News – First info on the new Honda VFR 1200F – New engine and final transmission

First info on the new Honda VFR 1200F

News - First info on the new Honda VFR 1200F - New engine and final transmission

Honda has just unveiled the first photos and technical characteristics of the eagerly awaited VFR 1200F: available in January 2010 in red, white or silver, the new sport-GT offers a gimbal and a unique 76 ° V4 with 173 hp in full… Yum !

New engine and final transmission

Powered by an unprecedented 76 ° V4, developing nearly 173 hp at 10,000 rpm and 129 Nm of torque at 8,750 rpm, the new Honda cardan shaft has impressive firepower and that the manufacturer announces usable: linear, the torque curve would thus be concentrated on low and medium revs (80% of the torque would be available from 3000 rpm).

In the French version, these values ​​are unfortunately revised downwards: the maximum power of the new VFR is evaluated by Honda at "112 hp at 9,500 rpm"(112 out of the box but 106 at the rear wheel, editor’s note?) And its maximum torque reaches" only "115 Nm but from 4,000 rpm !

With an unprecedented layout – the rear cylinders are placed side by side but very close while the front cylinders are more clearly spaced – the block is fitted with an innovative S.C.P.C type linkage (Symmetrically Coupled Phase-shift Crankshaft) which complements the benefits of the cylinder arrangement.

Operating at a particularly closed angle (28 ° exactly), this crankshaft would significantly reduce primary vibrations as well as noise, eliminating the interest of a countershaft "power hungry"says Honda.

Tokyo engineers have also been able to "innovate" by integrating proven technological solutions in the off-road sector into their great novelty 2010: "for its distribution, the VFR1200F uses the now famous Unicam architecture (as its name suggests, the engine has a single camshaft, Editor’s note) successfully developed for high performance motocross CRFs", announces the manufacturer.

Likewise, "the principle of sealed housings in which pumping losses are eliminated by a pump which evacuates pressure variations to the outside", is applied for the very first time on a Honda road.

And in order to make the most of this new engine, Honda could only offer a new transmission !

With its secondary shaft placed opposite the intermediate shaft, the VFR1200F would gain in stability and traction. In addition, this would free up room to fit a longer swingarm, while still maintaining a relatively reasonable wheelbase: 1,545mm, that’s 85 more than the current VFR 800..

The shaft drive system is also referred to as "revolutionary"by the Japanese, in particular thanks to its offset axis of rotation which would eliminate the phenomenon of lifting and to its constant velocity joint which would absorb the variations in length due to the movement of the rear wheel.

Suffice to say that the transmission jerks must particularly shine by their absence, especially at "end of the chain", or more exactly at the level of the output shaft, a torque damper absorbs the last possible residual jolts.

In summary, Honda announces that "this shaft drive behaves like a chain drive", less need for maintenance … We can’t wait to check !

Supporting the automatic version with dual clutch "Dual Clutch" (read) which will be available during 2010, the VFR1200F (manual) will be offered with a more traditional six-speed gearbox..

In addition, Honda has nabbed the efficient limited-slip clutch of the CBR1000RR and unveils an electronic throttle: if the VRF1200F will surely shine with its versatility, it is indeed in the safety and smoothness of operation that seems to s’ be directed the attentions of the first builder.

As a worthy heir to the VFR800, the "twelve hundred" promises captivating vocals, despite an exhaust similar to those of the last 4-cylinders of the brand, whose discretion has often been criticized … Placed on the right, therefore, the output exhaust does not appear to be the most beautiful part of the motorcycle either.

However, future owners will be consoled – perhaps – by the "serious and jerky noise" that Honda promises at low revs, and whose intensity would increase through an exhaust valve. !

Chassis side, the VFR1200F – a more GT version on the same basis would be in the boxes of the winged crest … – approaches a classic double beam aluminum frame. The hunting retains the same value as the 800 VFR V-TEC (25.5 °), the wheelbase – as we have seen – increases slightly, while the weight "in running order" stands at 267 kg. Values ​​promising reassuring stability, while the extension of the transmission would benefit traction when exiting a curve.

Praised for its formidable compromise of suspensions, the VFR should not be "missed" in this field: Honda thus chose to call upon the tested, that is to say mono shock absorber of the type Pro-Link adjustable rebound and an inverted 43 mm cartridge fork, adjustable rebound and preload.

To curb everything, the Japanese have equipped their swallower with a terminal – knock or grand: it’s up to you! – an impressive Nissin device including 320 mm discs pinched by six-piston radial calipers (as on the Yamaha R1) at the front and a 276 mm single-disc at the rear.

True ode to Total Control dear to Honda, the VFR1200F obviously has an original combined ABS to avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of reflex braking. Finally, the manufacturer specifies that his machine offers suitcase supports integrated into the rear part – as on the 800 VFR – and ergonomic handles of "new generation".

It thus appears that the turn signal controls have been reversed with that of the horn, in order to facilitate their use. Yes, just that ! On the other hand, Honda is classic instrumentation, which should appeal to the target customers…

The analog tachometer is flanked by two liquid crystal indicators providing a wealth of information: speed, fuel level, engine temperature, consumption, clock, ambient temperature, etc. The warning lights – including the operating lights of the HISS and ABS systems – are of course part of the.

Available in red, white or silver from January 2010, the VFR1200 – in its manual transmission version – is a worthy successor to the wise VFR.

It remains to gauge its new dynamic capabilities during a next Site test (stay tuned!) To find out if it will be able to reign again in the sport-road segment, and especially to define its price: knowing that the 800 s ‘currently displays at 13,490 euros, let’s hope that the inevitable increase of the new 1200 will remain under control…

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