News – New Yamaha WR450F Enduro 2012 – Used YAMAHA

New Yamaha WR450F Enduro 2012

News - New Yamaha WR450F Enduro 2012 - Used YAMAHA

The new Yamaha WR450F Enduro 2012 – which represents "nearly 30% of sales of 450 cc enduros in Europe, North America and Australia", specifies Yamaha – adopts a new injection system and a more compact cycle part.

The new Yamaha WR450F Enduro 2012 – which represents "nearly 30% of sales of 450 cc enduros in Europe, North America and Australia", specifies Yamaha – adopts a new injection system and a more compact cycle part.

New injection

Exclusively at St-Jean d’Angely

The new WR450F 2012 will be presented exclusively this weekend (September 17 and 18) on the Yamaha stand of the MX des Nations in Saint-Jean d’Angely (17), in the presence of Stephane Peterhansel and Olivier Pain.

In the "highly competitive E2" segment, the new adjustable injection system is expected to enable the WR450F’s 450cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 5-valve, dual ACT engine of the WR450F to deliver "even more responsive and customizable performance. to adapt to all the situations encountered by enduro riders ", continues the brand with three tuning forks.

"A series of miniature sensors transmit information on the position of the accelerator, the intake pressure, the temperature of the intake air, the atmospheric pressure, the number of revolutions of the crankshaft and the temperature of the coolant. the compact electronic control unit (ECU), which in turn calculates and activates the optimum injection volume and spark advance necessary to ensure high levels of combustion and achieve optimum engine performance ", explains Yamaha, while "to minimize its weight, the 2012 WR450F uses the same lightweight and compact fuel pump as the YZ-F models".

Shorter and lower

On the chassis side, the 2012 model WR450F has a new aluminum bilateral beam frame ensuring "an unmatched level of agility for a 450" thanks to "a combination of forged, extruded aluminum components and panels". It also sees its wheelbase shortened to 1,450 mm (compared to 1,475 on the current model), while its seat height drops to 960 mm (instead of 990)..

"This light and innovative frame has the dimensions of a 250, which gives the WR450F a real advantage in tight turns and winding paths typical of enduro," says Yamaha, which has also chosen to equip its queen with tracks of new black Excel rims, a Pro-Taper handlebar and a new headlight spoiler.

Japanese engineers also repositioned the fuel tank and radiators "to better center the weight of the machine and allow easier and faster changes of direction in tight bends." Because "all the competitors know it, the races are won in the turns", specifies Yamaha !

Ultra configurable in racing version

A competition kit specially designed for the 2012 WR450F is also available for those who wish to use their motorcycle on closed enduro circuits. It notably includes an exhaust pipe, a silencer, a rear exhaust pipe, a set of 13/50 gears, not to mention a Power Tuner inspired by the YZ450F to easily adjust the power..

Compact and easy to use, the Power Tuner does not require the use of a PC to activate the modifications made to the mapping ", specifies Yamaha:" just plug it into the dedicated connector of the motorcycle and enter the corresponding values desired performance "(choice of 15 values ​​among the 9 adjustment points of the injection card, each" step "representing a change of 3% of the injection volume for a range going from -21% to + 21% per compared to factory setting).

“By trying out different injection and ignition settings, pilots can thus create their own maps, the ones that best match their driving style and the conditions encountered. After evaluating and noting which maps worked best in a situation given (e.g. card 1 for sand, card 2 for mud, 3 for rocks, etc.), pilots have the option of saving 9 cards in total in the Power Tuner and reprogramming their WR450F on morning of the enduro on the map corresponding to the coating and the circuit to come ", details the manufacturer.

The 2012 model WR450F is also equipped with a radiator from the new YZ250F which ensures "stable operation even at low revs, when the air flow is reduced". It is now fixed by three points (against two previously). Finally, the 2012 vintage is equipped with a "large capacity" alternator and a new capacitor "to guarantee an effective kick even in the event of a battery problem".

Technical data WR450F 2012

  • 449 cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 5-valve, dual ACT electric starter motor
  • New injection system
  • YZ type compact fuel pump
  • Optional Yamaha competition kit with auxiliary silencer exhaust system, 13/50 gear set and other parts
  • Optional Yamaha Power Tuner for customized adjustment of injection volume and ignition timing
  • Linear power and stable performance even under the most changing conditions
  • Titanium valves
  • Compression ratio: 12.3: 1
  • Balance
  • Large capacity three-phase magnetic alternator
  • New capacitor for a reliable and efficient kick
  • Three-point vibration-resistant radiators
  • Enduro special camshaft profile
  • Integrated recirculating dry sump lubrication system, 1.2 liter oil tank
  • 5-speed transmission specially designed for enduro

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