service test

mps photo studio

Helmet provider in the service test

Helmet provider in the service test

Helmet provider in the service test

Helmet provider in the service test

4th pictures

Pictures: 18 helmet providers in the service test

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Helmet provider in the service test

mps photo studio

Helmet provider in the service test

mps photo studio

Helmet provider in the service test

mps photo studio

Helmet provider in the service test

mps photo studio


Since we assume that the names of the MOTORRAD testers have already got around in the industry, we had to disguise ourselves as well as possible for this test. So Johann B. was born and was soon stuck with his name on the doorbell of a colleague in L. – postal accessibility was thus ensured. Our Johann woke up to digital life with a suitable Google mail address. But our legendary knitting was only completely perfect with an incomprehensible telephone number – prepaid cards make it easy today.

During the service test, we confronted the providers with real defects. The first idea of ​​damaging the visor mechanics by – apparently – gross motor action had to be quickly discarded. Because with most helmets this is now structured in such a way that you would have to rage like a berserk to even cause damage. So we removed a small but elementary particle from the visor suspension for all helmets. With a glitter sponge from the scullery, visible signs of use were finally applied – especially on the visor, after all, according to legend, it should be replaced. And so that the helmet smelled a little authentically as if it had been used intensively, the chemist we trusted mixed the right scent cocktail together.


Motoport, Tel. 0 44 56/89 95 71 00, E-Mail: info@motoport.de, Internet: www.motoport.de

Contact: Without much searching, you end up at Motoport, who are responsible for Bayard sales in this country, on a page with a very understandable contact form. Too bad that the first request goes unheard in the virtual orcus. The customer service of the north German retail chain with an integrated online shop only reacts to repeated inquiries and asks for the helmet that is described as defective to be sent.

Troubleshooting: In the second attempt it really slips, and our “test customer” receives the helmet equipped with a new visor holder back free of charge and without comment within a working week.

Conclusion: The first test request initially caught Bayard Service on the wrong foot. With the second it worked much better and the problem is quickly resolved.

MOTTORAD verdict: Good


Held, Tel. 0 83 21/6 64 60, E-Mail: info@held.de, Internet: www.held.de

Contact: The contact form on the Held website is quick to fill out and send. The technician’s answer is not long in coming. Initially with the request for photos in order to assess the damage from a distance, finally with the offer to send in the helmet for repair.

Troubleshooting: At first glance, Held’s service work looks good. Our test customer pulls a helmet out of the box with the visor attached tightly again. At second glance, the disappointment. Because the fictitious defect (a missing bracket) was not discovered, so the actual damage was not repaired.

Conclusion: Held reacts very quickly and very personally to our service request, the only stupid thing is that the actual defect is not fixed. So there was nothing except expenses.

MOTTORAD verdict: satisfying


HJC Germany, Tel. 0 21 31/52 35 60 only via contact form, Internet: www.hjc-germany.de

Contact: A visit to the German website of the South Korean helmet manufacturer finally leads to the service department in France. Phew After all, the correspondence is still in German – and the reference to the specialist dealers is very persistent. The customer remains persistent and is allowed to send in his helmet.

Troubleshooting: The message “Helmet repaired and shipped” comes by email including a hefty invoice: the repair including visor exchange costs 143.45 euros. When the customer points out that a cost estimate has been agreed, the billing of the pinlock washer will be waived.

Conclusion: Will persistence be rewarded? Hm, in this case there is still a bad aftertaste. HJC works the helmet cleanly again, but also lets this work pay royally.

MOTORCYCLE: satisfactory


AGV S.P.A., Tel. 00 39/1 31/85 30 11 (Italy), E-Mail: info@agv.it, Internet: www.agv.it

contact: The website is structured in a confusing mix of English and German, a link to customer service is very difficult to find – the contact form is hidden behind the point imprint. When we asked for a test, the message “Page not up-to-date” on, but the request was sent properly.

Troubleshooting: The “AGV Customer Services” respond to our request very quickly, but only respond with disparate standard formulations and do not address the actual problem even if we ask several times. More than tenaciously, they refer to the processing via the authorized dealers.

Conclusion: A very weak picture for the traditional helmet brand from Italy, which is well known for Rossi. The answers remain meaningless and do not help in any way.

MOTTORAD verdict: inadequate


Locatelli S.P.A., Tel. 00 39/35/55 31 01 (Italy); only via contact form, internet: www.airoh.com

Contact: After all, all relevant information on customer service can be called up on the website in German – especially the prominent note that the authorized dealer is the actual contact person for service work. Nevertheless, a contact form is available for customer inquiries. And that works flawlessly.

Troubleshooting: After all, communication with a customer service employee is exclusively in English. And despite repeated references that “the customer” Doesn’t have an authorized dealer and is now relying on the help of the manufacturer, Airoh remains stubborn: No, they couldn’t help.

Conclusion: Despite the initially personal touch and quick answers when communicating with Airoh customer service, our request for help finally ended in a dead end.

