Market overview of used 8,000 euro bikes

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Market overview of used 8,000 euro bikes


Used purchase

Market overview of used 8,000 euro bikes

Market overview of used 8,000 euro bikes
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The range of models that are available in the shop window of the friendly new machine dealer for 8,000 euros has been examined in detail on the previous pages. But does it have to be a new one? Those who do not insist on being the first to give their pedestal the spurs can enter one or two classes higher for the same budget.
Based on the categories of the MOTORRAD readers’ choice, we have reviewed the offer on the used market and present the editorial team’s buy tip in each segment as well as an alternative that is not necessarily selected according to purely objective criteria. This overview does not claim to be a complete used advice, rather it is intended to reveal the entire spectrum of the 8000 euro class to prospective buyers.
During the research, the low mileage of the offers was noticed. Even luxury tourers only achieve an annual mileage of 5000 kilometers on average, while cruisers already have more than 2000 that indicate a frequent traveler. When viewing, the main focus should be on any damage to the stand. These include: tanks with rust on the inside, porous tires, hardened and therefore leaky fork seals and the condition of the battery.
With big bikes or super athletes, you shouldn’t be dazzled by the purchase that is cheap in relation to the new price, but always keep the maintenance costs in mind. As soon as the 98 HP limit is exceeded, on the one hand the insurance premiums rise sharply, on the other hand spare and wear parts are often much more expensive than middle-class bikes ?? especially when it comes to exotic species.

Athlete purchase tip – purchase tip

Suzuki GSX-R 1000

GSX-R ?? The synonym for racing for over 20 years. There is no more horsepower per kilo for 8000 euros. With the popularly known Kilogixxer racer built in 2003, 2004 (model K3, K4), you get a 160 hp bolide that can be as pious in city traffic as it is on the slopes. In a figurative sense, an all-rounder, because thanks to the tolerable ergonomics, even long distances are no problem. In addition there is mechanical robustness and the noble equipment with titanium exhaust.

988 cc, 120 (164) kW / PS; New price 2003: 12,650 euros

Ultimate driving performance with good drivability;
precise, sensitive chassis; great wind protection

High maintenance costs; popular even with the clientele cannot or does not want to pay; is tough on racetracks

Athletes alternative – alternative

Aprilia RSV Mille

If four cylinders are two too many and around 130 hp enough, the lens should be equipped with a V2 Aprilia RSV mille. The Italian, who made her debut in 1998, demonstrated her durability in the MOTORRAD endurance test. For 8,000 euros there are models from the years 2003 and 2004 (model RSV 1000). In terms of chassis, the Aprilia ranks on par with the Japanese, the drive is top among two-cylinder engines. The supply of spare parts is sometimes revealed as a dark chapter.

998 cc, 92 (125) kW / PS; New price 2003: 12,599 euros

Robust mechanics; high-quality chassis; good wind protection; extensive instrumentation including lap timer
Very built-in, therefore unfriendly to service; Spare parts supply sometimes difficult

Enduro buy tip – buy tip

BMW R 1150 GS

Anyone who says travel enduro generally means BMW GS. In the 8,000 euro class that means: R 1150 GS, built between 2001 and 2003, between 30,000 and 60,000 kilometers on the clock, mostly equipped with ABS and an electronic on-board computer (FID), which are subject to a surcharge. Heated grips, luggage rack, suitcase ?? many offers adorn the complete range of Bayern accessories. A complete service booklet is not a mistake, as BMW likes to incorporate inconspicuous improvements during inspections.

1130 cc, 63 (85) kW / PS; New price 2003: 10950 euros

Large selection; if properly cared for, virtually indestructible; usually rich accessories; can do anything except the racetrack

Endless list of accessories subject to a surcharge, comparison of offers is therefore only possible to a limited extent; high series spread

Enduro alternative – alternative

KTM 950 Adventure

Delighted since 2003 KTM with the 950 Adventure, those knights who want to go not only far, but also fast. And in fact, the Austrian reveals herself to be a classic »driving license-away-in-three-days-bike«, because she constantly encourages her to give full throttle. On asphalt as well as offroad, where it is only just beginning to warm up when all competitors have long been waving the white flag. Paris – Dakar is everywhere at KTM, even in Pattensen and Dusseldorf.

