News – MV Agusta presents its Brutale 990R and 1090RR – Pre-owned MV AGUSTA

MV Agusta presents its Brutale 990R and 1090RR

News - MV Agusta presents its Brutale 990R and 1090RR - Pre-owned MV AGUSTA

Two new Brutales landed at MV Agusta in 2010: the 990R and 1090RR. If the design of the new Italian roadsters remains faithful to that of their predecessors, their engines and cycle parts have been completely revised for greater ease and comfort..

Bought last year by the Harley-Davidson group (read), the MV Agusta brand continues to carve out its path. For 2010, the Italian manufacturer updates its roadsters with two new Brutale 990R and 1090RR !

Replacing the 989R, the new Brutale 990R is not content, as its name seems to indicate, to gain an unfortunate cubic centimeter: the most mathematical will calculate that it actually gains 15.7 (997.5 against 981, 8 cc), but there is not the essential.

Indeed, the engine dimensions have been completely revised: the mill trades its 79 x 50.1 mm supercar for a more moderate 76 x 55 mm ratio: true MV Agusta fans will recognize the engine stroke of the 1078RR, replaced in 2010 by the 1090RR.

A Brutal … sweeter !

According to the designers, "the reconfiguration of the 4-cylinder 16-valve radial seeks to produce a smoother arrival of power, with a more progressive, firmer and more harmonious response than before, especially at the opening and the closing of the throttle as well as at acceleration ".

After having worked for years to increase the maximum revs and the corresponding power of their sporty roadsters, the engineers of Varese finally admit that the majority of bikers appreciate the live engines, certainly, but smooth. !

In order to further improve the performance of its new Brutale, MV Agusta has fitted it with a new Mikuni 46 mm injector rail managed by Marelli 5SM electronics. The latter notably incorporates new software managing a traction control system – adjustable on 8 levels – and offering dual mapping.

The new low engine should filter vibrations better thanks to its balance shaft directly driven by the primary transmission. The gearbox is also revised: although its ratios remain the same as on the 989R, its mechanism is entirely new and a sensor is introduced..

According to MV Agusta, this new sensor would optimize injection, ignition and the position of the exhaust valve according to the gear engaged. It is therefore clear that the new Brutale promises to be … softer !

And to make their new Brutale even more docile, the engineers of MV Agusta have also integrated the 2010 model with an exhaust valve system. We can already hear the aficionados crying blasphemy !

More customary, the hunt for weight was also part of the specifications: thus the Mitsubishi alternator, the new lubrication circuit, the water pump, the new low engine, the new gearbox and even the injection relieve the Italian roadster of more than 2.75 kg.

In total, however, the 990R is 5 kg overweight compared to the 989R: 190 kg dry against 185 kg … The new Brutale also returns 4 horsepower to its predecessor: 139 horsepower at 10,600 rpm against 142 hp previously reached 300 turns higher.

The manufacturer has therefore improved the torque of course – with its 106 Nm at 8000 rpm, the 990R exceeds the 989R by 2.5 units -, but also, as we will verify during a future test, to make more usable the Brutal.

85% new, really ?

On the cycle side, MV Agusta innovates by mounting an aluminum rear buckle, while obviously retaining its timeless tubular steel frame and its aluminum single-sided arms..

However, the Italian brand allows itself to review its manufacturing and configuration methods: "TIG" welds for a redesigned trellis on the one hand, redesign with loss of 1 kg but gain in rigidity for the swing arm on the other…

In addition, this new single-sided arm extends the wheelbase of the beast: it reaches 1,438 mm against only 1,410 previously. Likewise, the hunting angle of the fork – the 50mm Marzocchi whose hydraulics have been tweaked by CRC – goes from 24.5 ° to 25 °, increasing the drag by 20 mm (or 103.5 mm now ). We therefore bet on better stability … to verify !

The saddle height is also revised upwards: 830 mm against 805 previously, but MV Agusta promises increased comfort. The ground clearance on the other hand goes from 130 to 125 mm: it will be necessary to pay a little more attention to the descents of pavements !

Together, the new front and rear rims take 1kg off the unsprung weight of the 990R. The rear wheel also receives new bearings and torque shock absorbers to better protect the engine and improve driving comfort. We note on this occasion that the footrests are mounted on silentblocs.

The braking elements don’t change: the two 310mm front discs are pinched by four pistons housed in radial-mounted calipers, while the 210mm rear disc is nipped by four 25.4mm diameter pistons.

Aesthetically the Brutale does not seem to move either: despite the "85% of parts renewed", the 990R scrupulously retains the same look as its ancestors. If the engineers agreed to change the character of their roadster, the designers were keen to respect the tradition !

We just note the adoption of a new optic which is adorned with two series of LEDs "creating a "light strip" effect, as found on cars", underlines the manufacturer, and the integration of the front LED indicators also on the new mirrors. We still find these famous LEDs at the rear, at the level of the brake light and the indicators.

Just above the headlight sits new instrumentation, preset to accommodate a tire pressure monitoring system. We especially remember the presence of a more precise tachometer and two more complete LCD screens indicating "the gear engaged, the fuel level, the speed, the transponder key indicator light, the coolant temperature and (essential, Editor’s note!) the stopwatch".

The handlebars are flexible in order to limit vibrations in the arms. As we have seen, the saddle and the footrests are supposed to offer more comfort to the feet and buttocks. Will we be able to travel long hours at the controls of the new 990R ?

Aesthetically, some alterations have been made to the rear part, to the air intakes, to the radiator and its protections, to the pots – the welds are invisible at their end – and to the engine mounts. But it will take the trained eye of a specialist to appreciate each of the modifications. !

While waiting to know its release date, the very last MV Agusta (available in red or black) will try to compete with the Ducati Streetfighter, Triumph Speed ​​Triple, KTM Superduke … or even the CB1000R, Z1000 or FZ1 if the price manages to to follow !

New MV Agusta 1090RR

For those whom the 990R would not satisfy, MV Agusta naturally offers an even more accomplished finish of its Brutale: the 1090RR !

From the 1078RR, the engine of the 1090RR cube … 1,078 cc and develops 144.2 hp, or exactly 9.8 hp less than its predecessor but 3.2 hp more than the 990R! The maximum torque rises to 115 Nm from 8,000 rpm. Fortunately, the "Traction Control" is watching…

The mill gains a little in width compared to the 990 but also a lot in class thanks to its red cylinder head covers! Similar attention is paid to the air intakes, painted the same color as the gas tank. The colors of the 1090RR are also mixed: white and black or red and gray.

Side cycle, the direction receives a new shock absorber and, as on the 1078RR, the footrests are adjustable. The rims are even thinner than on the little sister, the rear shock absorber distinguishes slow and fast compressions and the front brake discs take 10mm with 34mm pistons mounted on monobloc calipers.

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