Roof RO200 Carbon full-face helmet test


The full race of 1.090 grams !

Carbon shell, multi-density liner, Silent Lining interior, multiple vents…

1,090 grams, 210 ° field of vision horizontally and 100 ° vertically … the latest Roof helmet hits hard !

Multicomposite carbon fiber shellMulticomposite carbon fiber shell


Associating Roof and sportiness in the same sentence is enough to make many bikers fall from their saddles.. The oldest wise will no doubt remember the Panther or Racer models but the French brand has met with success with its modular Boxer among fans of…. maxi-scooters. However, on the sidelines of the various road evolutions of this modular peri-urban named Desmo then Boxxer, Roof has developed an integral whose technical sheet allows it to come into line with the sizes of the market such as Shoei, Arai, Shark or X- Lite. How? ‘Or’ What ? With an incredibly wide field of vision despite a very sporty look and above all a record weight in the category since our RO200 Carbon, in size L, keeps the scale under 1.150 grams (1.090 grams even in its smallest size), chin guard and Pinlock Maxvision lens included. Owners of an X-Spirit III, RX-7v, Race-R Pro or X-803 will appreciate the performance and understand that the 250 (to 500) grams gained are much more than a commercial argument in very dynamic use on the circuit. or at the end of a road trip.

Secure fixing of the screen by a double carbon fiber shellSecure fixing of the screen by a double carbon fiber shell

To achieve this result, Roof used and abused carbon. But here, Roof adds aesthetics to technique: the fiber highlights the lines of the RO200’s hull and the finish is top-notch. Even the side plates covering the screen mechanism suffer no criticism. First of all because their adjustments are millimeter-size and the screws that hold them add an undeniable aeronautical touch. But above all because this choice does not complicate the change of screen.

Adjustment tool suppliedAdjustment tool supplied

Just press the center button with the supplied tool (or a ballpoint pen) to release the screen, which Roof has the good taste to deliver in duplicate, clear and smoky. Beautiful, safe, functional and practical at the same time, Roof hat !

Pinlock MaxVision 120 lens supplied as standardPinlock MaxVision 120 lens supplied as standard

Inside, there is a ventilated, breathable, antibacterial treated and quick-drying comfort fabric.

Ventilated, breathable comfort fabric, antibacterial treatment and quick-dryingVentilated, breathable comfort fabric, antibacterial treatment and quick-drying


Often, a racing helmet rhymes with "putting on to lose your ears". Okay, that doesn’t rhyme but you get the idea. This is not the case here and you can put on or take off the RO200 Carbon without feeling like you are reliving its birth over and over again. The downside is that you initially have the impression that the support will be too light on the cheeks. But once the chinstrap is tight on his double D buckle, the doubt vanished, with a helmet firmly attached and without any sway, even shaking his head very hard. Note that if you need thicker cheek pads, each dealer has an exchange in stock to adjust the pads – free of charge – to your cheeks. Of course, the light weight of the RO200 Carbon is not for nothing in the rapid feeling of comfort. Outside of the carbon shell, the use of a 5 density EPS made it possible to lighten the whole without reducing safety (on the contrary). But these two elements come at a significant cost. While waiting to return to these basely materialistic conditions, let’s go for a ride.

Superior ventilation with Venturi effect. 6 air inlets and 2 extractorsUpper ventilation with Venturi effect. 6 air inlets and 2 extractors

Dynamic test

A helmet ? What helmet? It may sound like an exaggeration, but that’s almost the question you can ask yourself after a few kilometers. Ultra-light and with its very well studied aerodynamics, the RO200 Carbon is literally forgotten. Only one element will betray its presence, as with all helmets using this material: noise. Indeed, despite the efforts of Roof with particularly sophisticated foams and large joints placed between the screen and the turntables, the noise level is quite high. This is due to the sound transmission of the fiber, which gives the impression of amplifying the low frequencies, which can be annoying at first. But it will be recalled that in the list of what is required of a racing helmet, silence is at the bottom of the grid, especially since those who use them systematically wear earplugs, which we can only do for you. recommend. Once these are in place, all is obvious luxury, relative calm and surprising voluptuousness. With the foams well placed on the cheeks, we take advantage of the field of vision (210 ° horizontally and 100 ° vertically), incredible for the category, especially for the lateral controls. It is practical on the road before falling back and pleasant on the track so as not to unscrew your head when you want to do a little check, for example before entering the pits.

Horizontal field of vision: 210 ° and vertical: 100 ° (measured on size 58)Horizontal field of vision: 210 ° and vertical: 100 ° (measured on size 58)

Crucially, the ventilation is at a good level, in particular the ventilation placed in the middle of the forehead, which should be avoided by leaving open by less than 10 degrees or else the brain freezes in a few seconds.

Superior ventilation with Venturi effectUpper ventilation with Venturi effect

More original, the ventilation of the chin bar can direct the air flow on the screen or on the mouth through a zipper placed at the top of the chin bar. Quite confusing at first but, after all, this is not a change that is often made and in the middle of summer, fresh air force-feeding is guaranteed.

Face or screen ventilationFace or screen ventilation

For cooler seasons, the Pinlock lens is sufficient. Because this is the "novelty" of the RO200 Carbon: by returning to a less domed screen (but which retains a slight Pilot aspect), we can finally use this anti-fog system. One last word on the screen with its lug locking which will be tricky to use with winter gloves. But, let’s be honest: who will use such a sports helmet in the height of winter? ?

Dual-function air box for ventilation of the face or the screenDual function air box for face or screen ventilation


After a picture that seems almost perfect, one could believe that Roof is going to sell whole containers of RO200 Carbon by beating the pawn to the brands established in this sector. But while the test confirms the marketing promises, which is already a performance, it highlights the main concern for Roof. This RO200 Carbon does not have to be ashamed against its many competitors (HJC, Shark, Shoei or Arai for example) and even displays a very convincing quality / price ratio. But at € 699 in full, Roof is aiming for the top of the basket. And then it will be necessary to convince bikers who were moving towards Shoei, Arai or AGV. Technically, the RO200 stands up to par and that’s a great achievement. It is at the level of marketing that the brand will have to make the difference. And there there is a gap. We wish them to fill because this return is a pleasure to see.

Strong points

  • This look !
  • Weight
  • Finishing
  • Field of view

Weak points

  • Noise
  • Image to build
  • Rate

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