Michelin Anakee Adventure in the test

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Michelin Anakee Adventure in the test



Michelin Anakee Adventure in the test

Michelin Anakee Adventure
Travel enduro tires in the first test

Travel enduros are booming. And with it the equipment business. Very important: choosing the right tires. Fresh from the Michelin bakery: the Anakee Adventure enduro tire in the first test.

Jorg Lohse, Karsten Schwers

December 11, 2018

As a travel tourist you are always faced with the problem: Where am I mainly traveling – only on the road or sometimes off-road? Do I drive hard off-road slopes or only on bumpy dirt roads? The good news: there is actually a suitable tire for every application. The bad: Actually, you would have to permanently change your tires if you are a hiker between the worlds – from tunnel to road profile to road tunnel and so on.

Enduro tires with off-road option

Michelin Anakee Adventure in the test


The Anakee Adventure should offer more traction off-road.

Michelin has now significantly streamlined its enduro tire range for 2019 and thus also wants to summarize the uses more broadly. The youngest star in the ensemble is the Anakee Adventure, which can be characterized as a classic enduro tire with the off-road option “plus” – the French speak of an 80/20 mix. In the future, it will replace the Anakee 3 and 2, which were previously available with a 90/10 or 70/30 mixture for the more road-based travel endurists. In the future, 100 percent road will still be available with the Road 5 Trail, but only in the two widespread dimensions 110/80 R 19 and 150/70 R 17 (for older travel enduros) or in the new wide version 120/70 ZR 19 and 170/60 ZR 17 (new GS and Co.). For ambitious tunnel knights there is still the 50/50 mix Anakee Wild, which has been available for a long time, and the already very grayed Grobstoller T63 is now out of the range.

In the future, the Anakee Adventure will also be used as original equipment tire for the current BMW R 1250 GS, and we have already been able to get a first impression during test drives on the 2018 R 1200 GS. First impression: Compared to the predecessor Anakee 3, the profile design alone with the wide profile grooves between the blocks makes it clear: Offroad more traction is offered here. As with the Anakee Wild, bridges have been added between the studs, they should bring more cornering stability, especially on-road.

Good wet grip

Michelin Anakee Adventure in the test


More grip reserves, even when wet.

For the first time, multi-component technology is also being used in this segment, known by Michelin as 2CT. A harder rubber compound in the middle of the front and rear tires should guarantee higher mileage and stability, while softer shoulders provide more grip when leaning.

We feel the clearest difference on wet asphalt. Here the Anakee Adventure scores with very high grip reserves when accelerating, braking and banking – it is on par with the Pirelli Scorpion Trail II, which raised the bar in the last MOTORRAD tire tests. On winding country roads in the French Provence, the enduro tire pleases with its light-footed handling, here the Anakee 3 is noticeably sluggish. The flexing movements are also minimally noticeable – which is normal with the coarser profile design. The traction for gravel roads and smaller off-road activities is always sufficient.


MOTORRAD awards 4.5 out of 5 stars.

  • positive: very handy; pleasant feedback; great wet grip
  • negative: driving noise

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