Original accessories Kawasaki Z 750

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Original accessories Kawasaki Z 750


Original accessories Kawasaki Z 750

Original accessories Kawasaki Z 750

The Kawasaki Z 750 is one of the pleasant companions when it comes to sailing quickly or comfortably across the country. Plenty of original accessories ensure even more individual driving fun with the undisguised Japanese woman.

Holger Hertneck


Not just the motorcycle itself, but also the accessories for it
Z 750 is according to a statement by Kawasaki Germany is extremely popular. Hardly any Z 750 leaves the dealer’s yard in its original condition. Around 80 percent ordered one or more of the many accessories when buying a naked bike – even if they were often just small things. »Optical corrections« such as various aluminum covers, seat bench covers for the pillion seat or tiny looking mini indicators are also part of the range of accessories offered by Kawasaki, as are functional products such as protective windshields, wide mirrors for a better view or model-specific tank pads to prevent unwanted scratches in the fuel tank.
Accessories suitable for travel, on the other hand, are rather rare, since the Z 750 S sister model has been available with a half-shell since this year, which the touring clientele usually opts for right from the start. The S offers ample wind protection, a continuous bench seat and storage options for luggage. For this type of motorcycle, there is even a topcase with the corresponding carrier in the
Original accessories program.
In contrast to this, Kawasaki does not offer an original carrier system for attaching suitcases or top cases, nor a custom-fit tank bag for the nude. The universal tank-
rucksack with magnetic holder is superbly processed, but not very suitable for the humped Z 750 tank, as it is in the
rear area hangs in the air. Another disadvantage of tank bags that are too large – and this basically applies to all motorcycle models – is the restricted view of the instruments when the item of luggage is fully loaded and has a correspondingly high structure. Again, the Kawasaki model is only on this point
Recommended to a limited extent. How it works better shows a
Held’s product in the “Third-party supplier” box on page 82. There, MOTORRAD also presents other useful accessories-
accessories for the popular Kawasaki. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, you can look for advice in the various Internet forums, for example www.z750forum.de.

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Original accessories Kawasaki Z 750

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Crash pads

Crash pads
Price: 151.03 euros
Assembly: The massive crash pads ?? called mushrooms in technical jargon ?? are assembled in a few minutes. On the right-hand side, the upper motor retaining screw (14 mm socket) only needs to be exchanged for an Allen screw supplied. On the left
Side is also the horn holder against
exchanged a sheet metal part.
Function: The two precisely fitting mushrooms fit neatly into the overall picture and can be aligned in parallel
twist by a few degrees. With one or the other fallover, they definitely like that one
Protecting the engine, they are certainly not a panacea against fall damage.

Third party providers

Third party providers
The fact that the Z 750 with the one year earlier
Z 1000 is almost identical in construction
they are even more attractive for accessory suppliers ?? the offer is correspondingly large.
Whether classic, undisguised motorcycles stay naked forever
should, there the opinions are divided. In any case, the fact is that
there are quite a few providers who can satisfy the desire for cladding? there is obviously a demand.
For example, the Fechter company, telephone 07023/95230, offers a two-part radiator cover for the Z 750 that can be fitted in barely five minutes at a price of 169 euros (painted). Some
one of them, however, thinks the two cheeks are a bit bulky. The two-part fairing keel for 245 euros is much more complex to assemble. Screwdrivers need around 30 minutes to attach with the help of several bent sheet metal parts and assembly instructions that are not entirely clear (the pictures are difficult to see). The fit and workmanship of the painted keel are impeccable.
Perhaps the greatest shortcoming of the Z 750, the lack of accommodation for luggage, can be attributed to Hepco, among others & Becker, phone 06334/92160. Their luggage rack costs 236 euros and consists of a top case rack and two side parts connected by a cross strut. The assembly is very complex, since half of the rear has to be dismantled and the fairing has to be drilled through. In addition, the assembly instructions, which are not foolproof, require a lot of professional self-interpretation. Less than three hours
the cultivation can hardly be done. Despite the baggage handlers
almost the usual slight tension
During assembly, the fit as well as the stability are okay. In addition, the extension of the junior 30-liter case set (325 euros) and the
40-liter Journey topcases (127 euros) do not noticeably affect the passenger’s seating comfort. So all in all a good solution for travel fans.
As a supplement? or just for the day trip ?? the small Scotty tank bag from Held, phone 08321/66460, is suitable for 79.95 euros. Although it only holds a maximum of 17 liters, that’s what it thinks
Thanks to its magnets and its short shape, it fits perfectly on the Z 750 tank and provides a clear view of the instruments at all times.
Another recommendation for long-distance drivers is the two-part seat from Corbin, phone 0671/888880. For the driver, the seating is designed to be much more comfortable and more pleasantly upholstered than the original. Comfort is also increased for passengers
noticeable. The only drawback: the steep price. The driver’s seat costs 339.95 euros, the pillion upholstery 259.95 euros.
One of the least aesthetic
perceived components of the Z 750 is the pompous license plate holder. Several manufacturers offer much more attractive alternatives here. One of them
is the company Fechter, whose product (photo on the right) costs 125 euros.
If you often go on tour with a pillion and hear complaints about extremely angled legs, you should consider purchasing the pillion peg extensions available from May (139 euros) from JF Motorsport, phone 06002/910391. MOTORRAD was able to test a prototype ?? with the result that the knee angle after
the cultivation of the 17 centimeter long aluminum milled parts is much larger.

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