Lucy Glockner in the Kawasaki Schnock Team Motorex

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Lucy Glockner in the Kawasaki Schnock Team Motorex

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Lucy Glockner in the Kawasaki Schnock Team Motorex

IDM Superbike 1000
Ladies first: Now comes Lucy!

The Kawasaki Schnock Team Motorex and Superbike rider Romain Maitre go their separate ways again. The Frenchman’s commitment did not bring the hoped-for result. From now on Lucy Glockner is pulling the cable.

Anke Wieczorek

July 25, 2017

Because the anticipated fireworks display from Superbike 1000 rider Romain Maitre didn’t get past a back burner, it did Kawasaki Schnock Team Motorex separated from the French. The long-distance world championship driver couldn’t come close to following in the footsteps of long-time team draft horse Roman Stamm. In the previous four races, Maitre had not scored a single point. The team describes him as a great guy, but he couldn’t bring the Kawasaki ZX-10R to the front.

Instead of the French, Lucy Glockner is now attacking. Like Nina Prinz, the 26-year-old Saxon is the fastest lady in Germany. As a guest driver, Glockner won two races in the hotly contested Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Cup as part of the supporting program of the IDM in Zolder. And when asked whether she could take over the vacated space in the Kawasaki Schnock Team Motorex, she immediately agreed. “I’m really happy to be back in the IDM.” As an instructor for racing training and as a long-distance World Cup colleague in the Volpker team, she is used to 1000cc motorcycles. The Kawasaki will be new to her, but after a short period of getting used to it, Lucy thinks she can get into the points. “So far all I’ve heard is that I have to work a lot with the ZX-10R. But that shouldn’t be a problem.”

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