News – New MV Agusta F4 1000 R: the myth resurrected! – New MV Agusta F4 1000 R: the myth resurrected!

New MV Agusta F4 1000 R: the myth resurrected !

News - New MV Agusta F4 1000 R: the myth resurrected! - New MV Agusta F4 1000 R: the myth resurrected!

Since the presentation of the first draft of the F4 750 in 1997, MV Agusta had never dared to touch up Massimo Tamburini’s brilliant pencil stroke. It is now done with a resolutely modern F4 1000 R and still as attractive !

New MV Agusta F4 1000 R: the myth resurrected !

Claudio Rizzotto, head of communications MV Agusta, confesses it bluntly on his stand at the Milan Motor Show: "reviewing a machine as iconic and successful as our F4 was not easy !"(read).

And yet, the legendary brand of Count Giovanni Agusta has finally decided to take up the challenge! And it is with impatience tinged with a certain respect that the first visitors to the 67th Milan Motor Show waited for the red curtain to give way to the lines of this new MV Agusta F4 1000 R 2010…

Using and abusing all superlatives, the prestigious Italian brand does not hesitate to insist on this thorny problem which the engineers and the 28 people of the design center based in San Marino had to face: "can perfection be improved ?, wonders the presentation file of the Hypersport de Varese…

And where such an assertion could prove pompous for many machines, we have to admit that the sculptural lines of the F4 place the creation of Massimo Tamburini at the top of motorized aesthetic purity, even obscuring its status as a motorcycle for to elevate it to the rank of works of art…

Nevertheless, the myth was beginning to suffer from a decade gone by without knowing the slightest refresh, despite a series of versions as rare as expensive and several increases in displacement: from 750 cc at the end of the 2000s, the 4-cylinder is increased to 998, then to 1078 cc on the 312RR and the elitist F4 CC sold … 100,000 € !

Even if its design remains in the coup, the dynamic behavior of this sporty character with physical piloting marked time in the face of ever more exploitable and sharp competition. Result: at almost € 21,000, the MV Agusta kindly tended to "smell mothballs", by Claudio Rizzotto’s own admission…

186.3 hp, 192 kg dry, € 18,500: the F4 unveils strong ambitions !

From the first glance at this new F4 1000 R, relief gives way to curiosity: MV Agusta has not distorted its Italian diva, the object of all fantasies. Her subtly redesigned dress perpetuates the legend while evolving towards more modernism.

The 2010 F4 1000 R adopts a more streamlined and dynamic front end. And if its stern happily renews its famous quadruple exits, they abandon their round shapes in favor of square tips always so suggestive..

Fine-tuned in every detail (down to the stand proudly bearing the MV Agusta logo!), The Italian uses LEDs for its stylized indicators, even incorporating aerodynamic appendages !

The air intakes gain in volume, unlike the headlight in "poly-elliptical" format which, associated with Xenon technology, allows precious grams to be collected while improving aerodynamics and lighting..

Almost jealously covering the 4-cylinder 998 cc, the fairings are made of light plastic to contain the weight and the price of this new face of the brand: 3 kg would have been gained on the trim, including 300 g on the redesigned bubble! This necessary slimming cure also goes through the 17-liter tank, shorter to promote ergonomics and lower and lighter by 1.2 kg.

The 50 mm Marzocchi inverted fork (full adjustable, of course!) Is not to be outdone with its contained weight, while the use of titanium on the intake valves and the redesigned and lightened 600 g crankcase participate they too to a general relief estimated at "10 kg"by MV Agusta.

A great feat, although the 192 kg dry of the Italian do not yet equal the 199 kg all full of a Honda CBR1000RR. But the most important point for MV Agusta was above all to make the machine both more efficient, but also more usable and accessible. In terms of numbers, the bet seems well underway since the 2010 F4 1000 R displays 186.3 hp at 12,900 rpm and 114 Nm of torque at 9,500 rpm in the free version. It will trade for "18,500 € recommended retail price in Europe", explains Claudio Rizzotto, almost € 2,500 less than the previous model. !

Electronics at the service of the pilot

"MV Agusta wishes to maintain its prestigious image. Our products will continue to target the high end segment, but it is necessary to make our motorcycles more competitive against the competition.", continues the spokesperson of the brand.

MV Agusta will not sell its soul to the devil, but faced with its many financial difficulties – the brand is currently being sold by its recent owner, Harley-Davidson -, the manufacturer seems to decide to put a little water in his Chianti and to stop betting everything on elitism. That said, the F4 1000 R is nothing short of a discount, as demonstrated by its one-piece Brembo radial-mounted calipers and its splendid single-sided arm which gains 2 cm in length to improve traction..

Simply, MV did not hesitate to resort to cheaper technical solutions such as the fully adjustable rear shock from Sachs and the Nissin master cylinder "specially produced to MV Agusta standards", specifies all the same the brand.

100% MV Agusta, the engine retains the bore and stroke of the previous model, but the Italians do not hesitate to talk about a brand new block … And for good reason: if the four-cylinder in line renews the valves radials developed with Ferrari at the start of the F4 project, the crankshaft is completely redesigned to reduce its inertia by 50%, while the Italian adopts variable length intake ducts favoring torque at low speeds and maximum power.

With its two injectors per cylinder and its optimized air box, the mill of the F4 1000 R only asks to breathe deeply to demonstrate the potential of its on-board electronics: MV Agusta has equipped its F4 with a central Ultra-sophisticated Magneti Marelli which manages the injection, the length of the intake ducts, the exhaust valve, the MK II Traction Control traction control (eight levels of action) and two maps of injection (Sport or Rain) !

Equipped with an anti-dribble clutch and a fully digital dashboard advertised as ultra-light and packed with information (read the instrumentation part of the technical sheet), the F4 1000 R renews its tilt adjustment of the steering column to satisfy more demanding pilots who will also appreciate the rigid tubular steel trellis-type chassis.

Strongly try !

Revisited, modernized, more efficient and even more reliable thanks to a redesigned oil circuit and a lighter water pump (- 60 g) which improves engine cooling by 65% ​​at low and medium speeds, the MV Agusta F4 1000 R promises to be especially more usable thanks to a more "smooth" behavior and numerous electronic aids.

Add to that a revised chassis for more liveliness and resistance to torsion, neat traction through a more progressive shock absorber, a swingarm extended by 20 mm – without touching the wheelbase of 1,430 mm thanks to an attachment point located further forward – and a 4-cylinder whose 186 hp would now all be perfectly usable … and you will understand that the fight is already raging within the editorial staff of Site to know who will have the honor of take control of the beautiful for a test, before its marketing planned for the beginning of 2010…

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