MOTORRAD verdict: inadequate


Arai Helmet (Germany), Tel. 0 22 34/60 17 00, E-Mail: info@araideutschland.de, Internet: www.arai.de

Contact: The link to the customer service of the Japanese manufacturer is quickly opened on the website, which is neatly sorted and entirely in German. Just as quickly as the support request is made, the technician immediately announces: “It is best to send it”. Said and done.

Troubleshooting: How exactly the Arai technician inspects the helmet can be seen in a call to the “test customer”, where all conspicuous (staged!) details are discussed with this. The customer is also specifically named specialist dealers who could help him with further problems. Shortly afterwards you hold the repaired helmet in your hand again.

Conclusion: It is above all the personal touch with which the Arai service scores, the call to the customer, the exact inspection of the helmet and of course the first-class troubleshooting.

MOTORRAD verdict: very good


Parts Europe, Tel. 0 65 01/9 69 50, E-Mail: sales@partseurope.eu, Internet: www.partseurope.eu

Contact: With just a few clicks, the web form is on the German homepage of the US accessories multinational Parts United, which is the helmet brand Icon lead in the program, found and filled out. No sooner have photos of the damage been sent after a brief inquiry than the service man rings the doorbell personally.

Troubleshooting: Ikea, Starbucks … and Parts Europe is used right from the start. You have to like that, but in this case the address fits, especially since the error and its rectification are explained in great detail to the test customer. However, the express wish to send the helmet in for service purposes is not met.

Conclusion: The Icon Service is on the ball on the phone, helps with specific information on the problem, calls

MOTORRAD verdict: satisfying


Cima, Tel. 0 82 34/90 23 63, E-Mail: info@cima-motorradbekleidung.de, Internet: www.lazerhelmets.de

Contact: Who in Germany after the support of the Belgian helmet brand Lazer researches, ends up in Bavaria at Cima. And without wasting a lot of words, they ask for the headgear to be sent in as quickly as possible.

Troubleshooting: The parcel has hardly been sent when the doorbell rings again, and the parcel carrier pushes the return of the German Lazer general importer into the hand of our test customer. On the original cover letter there is nothing more than a handwritten “Repaired” with an illegible signature. But that doesn’t matter, because the defective component was replaced with new goods at no cost.

Conclusion: Actions instead of big words with Lazer. The Bavarian-Belgian cooperation works. The defect is rectified in record time without much ado. That can be longed for.

MOTORRAD verdict: Good


LS2 Germany, Tel. 0 44 51/9 60 29 80, only via contact form, Internet: www.ls2helmets.com

Contact: The international website of the Chinese helmet giant is completely available in German, but an error in the contact form means that our support request initially rotates in an endless loop. Thanks to Google, you will eventually land on the German Facebook page of LS2 and is happy about a conventional e-mail address that can finally be used to send the request for help.

Troubleshooting: The German LS2 man is quick and easy to deal with, offers various options, of which the customer ultimately chooses direct support from LS2. And then it works flawlessly.

Conclusion: The German LS2 wearer does not care that there is a problem globally and virtually. Because at the local (“German”) level, the support from LS2 is definitely impressive.

MOTORRAD verdict: Good


Polo motorcycle & Sportswear, Tel. 21 65/8 44 04 00, E-Mail: info@polo-motorrad.de, Internet: www.polo-motorrad.de

Contact: As usual, we also choose the shop chain polo for support inquiries via web form. There you decide to immediately get in touch with the customer personally by phone in order to clarify the matter quickly.

Troubleshooting: The undercover tester from MOTORRAD is persistent and absolutely wants to have the helmet checked by the service team at headquarters. The Polo customer service man is no less persistent on the phone and points to the concentrated competence of the trained employees in the polo shops: This is the only place where the helmet can best be checked and the necessary spare parts installed.

Conclusion: Polo scores well in this service test because the personal customer approach is right. However, under the pure service concept, you can significantly improve.

MOTORRAD verdict: satisfying


Detlev Louis, Tel. 0 40/73 41 93 60, E-Mail: order@louis.de, Internet: www.louis.de

Contact: Customer care at Louis is extremely professional. The test customer will receive an email within 48 hours including a prepaid postage stamp with which they can send in the Nishua helmet, which is sold exclusively by Louis.

Troubleshooting: The support request at the Hamburg accessories multinational is initially processed just as professionally. Examination, message with cost estimate to the customer, finally repair and return (in which case the costs are borne by the customer). The only stupid thing is that the high-quality original helmet bag was exchanged for a cheap cloth sack on the return.

Conclusion: All in all, good, but far from perfect. The customer could have been offered the exchange of the visor. The thing with the reversed helmet bag is annoying.

MOTORRAD verdict: Good


Heino Buse MX, Tel. 0 24 71/1 26 90, E-Mail: info@buese.com, Internet: www.buese.com

: The request for help made by the fictitious Rocc helmet owner via the contact form is taken up quickly and personally by the exclusive distributor Buse.

