Nexx X60 motorcycle helmet test


2000 km test

Nexx is a Portuguese company that manufactures full face helmets (XR1 and X10), cross (X20), maxi-jet (X30) and jet "Open Face" (X60). The originality and the difference of the brand lie mainly in the look of the helmets, going so far as to use Jean Denim and Leather for some Jets..

Jet helmet Nexx X60

On the Jet side called "Open Face" by Nexx, the X60 model is available in no less than 23 models, themselves available in nearly 10 colors, from XS to XXL (some models even exist for children in size 48 , 50 and 52). Suffice to say that there is something for all tastes and all ages.

Beyond the trend and the look, what is the X60 worth? Test of the X60 jet and more particularly the Vintage model.


Nexx headsets have nothing to envy to others in terms of technique:

  • ATR shell (thermoplastic),
  • anti-perspiration and anti-allergy fabrics,
  • removable and washable interior,
  • micrometric automatic buckle,
  • 80% solar Lexan PC visor,
  • UV varnish
  • weight: 1050g (+/- 50g),
  • ECE / 22-05 approval,
  • Additional accessories (depending on the model): colorless anti-scratch screen, 80% sunscreen, screen mounting kit, full comfort padding.

Jet helmet Nexx X60 Vintage


The X60 Vintage model is characterized by a particularly trendy look at present, combining leather on the side and a high "soft touch" surface, pleasant to the touch. The Vintage lettering is embroidered on the leather on the side.

The slightly smoked visor adds to the class of this helmet.


The interior of the helmet is soft to the touch and comfortable to put on. Despite the fact that this is a Jet, one is amazed at the soundproofing offered. It becomes necessary to ask to speak louder to hear the passenger.

Jet helmet Nexx X60


The helmet is easy to put on. Once put on, the helmet appears light. That said, it is the normal weight for a jet with 1050 grams.

The micrometric buckle is easy to clip on and remove, without any daily worry. It is completed by a system that allows the underside of the neck to be adjusted, which requires a slight retensioning every 1,000 kilometers..

The helmet does not move at all, even at "high speed". In fact, like any jet and despite the large visor, the generation of air under the eyes does not encourage you to increase the meter too much..

The elusive helmet !

It is quite extraordinary to see that this helmet is quite simply and almost dirt-resistant on the outside. For comparison, over the same 2,000 kilometers, the other rider had a white helmet that made it possible to compare the condition of helmets having traveled the same kilometers on the same motorcycles. Certainly white and visually messier than a black and brown helmet. But the test was done with a damp white handkerchief. Passed on the Nexx helmet, it came back almost as white. Passed on the white helmet, it came back black. It is therefore the exterior treatment of the helmet and its shape that allow this.

On the inside, it is not the same. If the beige velvet does not get too dirty, it does get dirty anyway, mainly at the level of the two side legs which fall on the cheeks. Fortunately, the interior is cleanable.

In addition, the interior being honeycombed with holes, the helmet does not turn out to be too hot in summer..

interior Jet helmet Nexx X60

I dreaded the slightly smoky screen, telling myself that at nightfall, it would prevent me from seeing. Well no, the tinted visor does not interfere in any way and even significantly limits the glare of car headlights..

I feared the fragility of the helmet’s matte black surface. So I dropped it from a height of the motorcycle handlebars onto the asphalt, to see the damage. Nothing ! Of course, this test is not to be done, as it can damage the resistance of the helmet to a shock later. But in any case, the helmet remained like new on the outside following this fall..

Its only flaw is related to my morphology. Taken at M (my usual size) and kept for a quarter of an hour, it fits perfectly my size and does not generate a bar on the forehead. On the other hand after several hours of driving, a slight pressure on the forehead makes it a little hard to keep. It therefore sizes a little small a priori, just at 57 rather than a 57-58.

Jet helmet Nexx X60


We first buy the Nexx X60 for its looks. It is appreciated for its comfort and resistance to clogging. We love it for a very reasonable price since it can be found on the internet from € 99. On the other hand, the more elaborate models like the Vintage are the most expensive, at 185 euros.

Strong points

  • Look
  • Not messy

Weak points

  • Vintage version price

Rating 10/10

in sizes XS (53 ~ 54cm), S (55 ~ 56cm), M (57 ~ 58cm), L (59 ~ 60cm),
XL (60 ~ 61cm), XXL (61 ~ 62cm).

Nexx’s website among helmet manufacturers

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The Helmet Guide

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