Ixon Exhaust textile jacket test


100% textile jacket with an urban and youthful look

Men’s motorcycle model, approved, 6 sizes, 2 colors

It wiggles, summer is here, we take out the stylish leathers, over the trendy T-shirt, we forgot about the cold. Time flies however quickly. We are interested here in next fall, the first fresh dews of the early misty mornings, the cool twilights, do you remember? Between February and July, I tested the Ixon Exhaust textile jacket, a sober three-quarter, with a particularly successful cut.

Ixon Exhaust backpacker textile jacketIxon Exhaust backpacker textile jacket


The quality of finish is obvious. The unity of the whole, the visual balance is not affected by any fault of taste. The two high bindings, at the collar, are distinguished by their originality, a nod to the old leather jackets of the first bikers of the 20th century.

Straight collar with buckleStraight collar with buckle

Just like the sewn "Ixon Heritage" patch on the chest and between the shoulder blades.

Heritage CollectionHeritage Collection

Matt fabric, discreet protections, the Exhaust fits just as well on a Triumph Bonneville as it does on a Honda Africa Twin.

Blend of abrasion resistant polyamide and polyurethane fabricsBlend of abrasion resistant polyamide and polyurethane fabrics

Available in two colors, black and khaki, it is a little less discreet in the latter color. Available in six sizes, I tested it in M, with the removable breathable Drymesh liner.

Removable thermal lining attached to a waterproof membraneRemovable thermal lining attached to a waterproof membrane

It has CE protections on the elbows and shoulders, a pocket can receive back protection. It also adapts to the Airbag vest. In polyamide and polyurethane, this jacket is very light.

4 exterior flap pockets4 exterior flap pockets

Six external pockets, four of which are snap-fastened, two large internal and one waterproof internal are enough to carry your phone, wallet and keys, the essentials. The ends of the sleeves are tightened with a flap fixed by a press-stud, with three possible settings.

Outside pocket with press-stud flapOutside pocket with press-stud flap

A drawstring allows the jacket to be adjusted at the waist.

Tightening at the waistTightening at the waist


The Exhaust is put on in a simple, instinctive way, the wide opening and the precise cut let the arms easily engage in the sleeves, the softness of the lining immediately gives an impression of comfort. The shoe pinches when closing the jacket with the buttons; even after three months I have not managed to adopt the reflex, easy gesture, which locks the pressures without a glance. Worse, if the two closures at the collar are nice, they are not practical, neither to close, nor to open.

Once ready, the jacket is on the other hand very well, light, flexible, no hindrance to movement. The large pockets are easy to search at the toll booth or in front of the car park door. At high speed, no annoying movement affects the comfort. This last point remains the main quality of the Exhaust: comfort and lightness, its two main assets.

In extreme cold, it does not provide enough protection. More precisely, under ten degrees, its protection is not enough, despite a thick sweater. It really appreciates from around fifteen degrees. On the other hand, above 20 °, without the liner, it is easily supported. Her favorite seasons therefore extend from early spring to early fall, depending on the region you live in, of course..

Long-haul Ixon Exhaust textile jacketLong-haul Ixon Exhaust textile jacket

Tightness verified

I have traveled more than 100 kilometers with the Exhaust in heavy rain a number of times. The excellent waterproofness kept me dry, except on a longer journey (around two hours), when moisture managed to enter the cuffs and collar. But at this level, the rain suit is often the only recourse. Above all, the jacket does not become heavier with the accumulation of humidity, the water beads on the fabric and is drained.

Convenience of pockets

The two lower outer pockets are practical, easy to close, wide and waterproof as long as the rain does not last too long (less than an hour).

2 high pockets and 2 lower pockets2 high pockets and 2 lower pockets

The internal pocket, with the lining, is it difficult to access, you have to unzip the external closure then look for the zip of the upper internal pocket, the only truly waterproof.


An excellent mid-season jacket with a successful look, the Exhaust could be further improved by small practical adjustments to the internal pocket and closures, especially both at the collar. Its field of action is around ten degrees up to over twenty-three degrees without the liner. It is appreciated above all for its lightness and comfort, two major qualities for a motorcycle jacket. At 200 euros (199.99….), It is placed in the low average price of competing jackets, with a quality of manufacture sometimes superior.

Strong points

  • comfort
  • lightness
  • look

Weak points

  • collar closure

Features Ixon Exhaust jacket

  • Polyamide and polyurethane textile
  • Fixed polyester lining
  • Removable thermal liner
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Level 2 removable elbow and shoulder protectors
  • Pocket for back protector
  • Reflective behind the sleeves
  • Straight collar with buckle
  • Tightening at wrists and waist
  • Press-stud flap on central closure
  • 4 exterior flap pockets, 2 side hand pockets, 4 interior pockets, 1 waterproof pocket
  • Connection with pants by buckle

Availability / Prices

  • Colors: black, khaki
  • Sizes: S to 3XL
  • Price: 199.99 euros

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