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Leather suits

Leather suits
Leather suits

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In the spring, MOTORRAD put eight two-piece mid-range leather suits under the microscope. Judged
Among other things, the processing, the safety (shock absorption test of the CE protectors), the fit, the equipment and the wearing comfort. The testers checked the latter on the basis of extensive test drives on the motorcycle. The clear test winner was the FLM Race model from Polo.
FLM Race: Telephone 0180/5225785, price 499.90 euros. Strikingly styled, sporty cut two-piece suit with good workmanship, proper safety features and excellent fit as well as numerous practical details, which, however, are only suitable for midsummer temperatures due to the large perforation.
MOTORRAD verdict: very good


The Michelin Anakee emerged as the winner in the major MOTORRAD tire test with the BMW F 650 GS. Six pairings had to reel off the complete program, which includes cornering behavior and driving stability in dry conditions, wet driving behavior and wear behavior. Also very convincing in all disciplines: the Metzeler Tourance for around 175 euros per set. Michelin Anakee: Telephone 0721/5300, price per set around 180 euros. A top tire for enduro riders who like to take it diagonally? and who don’t want their driving fun to be spoiled even in the rain. The Michelin earned top marks in all criteria of the function test. MOTORRAD verdict: very good

Brake pads

Seven sintered metal brake pads for the BMW F 650 GS went through the MOTORRAD test procedure. The criteria included functionality in dry and wet conditions as well as wear and tear. The latter was determined with seven F 650 GS moving in a convoy on winding country roads. Particularly convincing: the original pads from BMW and the EBC pads FA 209/2 HH.BMW (1): Telephone 089 / 382-0, price 45.70 euros. The original coverings performed very well in all points. Obviously, they were perfectly matched to the F 650 GS, which is also due to the low wear values ​​of the pads and brake disc and the resulting low cost per kilometer ?? despite the comparatively steep purchase price ?? show clearly. MOTORRAD verdict: very good EBC (2): Telephone 040/23725120, price 29 euros. Absolutely recommendable accessory pads, which are particularly suitable for sporty BMW drivers due to their progressive characteristics. The low price, the great functional values ​​and the low wear and tear ensure a very good price-performance ratio. MOTORRAD verdict: very good

Air pumps

As part of a tire special, MOTORRAD felt four high-quality floor pumps on the pistons. The focus was on pumping performance and handling. Two models performed very well: Scott Floor Pump Pro (1): Telephone 08131/31260, price 65 euros. Very robust and heavy-weight floor pump, which justifies its price by flawless workmanship and the highest pump performance in comparison. MOTORRAD verdict: very good Topeak Joe Blow DX (2): Telephone 02630/95520, price 54.95 euros. Robust, relatively light floor pump with numerous detailed solutions and good pumping performance. MOTORRAD verdict: very good


Out of eleven pairs of waterproof gloves with carbon or plastic protectors as knuckle protection, four got the grade very good: the Gore Sports by Hein Gericke (79.95 euros), the Ceramic Tex (99.95 euros) and the Edmonton (75 euros), both of hero. The test winner was the Tech Road Leather GTX from Alpinestars, which collected the most points in the three test criteria of wetness, practical test and shock absorption. Alpinestars: Telephone 0039 / 0423-5286, price 119.95 euros. Completely waterproof, cleanly processed gloves with acceptable damping values ​​and high practical suitability. Deduction is only given for the slightly tight fingers and the pressure points on the roots of the fingers of the right hand. MOTORRAD verdict: very good

Flip-up helmets

20 current flip-up helmets from all price ranges had to prove themselves in extensive driving tests. Particular attention was paid to the folding mechanism and the fit. The testers also assessed aerodynamics, equipment, ventilation, suitability for glasses, driving noise, weight, handling, chin strap fastening and visor. BMW (1): Telephone 089 / 382-0, price from 359 euros. One of the most popular flip-up helmets ever. Shines with good workmanship, functional ventilation, a great visor and a pleasantly low noise level. Disadvantages: The System 4 Evolution is heavy and the chin part catches. MOTORRAD verdict: very good to good Nolan (2): Telephone 07159/93160, price from 264.50 euros. The high-quality Nolan N 100 E Classic Plus is a bit heavy, but is the only test participant to have a visor lock and a sophisticated folding mechanism that keeps the air resistance low when the chin part is open. We also like the fog-free visor and the cozy upholstery. MOTORRAD verdict: very good to good Schuberth (3): Telephone 0531/380050, price from 339 euros. In terms of workmanship, there is nothing wrong with the Concept, except for its high weight, to which the practical, integrated sun visor contributes its small part. The Schuberth team succeeded particularly well with the optimally functioning ventilation, the fog-free visor and the low noise level. MOTORRAD verdict: very good to good Shoei (4): Telephone 0211/1754360, price from 349 euros. As with almost all Shoei helmets, the Synchrotec II is particularly convincing in its fit, aerodynamics and clearly noticeable ventilation. A fog-free Pinlock visor and the comparatively low weight complete the good overall picture. The only thing missing is a little larger ventilation buttons and a more comfortable entry with the chin section closed. MOTORRAD verdict: very good to good

