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New travel books

New travel books
Summer reading

The travel book publishers are turning the wheel and are entering the race for space in the tank bag with a generous selection of new reading material. We have read the sample.

Annette Johann, Michael Schroder


Although the motorcycle market is acting rather cautiously, the need for ideas for application seems unbroken. The shelves in the bookstores on the subject of motorcycle travel are filling up more and more in all facets and perspectives. A fact that is also evident in a neighboring division, the magazine market. Where travel magazines also show a significant increase. Travel literature is booming. Regardless of whether it is a non-fiction book or a novel. This is good news for interested motorcyclists, but unfortunately not without side effects. In view of the good sales figures, some publishers seem to be aiming for quantity rather than quality. In the hunt to constantly cover new destinations, quality awareness is sometimes lost. The books seem carelessly cobbled together, the layouts sketchy, the photos amateurish. And some texts lack a well-functioning editing department. It is remarkable that Ullstein, of all industries, has received our summer reading tip.

Latin America in sight, part 1: South America

Boxed, 176 pages
Publishing house NZVP Ltd.
ISBN 978-3-938446-13-3
Price: 25.80 euros

This book is a real pound: 210 color photos, tired of travel impressions ?? no question about it, Angela Schmitz knows her way around South America very well. In total, she and her husband have unwound over 30,000 kilometers in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador and have missed practically no highlight. The emotional ups and downs of the trip are portrayed as well as people and landscapes. It’s just a shame that an information section with practical travel tips for imitators is missing.

Full throttle

Paperback, 366 pages
Ullstein publishing house
ISBN 978-3-548-36918-1
Price: 8.95 euros

This summer’s tip for browsing. Although this is the umpteenth edition of the topic “I-give-my-job-and-go-on-a-motorcycle trip”, this book is different. Here you don’t bump through the world in the usual, tenacious school essay manner, but with “full throttle” a highly enjoyable, lively novel has been created. In disarming self-irony, the BBC journalist Lois Pryce describes her attempt to ride the Panamericana from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego on a tiny enduro. Sometimes their lack of need in technical matters irritates, but interestingly, that doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of reading. Because it fits into the curious and completely crazy story.

Motorcycle touring sheets Alps

20 tour sheets
Verlag Berg & valley
ISBN 3-939-499-03-X
Price: 22.95 euros

The mountain & Tal-Verlag is launching its new Alpine project in an unusual form. 20 tear-resistant A4 cards that cover the entire Alpine range from Slovenia to France. For each tour there is a sheet with a compact explanatory text plus information on the degree of difficulty, areas and sights as well as special features for bikers. A tank bag-compatible, compact collection of facts for alpine novices and advanced climbers. The routes are not new, but all the basics have been brought together.

Paperback, 296 pages
Verlag Reise-Know How
ISBN: 978-3-8317-1598-5
Price: 12.50 euros

The basic work for everyone who wants to get closer to the digital world. Or need an update of their knowledge. The GPS guide from the very beginning has been published in an updated edition. It covers everything you need to know about digital navigation in a concentrated, yet clear manner: the basic functionality of satellites and receivers, device knowledge, working with routes, buying tips for hardware and software. A small, high-intensity pocket-sized paperback from the publisher’s Praxis series.

Fun-Tours regional guide

Hardcover with approx. 95 pages and enclosed maps
Motorbuch Verlag
ISBN 3-613-02509-4
Price: 19.95 euros

Motorbuch Verlag now has ten volumes from the Fun Tours series in the running. In addition to regional guides dealing with German federal states and low mountain ranges, Alsace and South Tyrol / Trentino also include two guides beyond the borders in attractive neighboring regions. In the style of the now discontinued Edition Unterwegs, a region is tackled here with seven to eight different tours. For each tour there is a removable, waterproof map on a scale of 1: 200,000 that shows the route including the sights and summarizes all the tips on the back. For some regions, the somewhat smaller, cheaper predecessors are also available for twelve euros, which are not worse in terms of content.

Travel guide to France, Norway, motorcycle islands

Carton, 144 pages each
Bruckmann publishing house
ISBN 978-3-7654-4437-1 (F), 978-3-7654-4592-7 (N), 978-3-7654-4432-4 (islands)
Price: 19.95 euros each

Bruckmann Verlag is increasingly expanding its travel guide series and is launching three new volumes this summer with “Norway”, “The Most Beautiful Motorcycle Islands” (in the Mediterranean, Madeira and Canary Islands) and “France”. Actually all great destinations for motorcyclists. Unfortunately, the respective authors are only mediocre photographers, which sometimes creates real desolation, especially in the Norway volume. But the authors are very familiar with the respective countries and give useful tips. However, the diligence stops with the implementation of the publishing house. Layout, selection of images and editorial work seem careless, size seems to be much more important than quality. Pity.

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