Road safety – Road safety: what changes on July 1, 2015 –

Road safety: what changes on July 1, 2015

Road safety - Road safety: what changes on July 1, 2015 -

Today, July 1, 2015, four measures of the National Road Safety Plan presented by the Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve enter into force in France (read MNC of January 26, 2015)..

Today, July 1, 2015, four measures of the National Road Safety Plan presented by the Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, come into force in France (read).

"Three of them modify the regulations and the highway code, the fourth aims to observe the behavior of road users by experimenting with a lowering of the authorized speed", specifies Road Safety. 

0.2 g of alcohol per liter of blood for young people allowed

"0.2 grams of alcohol per liter of blood is zero glass of alcohol", recalls the government which lowers the alcohol limit authorized by driving from 0.5 to 0.2 g / l of alcohol in the blood for "all the holders of a probationary license or the drivers in training".

  • Sanction : withdrawal of 6 points and fixed fine of 135 €
  • MNC of September 10, 2014 :

Headsets ban

"When you call while driving, your head is elsewhere", slices the minister by including all the sounds whatever they are, without making the difference between a telephone conversation, a little background music or GPS indications…

"It is now forbidden for all drivers (car, truck, motorcycle, cyclo or bicycle) – pedestrians are expected, Editor’s note – to wear any device likely to emit sound (telephone conversations, music, radio) to their ears ", summarizes Road Safety.

The ban does not concern "not only the telephone conversation but also the music and the radio, since they pass through a device in contact with the ears". Therefore, only Bluetooooth systems integrated in the vehicle or in the helmet are tolerated..

  • Sanction : withdrawal of 3 points and fixed fine of 135 €
  • MNC of April 8, 2015 :
  • MNC of June 18, 2015 :
  • MNC of June 25, 2015 :

New motorcycle and scooter license plates

In order to "simplify the task of the police and gradually improve equity between all road users" (in the face of radars, editor’s note), only license plates with a minimum format of 210×130 mm can now be installed on two or three-wheel motor vehicles (mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles) and unbodyed quadricycles (quads), in application of the decree of February 11, 2015 amending the decree of February 9, 2009. 

  • Sanction (non-compliant, removable or illegible plate): fixed fine of 135 €
  • MNC of January 5, 2012 :
  • MNC of June 21, 2013 :

80 km / h instead of 90 on three sections of road

As announced to the National Road Safety Council on May 11, three sections were selected to "observe the effects of a decrease in the maximum authorized speed on two-way roads":

  • 18 km of the RN7 in the Drôme between Croze-Hermitage and Valence (26)
  • 17 km from the RN151 in the Nièvre and 32 km in the Yonne between La Charite (58) and Auxerre (89)
  • 14 km of the RN 57 in Haute-Saône between Échenoz-le-Sec and Rioz (71)
  • MNC of January 21, 2014 :
  • MNC of April 14, 2014 :
  • MNC of January 20, 2015 :
  • MNC of May 11, 2015 :

135 euros for the "very inconvenient parking"

135 euros: motorcycles are not affected !

Update July 17, 2015 : article R417-11 of the highway code modified by decree n ° 2015-808 of 2 July expressly provides that parking on the sidewalks is considered "very inconvenient, with the exception of motorcycles, motor tricycles and mopeds".

Parking a motorized two-wheeler on the sidewalk can therefore possibly be considered "inconvenient" (35 euros), but not "very inconvenient".

  • Read

Finally, like bad news not’come never alone generally just before the great summer migrations on the beach, the fine for "inconvenient parking" undergoes a truly mind-blowing inflation from 35 to 135 euros (read our), an increase evaluated by the scientific services of MNC at the trifle of … + 285% !!!

It remains to know the definition which will be made by Cruchot and others of the qualifier "annoying", which could well extend from the semi-trailer parked astride a disabled square and a pedestrian crossing between a school and a hospital … to a motorcycle correctly aligned on the road side on a sidewalk 5 meters wide !

To be continued: stay connected !

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