Motorbike rentals around the Mediterranean

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Motorbike rentals around the Mediterranean

Motorbike rentals around the Mediterranean
Rent a bike

Those who shy away from long journeys and prefer to simply jet off and have fun at the holiday destination can rent a bike. There are a few tips to keep in mind.

Kai Schmid


You know the scenes: One travel partner wants to go biking, the other “just wants to go on vacation”.

And the most beautiful weeks of the year together are already at stake. Or the super last minute offer lures you in the window of the travel agency, or you just want to get away in the eternal sun and have a little fun – the most convenient solution is: Rent a bike. For these cases we have put together the most important rental companies around the Mediterranean, Madeira and the Canary Islands. But don’t worry if your vacation paradise isn’t there – the list is just a selection. Basically, there is a good chance of rental mobility at all classic air travel destinations. Even on the smallest Aegean island there is usually at least one 50 for rent. Often the tour operators through whom you book your flight also have addresses of landlords ready. And it doesn’t cost anything to ask. If you order your motorcycle from home, you have several advantages: You save valuable time and nerves when looking for a rental company on site, and on top of that, the desired machine is often ready at the airport. For example, free hotel and airport transfers are a matter of course in Crete. Likewise in the Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands, or it is organized there at least at an additional cost. The table helps to compare the additional offers of the individual landlords. When choosing the type of motorcycle, however, the holidaymaker should forget the (high) demands that are usual with us as far as possible. With a large-displacement machine, you are usually hopelessly overpowered in the target region; a 125cc or 250cc is at least as much, if not more, fun. If, on the other hand, you want to stroll motorized on the boulevard of Palma de Mallorca, you can do so with a Harley-Davidson Heritage Softtail Classic – for the small amount of around 260 marks. Per day. Which brings us to the finances. All amounts mentioned are ?? as far as known ?? High season daily rates. Most landlords give decent discounts in less busy months. In addition, graduated prices are generally provided. That means, the longer the rental period, the cheaper the daily price will be. Every now and then the price can even be lowered for a few more markets with polite bargaining. But you shouldn’t insist on that. Important: Before you complain about a bill that may be too high, always first check that the VAT has not been added, which in Italy, for example, is a whopping 19 percent. Do not put a cost factor? with the exception of the Portuguese landlord ?? the kilometers driven: they are usually included. Finances the second: Almost without exception, a deposit is required. The amount usually depends on the type of vehicle. In one case, the landlord even protects himself with a whopping 2,500 marks against those who want to be destroyed. As a rule, however, it is cheaper. It makes sense not to deposit the deposit with cash, but with a credit card (most often Visa and Eurocard) or alternatively with a Euro or traveler check so that you do not receive a chunk of local currency at the end of your holiday. Finances the third party: Usually the rental tariffs include the legally required liability insurance. Nevertheless, it is also advisable to take out fully comprehensive insurance. The surcharge for this is within reasonable limits and largely covers the damage to the rented motorcycle. However, it is not a clean bill of health for a scrapping tour: the deductible is usually so high that it is better to treat the vehicle with care. The deposit is usually the same as the excess. When renting a motorcycle over 80 cubic meters in Europe, showing your identity card or passport is just as natural as a class one driving license. Only in Malta and Gozo may 125cc be driven with a driver’s license. In Cyprus, the authorities also require an international driver’s license. Often the minimum age for renting is over 18 years (see table). Portugal and Barcelona hold the record with 25 years, otherwise 21 is the rule. Keep your eyes peeled when the motorcycle is handed over: You don’t need to turn on the last worn-out crutch. But: German standards have to be put into perspective here too. Major damage to the motorcycle should, however, be noted in the rental agreement: a dent in the tank, missing rearview mirrors, bent footrests or brake and clutch levers are often part of the “standard equipment” of the rental motorcycles at the end of a season, but you don’t necessarily want to go to the Escapaden later on the predecessor also sheet metal. So it’s better to make a note when concluding the contract. When it comes to the functionality of the bikes, however, it is better not to turn a blind eye. Intact brakes and steering head bearings, working headlights and rear lights (although you can do without the turn signal) and reasonably decent tires are a must in your own safety interest. Better to leave a motorcycle that is not roadworthy or relentlessly demand that the landlord correct the defects immediately. And before you finally get started, you should definitely take a look at the air pressure, the engine oil level and ?? for two-stroke engines with separate lubrication ?? A frequently neglected holiday theme is a helmet (which is now mandatory in all Mediterranean countries) and protective clothing. If you don’t trust the landlord’s sweaty eggs, it’s best to bring your helmet with you from home. What about the clothes? Let’s be honest, who drives at 35 degrees in the shade of the palm trees in all-weather functional clothing that also takes up the luggage volume of the suitcase? But long jeans, sturdy shoes, thin gloves and a sturdy jacket should be included. Otherwise, even a small slip can turn the most beautiful weeks of the year into the most painful.

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