New Yamaha R models: From R1 to R9

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New Yamaha R models: From R1 to R9

New Yamaha R models: From R1 to R9


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New Yamaha R models: From R1 to R9

New Yamaha R models
From R1 to R9 and YZF-R20

In February 2021, Yamaha registered a large number of brand names with the Japanese Patent Office that point to new R models, i.e. sports motorcycles.

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We already know the R1, R3 and R6 sports bikes from Yamaha. The same applies to the small-displacement R15 and R25 models offered in Asia. And we have already reported about an upcoming R7. But so far there has not been any talk of an R2, an R4 or even an R9. That changes with the latest brand names that are emerging Yamaha recently registered with the Japanese Patent Office.

Yamaha secured the following brand names:

  • YZF-R1
  • YZF-R2
  • YZF-R3
  • YZF-R4
  • YZF-R5
  • YZF-R6
  • YZF-R7
  • YZF-R8
  • YZF-R9
  • YZF-R15
  • YZF-R20
  • YZF-R25

There are also the short versions R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, R15, R20 and R25.

The registration of the brand names does not necessarily mean that Yamaha has planned or will actually use all of these models. The protection of individual brands can be prophylactic, meaning that you have them available in case you need them. But it can also be a simple strategy to prevent others from using the brand name. However, Japanese trademark law provides that a registered trademark can be requested to be canceled if the trademark has not been used for three consecutive years. Therefore we assume that Yamaha will not use just one of the listed names in the next few years.

Yamaha YZF-R7 arrives in 2022

The supersport version of the MT-07 is safe. A Yamaha YZF-R7 may already be presented in 2021. “Weight around 180 kilograms ready to drive, power around 100 hp, price: affordable.”, like it in Item Yamaha MT-07 Supersport called. The R6 with its 599 cc four-cylinder, however, is only available as the R6 Race in Europe, the street version has been discontinued.

Yamaha YZF-R9 possible

For a Yamaha YZF-R9, there is also a great engine ready, namely that of the new MT-09. There the 890 cc three-cylinder currently delivers 119 hp at 10,000 rpm and 93 Nm at 7,000 rpm.

At the moment, Yamaha does not have any engines that could be considered for the other displacement classes. Apart from that, it wouldn’t make much sense to bring an R8 in addition to an R7 and to put an R4 next to an R3. Some of the brand names could possibly be used in a market-specific manner to meet local regulatory requirements. For example, Honda offers 400 versions of its CB 500 models in Japan. It is possible that Yamaha intends to do something similar with the R4 and R5.


At the moment it is only certain that the Yamaha R7 will hit the market in 2022. Possibly another R9 will follow. At the moment Yamaha is laying the foundation for more, but which brand names are actually used does not appear from the protected names.

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