942 cc, 72 (98) kW / PS; New price 2003: 12,290 euros

Extremely off-road; high quality workmanship and attachments; powerful, explosive engine;
very good suspension elements with long suspension travel

Extreme seat height; not particularly easy to maintain; partly still afflicted with teething problems (cylinder head gasket, fuel pump)

All-rounder purchase tip – purchase tip

Honda CBF 1000

A motorcycle that is suitable for everything except racing or off-road and is available as a used one for 8,000 euros in mint condition. Either as a demonstration model that has barely been run in or as a fully equipped tourer with a hefty 98 hp engine, balanced chassis, good pillion suitability, flawless ABS and an efficient half-shell. The golf among two-wheelers, so to speak. And that is exactly the handicap of the CBF 1000: Some people find the four-cylinder too unemotional.

998 cc, 72 (98) kW / PS; New price 2007: 8,590 euros

Well-balanced chassis; powerful engine;
very good ABS; great long-distance suitability; cheap new price

Annoying vibrations in the middle speed range; little potential for fascination

All-rounder alternative – alternative

BMW F 800

The BMW F 800 is more idiosyncratic than the CBF. The offers from the 8,000 euro league are usually also demonstration machines with low mileage and extensive accessories. Without ABS and a driver information display (FID), hardly any F is offered. It should be noted that the coupling and toothed belt pulley have already been converted (due to strong load change reactions). Then the in-line two-cylinder in the formidable chassis makes fun.

798 cc, 63 (85) kW / PS; New price 2007: 8930 euros

Manageable 85 HP engine;
low consumption; long service intervals;
homogeneous driving behavior;
low-maintenance toothed belt drive

Transmission with long shift travel; pronounced load change reactions; economical standard equipment;
inhomogeneous torque curve

Tourer purchase tip – purchase tip

Yamaha FJR 1300

BMW does not always have to be on the tank when it comes to a comfortable, powerful, reliable Kardantourer. Whether on the motorway or the Alpine pass, alone or as a couple: the FJR is at the forefront. The mechanics can easily cope with 100,000 kilometers, which the MOTORRAD endurance test has proven. So everything paletti? Not quite, the low lean angle (especially when driving with a passenger) and the lack of sixth gear can be annoying. Still: a great motorcycle.

1298 cc, 106 (144) kW / PS; New price 2002: 13,800 euros
Very strong and reliable drive; high quality; good equipment;
electrically adjustable windshield as standard

No sixth gear, resulting in a high speed level and ample consumption; low lean angle

Tourer alternative – alternative

BMW R 1100 RT

As early as 1996, BMW presented the super tourer wrapped in bombastic plastic. But don’t be afraid of age: For 7000 to 8000 euros there are models built around 2000 with usually more than 30,000 kilometers on the clock. So mechanical wear is less likely to be the problem? more likely to stand damage. The first owners were happy to treat the boxer flagship with one or two goodies from the range of accessories, so that ABS and heated grips are more or less part of the standard equipment.

1085 cm3, 66 (90) kW / PS; New price 2000: 13120 euros
Excellent wind and weather protection; height-adjustable bench; easy handling despite heavy weight; Range over 400 kilometers

Hooked, stiff gear;
Constant speed jolts; Grandpa image

Naked Bikes Best Buy – Best Buy

Honda CB 1300

From the outside it is CB 1300 a motorcycle for real guys with a lot of hair on their chests. It leans big and mighty on the side stand, its engine is big too, its torque is huge. And yet the four-cylinder turns out to be a gentle giant that the girls also love. The workmanship is noble and dignified, the surface finish is a dream, some details are wonderfully lavishly manufactured. If you don’t like it that naked, you can also get the 1300 with a half-shell.

1284 cc, 85 (116) kW / PS; New price 2005: 10,090 euros

Excellent processing; bearish engine; light-footed, confident driving behavior;
Exhaust completely made of stainless steel

No main stand; high weight

Naked Bike Alternative – Alternative

Triumph Speed ​​Triple

She doesn’t want to be everyone’s darling, and her icing on the cake is undoubtedly the beguiling three-cylinder, whose snotty acoustics are quickly transferred to the driver. The result: that crazy Marlon Brando look on your face. If you like the slanted look of the power bolt and still have a touch of rebel in you, you should strike. However, disguised triples make a more serious impression on the neighborhood: They are called Daytona or Sprint. But also snot.

955 cc, 88 (120) kW / PS; New price 2004: 10990 euros
Heart-softening engine with plenty of power;
fully adjustable, stable chassis; the sound is worth more than a sin;
Tom Cruise always goes with you (Mission Impossible II)

The look is always reminiscent of gold chain carriers;
Tom Cruise always goes with us

Cruiser purchase tip – purchase tip

Kawasaki VN 1500

Why that of all people Kawasaki VN 1500 as a purchase tip? Counter question: why not? Especially in the Classic Tourer version, it looks very close to the great Harley-Davidson Electra Glide. With a maintenance-free cardan shaft, a beefy engine that is easy to turn for cruiser conditions, and a braking system with a total of twelve pistons, it is technically even better than this. The feeling is right, and the prices are very moderate compared to the original price.

