Nexx X.WED2 full-face helmet test


A versatile trail-style crossover

X-Matric shell, sunscreen, visor and modular cap, 1,550 g, 399 euros

"It is beautiful your helmet!". I also had "Wow your helmet is great!". Indeed, it is nice. He has big eyes and he does "houhouuuu" at night. No, in real life, he has this helmet in the face. But basically, I don’t ask her "only" to be beautiful. I ask him to protect my head above all, to be more or less comfortable, even comfortable and not very noisy. But we are pretty on a motorbike so yes, we like it when it looks good and it sounds "houhouuuu" at night.

This helmet Nexx X.WED2, here in his Hill End decor, has a strong personality and he is a known backpacker since his first version in the Landerneau for trail runners and motorized adventurers. The Portuguese brand has indeed made a pretty little reputation in the offroad world with this versatile helmet in its first XD1 version. Said first version of this helmet suffered from some youthful flaws that the brand took into account.

The second version, more mature, however respects the specifications which made the success of the first opus. We tested it on a hike trail, we put cameras on it and this is what comes out !

Testing the Nexx X.WED2 full-face helmet off-road


The helmet has the usual different ventilation channels (entry via chin bar and two front, 2 exits at the back of the helmet). The settings are accessible, but with winter gloves handling can be complicated. The ventilation is efficient, but we especially note the possibility of changing the air inlet of the chin guard for a ventilated grille (supplied in the standard equipment). This grid allows a continuous flow very appreciable when the conditions are physical (out of all terrain) or in the event of strong heat. The part can be changed in one click and the return to the origin is just as easy.

Nexx X.WED2 full face helmet test

The helmet can be designed as a Cross-type helmet (by removing the screen and adding a cross mask), as a soft enduro helmet (with cap and screen) or as a road helmet (by removing the cap). This modularity is in my opinion the cause of a small weakness in the fixing system that holds the cap and screen. The plastic part is not very reassuring and can break. From there I think the best choice is to leave it as much as possible in the configuration for which we bought it to avoid multiplying the manipulations.

Screen and cap are removable

The sunscreen, fairly lightly tinted, does its job very honorably even if we would have preferred it to descend a little lower to avoid the return of light from below. However, it is easy to handle even standing on a motorcycle, including on a slightly brittle path..

The sunscreen is easy to handle

The standard equipment of this helmet is particularly provided. In addition to the elements already mentioned, we will have camera mounts (on the ears or on the top of the helmet) and many other small things often sold as an option from competitors and which it is nice to find here so that the helmet is as close as possible to the use you want to make of it.

The headset is prepared to receive intercom and action cams

It is also equipped with an emergency foam removal system in the event of an accident to facilitate the removal of the helmet. This is certainly a good thing, but sometimes this system is hooked by removing the helmet and the foams unclip at the same time. Everything goes back easily, but this should be taken into consideration every time you remove the X.Wed 2.

Helmet support is provided by a Double D buckle

Note a double D mouth, when many helmets have migrated to micrometric closures.

Dynamic test

We tested this helmet during the Transat Verte. The three-day journey validated the product’s merit and the specifications’ perfect adherence to trail use. The ventilation grid installed to facilitate breathing, we play with the sunscreen easily.

We tested the X.WED2 during the Transat Verte

The helmet feels quite light (despite a significant weight of 1.5 kg) and the foams are ultimately very comfortable for a helmet of this range. It should be noted that in the standard endowment there are foam pads allowing the helmet to be adjusted if necessary. You can also easily pass the pipe of a camelback under the small net of the chin bar.

The return will be via national roads and some 4 lanes where it has been observed that the helmet becomes easily noisy past 90 km / h. In this exercise, however, the cap does not penalize the aerodynamics too much and is discreet. There is also no excessive fatigue in the cervical area..

Road test of the Nexx X.WED2


At 399 euros (recommended price, we can easily find it around 350 euros on the net), this helmet offers much more than the competition and this with a real wish of the brand to offer a customizable product for the uses it claims. In-depth work has been done by Nexx since the first version to take into account feedback from the field and thus offer a product that finds its place among trail, hiking and travel enthusiasts as long as one thinks of traffic jams. ear. Comfort and practical, giving the pledges of safety expected from this type of helmet, it is naturally positioned in the range and is commercially aggressive..

Strong points

  • Equipment provision
  • Comfort
  • Quality / price ratio
  • Look and modularity

Weak points

  • Sensitive Emergency Strap V2
  • Noise over 90 km / h
  • Screen and fragile cap fixing mechanism


Arai Tour X-4, Shoei Hornet ADV,

Nexx X.WED2 helmet specifications

  • X-MATRIX helmet (Fiberglass, 3D organic fibers, special aramid fibers and carbon reinforcement)
  • Number of caps: 3 (XXS-S | M-L | XL-XXXL)
  • Lexan PC screen with anti-fog position and super closing
  • X-Lock quick visor change system
  • Screen with cavity for Pinlock
  • Panoramic field of vision
  • Double internal sunscreen
  • Double D-ring closure
  • Emergency Strap V2 side removal system
  • Night vision – Reflectors on the sides and back of the helmet
  • Chin specially designed to reduce chest injuries caused by frontal collisions
  • X.MART DRY fabrics Anti-allergy and anti-perspiration interior
  • 3D interior and sides, removable, adjustable and washable
  • Chin deflector
  • Hull and aerodynamic profile
  • Ergo Padding System
  • Dynamic air system – 3 air inlets and 2 air outlets
  • Chin ventilation
  • Prepared for the NEXX X.COM intercom system
  • Aerodynamic visor, with adjustable multi-position system
  • Visor extender
  • Support for front and side action camera
  • Prepared Quick Strap
  • Weight: 1.550 g +/- 50 g in size M
  • Many finishes and decorations
  • Price: from 399.99 euros

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