Monthly reports – Motorcycle market: the counters are reset to less than zero – Page 1 – The counters reset to less than zero

Motorcycle market: the counters are reset to less than zero

Monthly reports - Motorcycle market: the counters are reset to less than zero - Page 1 - The counters reset to less than zero

More than a reset of the counters, this month of January was a development: after the effervescence of the end of 2016, the drop of -8.2% of the motorcycle market announces a tense year 2017. For its Premium subscribers, Site takes stock of the new year.

Page 1 – Counters reset to less than zero

Reset to zero on January 1, here is what the counters of the MNC market balance sheet showed 31 days later: 1941 registrations of 125 cc motorcycles and scooters (and a little less) as well as 5,210 immates of large engines and maxiscooters, i.e. a total of 7151.

Compared to, the motorcycle market (excluding 50 cc mopeds, as always in the) therefore recorded a drop of -8.2%, attributable to the bad weather? Difficult to say, as the weather conditions were different between last month (January 2017) and its counterpart from last year…

  • MNC Premium :

Mild but rainy in 2016, the first month of the year was as dry as it was freezing in 2017: in both cases, it took a certain courage – or a certain passion – to get your two-wheeler out of the garage … and more to buy a brand new one !

During its first duel of the year (), MNC did not meet masses of motorcycles on the roads, nor many scooters in the streets. We can therefore imagine that the resellers must have felt the same loneliness behind their counter or in front of their workshop….

By studying the number of "working" days (Monday to Friday), we nevertheless see that the market is doing relatively well: January 2017 had 22 against only 20 in January 2016. Negligible over a year, these data statistics can have big consequences in a single month.

Taken into account by the very serious Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers (CCFA), the difference of two working days thus erases the + 10.6% recorded by sales of passenger cars last January (+ 0.5% after correction) … and all the more weighs down the results of the motorcycle market !

Based on the number of "dealership open" days (Tuesday to Saturday), on the other hand, dealers are doing a little better. better less bad, since no additional day inflates their results (20 days in January 2017 as in January 2016).

Heavily revised between December 2016 and January 2017, the Top 15 sales by model partly explain the strong decline recorded last month: eight machines did not resurface among the 125 and ten among the "over 125"! All were Euro3 models now obsolete, hastily registered by manufacturers and their networks…

  • MNC Premium :

"After having heavily force-fed during the end-of-year celebrations, the market of Christmas motorcycle isn’t it likely to find the recovery a little harsh? "asked the Journal moto du Net in its … The answer is now known.

The details and the complete analysis of the evolution of the market during the month of January 2017 are available on the following pages for or as a one-off purchase: good reading !

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