Norton Future: Patents for New Model Names

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Norton Future: Patents for New Model Names


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Norton Future: Patents for New Model Names

Norton future
Patents for new model names

Under the new Indian owner, Norton seems to be making plans for the future again. Some model names have now been protected by patents.

Uli Baumann


The Indian two-wheeler manufacturer TVS has Norton out of bankruptcy rescued. But the Indians apparently not only want to preserve the ashes of the British, but are also pushing forward plans for the future.

Various trademark applications by the British were registered with the European Patent Office EUIPO in October. Electra, Fastback, Navigator, Nomad and Ranger were registered. All of them were already in use in the Norton past. From 1950 to 1970 the British had appropriately named models in their range.

New Norton series conceivable

The brands were in the subject area “vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land; motorcycles; mopeds; scooters; mobility scooters / motor scooters; parts and fittings for motorcycles and vehicles ”, which makes the use for new motorcycle models possible, but not mandatory.

Under TVS you want to Norton possibly also launch new series in addition to the existing models. New entry-level models are also conceivable here, which are primarily aimed at Asian markets. The name Norton with its great tradition could serve as a door opener here.

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