Textile suits

MOTORRAD wanted to know how good upper-class textile suits are at prices between 1000 and 1250 euros. In addition to a wetness test in the Gore rain tower, all protectors of five candidates were subjected to a shock absorption test in accordance with the current CE standard. In addition, there were extensive driving tests over around 5000 kilometers in a wide variety of weather conditions. Taking all criteria into account, the Kushitani suit, consisting of the Hayaku GTX Armacor jacket and Hasaki GTX pants, convinced the most. Kushitani: Phone 04451/915200, jacket price 699.95 euros, pants 349.95 euros. Very well made, absolutely waterproof combination, which is due to the soft protectors ?? which also achieved the best shock absorption values ​​in comparison? extremely pleasant. MOTORRAD verdict: very good

Waterproof boots

A maximum of 130 euros and actually waterproof? 13 pairs of boots should prove that. Various questions were clarified during driving tests, such as: Is the switching amplification seated in a practical manner? Or: are there any disturbing drapery? Another test point: the pedestrian suitability ?? After all, a touring boot is of little use if every little walk is torture. Kochmann (left): Telephone 02241/39420, price 130 euros. The Monza is a well-made, cuddly and no-frills boot for tourers and sports tourers; the ingeniously simple structure means a long service life can be expected. MOTORRAD verdict: highly recommended Polo (right): Telephone 0180/5225785, price 125.95 euros. The Lancer are very well made short boots with a good fit and high wearing comfort. MOTORRAD verdict: highly recommended

Rain suits

The rain combination test delivered terrifying results, in which only two of eleven models between 60 and 80 euros held up tight. In addition to checking the water resistance, the test criteria included fit, equipment, workmanship and tendency to flutter. Tip: Anyone who has caught a suit with leaky seams should exchange it as soon as possible within the scope of the warranty (valid for two years). Axo: Telephone 07145/93620, price 74.90 euros. The Nitro model is a simply equipped, body-hugging and completely waterproof rain suit with decent workmanship and an acceptable tendency to flutter, but which shows slight weaknesses when it comes to wearing comfort. MOTORRAD verdict: recommendable

Sportsman luggage

Super sports car drivers mainly transport their luggage in textile bags on the pillion seat. MOTORRAD tested nine of these luggage bags and a special top case for the pillion seat on a Suzuki GSX-R 750. In addition to the equipment and workmanship, loading, fastening and driving tests were included in the test result. Suzuki top case: Telephone 06251/57000, price 325 euros. Luggage system exclusively for the GSX-R models from Suzuki with an unusual look, which is convincing from a functional point of view across the board and guarantees excellent driving stability under all conditions. MOTORRAD verdict: highly recommended B-Bags: Telephone 0751/22862, price 259 euros. Well thought-out, very well processed luggage system with large storage space, numerous practical details and simple operation, whose excellent fastening options allow almost play-free assembly and thus guarantee excellent driving stability even at high speeds. MOTORRAD verdict: highly recommended

Full face helmets

How well the helmet manufacturers succeeded in their models for the 2003 season was tested by MOTORRAD using 13 full-face helmets from various suppliers. The criteria included driving noise, aerodynamics, fit, visor (no fogging, detent, change), ventilation, suitability for glasses wearers, closure, comfort and other points that are relevant in practice. Arai: Telephone 08321/66460, price from 499 Euro. From the outside, the Astro may look similar to previous Arai models, but it is a new development. It is a shame that Arai has not tried to change the visor and be fog-free ?? otherwise the helmet would be practically perfect. Typical for the manufacturer: the great fit, the good aerodynamics and the noticeable ventilation. MOTORRAD verdict: very good to good Shoei: Telephone 0211/1754360, price from 649 euros. Admittedly, the X-Spirit, which appears to its wearer to be much lighter than what the scales indicate, is not exactly a special offer. In return, buyers get a high-quality, sporty full-face helmet with sophisticated aerodynamics and great ventilation. If only slightly larger ventilation buttons and a fog-free visor are missing, then the helmet would be perfect. MOTORRAD verdict: very good to good X-Lite: Telephone 07159/93160, price 399.50 euros. The X-801 is the cheapest integral model from the X-Lite brand, which belongs to the Nolan group, and one of the positive surprises for 2003. During the test drives, the X-Lite was able to impress with its great aerodynamics, good ventilation, and fog-free (double -) The visor and the comfortable lining are convincing. MOTORRAD verdict: very good to good

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