1471 cc, 48 (65) kW / PS; New price 2002: 13,895 euros
No-frills design; strong brakes; to some extent freedom from lean angles

severe hardening of the rear wheel suspension when accelerating (elevator effect); Instrumented too lavishly for a cruiser (tachometer)

Cruiser alternative – alternative

BMW R 1200 C.

And another BMW as an alternative? but what a! We almost forgot about her. As is usual with the Bavarians, the C conceptually goes its own way and does not interpret the Lang-gabler theme based on the same Harley model. In 1997, the result was an appearance that took some getting used to and that was surprisingly sporty when it came to shaping curves. The first high-tech cruiser ever? with injection, ABS, Tele-lever chassis and everything else. An eye-catcher to this day? no matter why.

1170 cc, 45 (61) kW / PS; New price 2001: 13,060 euros
Outstanding chassis in cruiser circles;
Modern engine with injection and G-Kat; pillion seat that can be used as a backrest in solo operation; idiosyncratic design

Very idiosyncratic design;
Engine too rev-hungry for this genre

Athlete: What else is there

Ducati 996
996 cm3
83 (113) kW / PS
New price 2001 15,100 euros

Honda Fireblade
110 (150) kW / PS
New price 2003 12,590 euros

Kawasaki Ninja ZX- 0 R
998 cm3
128 (175) kW / PS
New price 2004 12,995 euros

Triumph Daytona 955i
955 cm3
108 (147) kW / PS
New price 2003 13,160 euros

Yamaha YZF-R1
998 cm3
112 (152) kW / PS
New price 2003 12,590 euros

Enduro: What else is there

Aprilia Caponord
998 cm3, 72 (98) kW / PS
New price 2003: 10699 euros

Honda Varadero 1000
996 cm3, 69 (94) kW / PS
New price 2004: 10,290 euros

996 cm3, 72 (98) kW / PS
New price 2006: 9765 euros

Suzuki V-Strom 1000
996 cm3, 72 (98) kW / PS
New price 2005: 9590 euros

Triumph Tiger 955i
955 cm3, 78 (106) kW / PS
New price 2005: 10,600 euros

All-rounder: What else is there


Cagiva Raptor 1000
998 cm3
83 (113) kW / PS
New price 2005 10,350 euros

BMW K 1200 RS
1171 cm3
96 (130) kW / PS
New price 2001 14,300 euros

Kawasaki ZRX 1200 S.
1164 cm3
90 (122) kW / PS
New price 2004 9655 euros

Suzuki SV 1000 S.
996 cm3
88 (120) kW / PS
New price 2004 8390 euros

Yamaha FZS 1000 Fazer
998 cm3
105 (143) kW / PS
New price 2004 9995 euros

Tourers / Sports Tourers: What else is there

Ducati ST 3
992 cm3
75 (102) kW / PS
New price 2004 11,195 euros

Honda VFR 800 CBS-ABS
782 cm3
80 (109) kW / PS
New price 2003 12,490 euros

Kawasaki ZZR 1200
1164 cm3
112 (152) kW / PS
New price 2003 11,995 euros

Suzuki GSX 1300 R Hayabusa
1299 cm3
129 (175) kW / PS
New price 2003 12,810 euros

Triumph Sprint ST
955 cm3
88 (120) kW / PS
New price 2004 11,700 euros

Naked bikes: whatever else there is

Naked bikes

BMW R 1150 R.
1130 cm3
63 (85) kW / PS
New price 2004 10 612 euros

Buell XB9 S.
984 cm3
62 (84) kW / PS
New price 2003 11,439 euros

Kawasaki Z 1000
953 cm3
93 (127) kW / PS
New price 2004 9995 euros

Suzuki GSX 1400
1402 cm3
78 (106) kW / PS
New price 2005 9530 euros

Yamaha XJR 1300
1251 cm3
78 (106) kW / PS
New price 2005 9,495 euros

Cruiser: What else is there

Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200
1199 cm3
43 (58) kW / PS
New price 2001 9,900 euros

Honda VTX 1300 S.
1312 cm3
55 (75) kW / PS
New price 2003 11,390 euros

Moto Guzzi California 1100
1064 cm3
54 (74) kW / PS
New price 2002 13,790 euros

Suzuki VL 1500 LC Intruder
1462 cm3
49 (67) kW / PS
New price 2003 10850 euros

Yamaha XV 1600 Wild Star
1602 cm3
46 (63) kW / PS
New price 2003 11,310 euros

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