Troubleshooting: Without much ado, the Buse service man immediately offers to send the mechanics on as a goodwill gesture. The bottom line is a very good offer. Is there more? The test customer indicates that he would feel more comfortable if the damaged helmet could be checked again by an expert. Here, however, Buse blocks rigorously and refers to the specialist dealer, who is ultimately authorized to install the replacement part professionally.

Conclusion: In principle, the Buse helmet problem can be solved quickly and very cheaply. Even if the actual desire to have the helmet checked by a professional falls by the wayside.

MOTORRAD verdict: Good


Shoei Europe, Tel. 02 11/1 75 43 60, E-Mail: info@shoei.de, Internet: www.shoei.de

: Click on “Contact & Helpline” and the support request has already been sent to the clearly laid out website of the Japanese helmet manufacturer. The personal answer is not long in coming.

Troubleshooting: The customer is immediately offered to send the helmet in for inspection, but points out that he will have to wait for processing. Alternative: a dealer who can replace the defective component in a shorter time. We decide to send it in and finally get the repaired helmet back, including a comprehensive test report for further recommended work.

Conclusion: Premium Helmets is under the logo and with Premium the service of Shoei sign. What could be better? Offer the full service right away.

MOTORRAD verdict: very good


Hein Gericke, Tel. 02 11/9 89 88 88, E-Mail: info@heingericke.de, Internet: www.heingericke.de

: Without much back and forth, the friendly service employee offers that the Gericke own-brand helmet can be sent in for inspection – with an existing customer number (which our test person does not have), this service would even be free of charge!

Troubleshooting: The Dusseldorf shop chain does not spoil when it comes to service. Not only the defective visor mechanism is exchanged free of charge as a goodwill gesture. The technician also takes a very close look at the visor itself and installs a brand new screen for the heavily scratched specimen. This is also done without calculation!

Conclusion: Low budget does not mean low performance by a long way. Because when it comes to service, Gericke’s cheap brand Takai makes a big impression in this undercover test.

MOTORRAD verdict: very good


Nolangroup Germany, Tel. 07 11/31 08 53 16, E-Mail: info@nolangroup.de, Internet: www.nolangroup.de

: Even with the noble offshoot of the traditional Italian house Nolan, there is no big discussion on the support request by e-mail. Without referring to the retailer or asking for an invoice, the service employee asks for the helmet, which has been damaged by the customer’s carelessness, to be sent.

Troubleshooting: Since the return takes an unusually long time in comparison, our undercover agent asks again. The answer comes promptly that the helmet is “in progress” is. With the mechanics repaired and an informal note, the X-lite finally lands back at the sender shortly afterwards.

Conclusion: With the Nolan Service, the damaged visor suspension is repaired and re-adjusted without a lot of fuss. Overall, a solid performance.

MOTOTRAD verdict: Good


Schuberth, Tel. 03 91/8 10 60, E-Mail: kundenservice@schuberth.com, Internet: www.schuberth.com

Contact: The request for help is quickly sent using the contact form on the tidy website of the only German helmet manufacturer. And the personal answer comes quickly with the attractive offer to send the helmet to the repair service for inspection.

Troubleshooting: The surprise is great when the test customer opens the return shipment and pulls a completely refurbished helmet out of the box. Not only was the defective visor mechanism replaced, the Schuberth technician also renewed the scratched visor and the pinlock disc. And surprise number two: the whole thing for free!

Conclusion: Are there any questions left unanswered? No, because even more accommodating than Schuberth you can’t actually solve this bogus support request. That’s top notch when it comes to service.

MOTORRAD verdict: very good


Scorpion Sports Europe, Tel. 00 33/3 90/20 03 45, E-Mail:, Internet: www.scorpionsports.eu

Contact: Most of Scorpion’s international website is also available in German, but when it comes to support inquiries, the service center in France must be written to in English. After detailed inquiries including the request for photos of the damage to be sent, this helmet is finally allowed to go on the road.

Troubleshooting: The international shipping costs are worth investing in this case, because the Scorpion helmet also comes back to the sender extensively revised. In addition to the mechanics, the visor and the pinlock disc have been exchanged free of charge.

Conclusion: At Scorpion, the service is anything but toxic. Thanks to the courteous all-round package, the Korean brand is way ahead in this comparison.

MOTORRAD verdict: very good


Shark Helme Germany, Tel. 0 41 08/4 58 00 00, E-Mail: servicehelme@sharkhelme.com,  Internet: www.shark-helme.info

contact: At Shark, too, they initially want to pass the customer on to the specialist dealer, but the note “Helmet was bought privately, I have no dealer” as well as the renewed request for a detailed examination by an expert shows success.

Troubleshooting: Based on the written description of the error, the helmet professional at the German Shark branch can rule out possible sources of error and offers to either replace the defective component after the helmet has been sent or – even simpler – to send the complete visor with the corresponding mount free of charge as a goodwill gesture.

Conclusion: After a slightly bumpy start-up, the Shark support finally presents itself from its best side. The test customer is supplied with new parts without much ado. Free!

MOTORRAD verdict: very good

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