Motorcycle registration card: all the answers to your questions

July 31, 2018

The registration certificate, also known as the registration certificate, is compulsory for all vehicles. Failure to have a vehicle registration document is punishable by a fixed fine. Discover in this article the steps to take to obtain a motorcycle registration card.

Motorcycle registration card: all the answers to your questions

The information on the vehicle registration document

It is compulsory in France to register a vehicle, whatever it is: mopeds, heavy goods vehicles, agricultural machinery or even vintage cars.

This registration certificate works like an identity card, where all the main information about the two-wheeler appears: registration number, vehicle identification number (VIN), date of entry into service of the vehicle as well as data on energy, weight, power.

The last name, first name and address of the card holder will also appear on the date of issue.

Apply for your motorcycle registration card online

After purchasing a vehicle – motorbike or scooter, it is essential to establish a registration card to be able to travel legally. With the entry into force of the new Vehicle Registration System (VMS) in 2017, there is no no longer possible to register with the Prefecture.

Administrative procedures are now carried out on the Internet. Digital points (with computers, printers and scanners) are still available in each Prefecture and in most of the sub-prefectures..

Since payments are made online, be sure to visit the official websites, such as the portal of the National Agency for Secured Titles (ANTS) or sites authorized by the Ministry to register online such as

The gray card procedures are simple. All you need to do is gather the following necessary documents: cerfa form n ° 13749 * 04 completed, which serves both as a registration request, tax receipt, certificate of conformity and certificate of sale; proof of address. If you are doing the process for another person, you will need a signed mandate and the person’s identity document.

At the end of the procedure, you will get a file number, an acknowledgment of your request and a provisional certificate of registration (CPI), that you need to print. The CPI allows you to travel for one month, while waiting to receive your registration card.

You will receive your final registration card in a secure envelope at your home within a variable period..

How much does a motorcycle registration card cost ?

The cost of a vehicle registration document varies according to your type of vehicle but also according to your geographic area of ​​residence. An additional regional tax is in fact set by the regional council which it is advisable to take into account in the total cost.

To determine its value, multiply the tax of a fiscal horse (CV) of the region where you live by the fiscal power of the vehicle.

If the vehicle is clean, some regions grant a exoneration, in part or in whole.

You will find a vehicle registration cost simulator on the Public Service website.

The amount of the regional tax for 1 CV is for example € 46.15 in Île-de-France, € 51 in Brittany and € 27 in Corsica. Note that for the gray scooter card – two-wheelers less than 50cc – the registration certificate is free.

When to change your motorcycle registration document ?

Several cases require you to change your registration card. After a move, you have one month to make the change of address on your registration card. In case of delay, you will be in breach. During a police check, you risk a fixed fine of € 135.

For your first three changes of address after obtaining your registration card, you must request a label online. At the 4th change of address, a new gray card will be sent to you.

A new process is mandatory after significant transformation of your vehicle. This is the modification of the type change of bodywork or a change of category of the vehicle. In all cases, these modifications must be entered on your vehicle registration document..

For two-wheelers, the most recurring transformation is the unclamping. Indeed, many motorcycles are bought "bridled", that is to say limited to the MTT1 category, so that young drivers, owners of A2 driving license can circulate with. Two years after obtaining the A2 motorcycle license, the owner can unleash his motorcycle, from a licensed professional only.

The dealer then gives him a certificate of conformity issued by the manufacturer’s brand of the motorcycle. Once this certificate has been obtained, it is mandatory to have the changes recorded on the vehicle’s registration card and to notify the insurer of the change.

In the event of theft, damage or loss of vehicle registration, you will need to request a duplicate registration card in order to protect yourself against registration theft. For the duplicate request, everything happens online and you must have:

  • Proof of identity and provide the following information; identity of the holder of the gray card: name, first names, sex, date and place of birth, telephone number and email address, vehicle registration number and bank details.
  • In the event of theft, the declaration to the police must be presented.

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