Mitigation of the applause curve in NRW

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Mitigation of the applause curve in NRW


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Mitigation of the applause curve in NRW

Mitigation of the applause curve in NRW
Fast northern light – now slower

“Guiding threshold with beacons” should defuse the applause curve in North Rhine-Westphalia. Gained experience on the Kesselberg in Bavaria.

Michael Schumann


Landstrasse 707 via the so-called Nordhelle (near Meinerzhagen) is popular with motorcyclists in North Rhine-Westphalia. For the police and authorities, however, the winding mountain route is notorious as a hotspot for accidents. After complaints about the noise of the many motorcycles had been increasing in recent years, a blockage was already openly discussed. But that is now off the table. At least until further notice. Instead, the State Office for Road Construction in North Rhine-Westphalia is now using another means to slow down speeders and reduce the number of accidents.

Guiding threshold with beacons

A “guide threshold with beacons” that cannot be crossed has been dividing the two lanes of the 300-degree “applause curve” since July. This narrows the possible lane available and defines the radius. “This means that it is no longer possible to take such high cornering speeds,” explains Heinrich Bergerbusch from the traffic safety department of the state company. “We are drawing on the positive experiences from Bavaria”, where in 2016 such guide barriers were installed on a road in Germany for the first time on the Kesselberg route (MOTORRAD 17/2016). The guide barriers on the mountain stretch between Walchensee and Kochelsee are considered a pilot test. This is set for three years. According to the responsible road construction authority in Weilheim, Upper Bavaria, there are no official figures and data that could publicly prove the positive experience of the pilot test.

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