New electric moped Bird Cruiser as a sharing offer


New electric moped Bird Cruiser as a sharing offer

Bird Cruiser from California

New electric moped from sharing provider Bird

Bird Rides was previously known for their e-scooters, which are also available for hire in German cities such as Berlin. Now the manufacturer is launching its first e-moped as a rental vehicle in the USA.

D.he Californian startup Bird has been represented in six German cities with e-scooters for rent since summer 2019. In Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne and Dusseldorf, the name should already be well known. Rumors about an e-moped have been circulating the network for a long time – now it should actually come.

Bird cruiser for two

The futuristic-looking vehicle offers space for two passengers with an elongated bench seat. The banana saddle is reminiscent of a bonanza bike, the frame construction is reminiscent of a women’s bike and the high handlebars and the thick tires are reminiscent of a beach cruiser. The narrow footrests for the pillion passenger are installed directly on the wheel hub at the rear. A model with pedals is also to come, which then breaks up the categories even further. Is an e-bike without pedals an e-moped? The Bird Cruiser seems to answer yes to this question. 20-inch wheels and hydraulic disc brakes should make the vehicle safe on all surfaces and road conditions.


The Bird Cuiser will soon be decorating European cities as a sharing offer.

Sharing is the focus at Bird

Bird Rides focuses on improving mobility in cities. The Bird scooters are not freely available but only available for rent. So cities and universities are the main customer. The Bird Cruiser will also come to Europe as a rental offer. The electric mopeds are currently being tested in Los Angeles. Prices and technical data are not yet known.


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