Rukka Frosto – tried out gloves for the winter

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Rukka Frosto - tried out gloves for the winter
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Rukka Frosto – tried out gloves for the winter

Rukka Frosto
Tried gloves for the winter

For particularly cold days, Rukka offers the Frosto glove with a Gore-Tex membrane and extra thick lining. How well do the winter gloves do in the first test?

Roman Kirschbauer,

Tobias Beyl,

Mona Pekarek

May 27, 2019

Carbon knuckle protection on the outer hand and firm padding in the area of ​​the scaphoid reliably protect the hands, but fortunately, they do not affect comfort in any way. Thanks to the long and double cuff – from Rukka referred to as the water lock system – hands and wrists stay reliably dry even in heavy and torrential rainfalls.

Getting started is not easy

The inner layer extends far into the jacket sleeve, the outer layer has a small opening on the inside through which water can drain. The visor wiper on the left index finger is a practical standard for good winter gloves. At temperatures around five degrees, longer stages without cold paws are possible, because the membrane permanently withstands the wind and the cozy lining provides excellent insulation.

Provided the tightening succeeds. Dry, warm hands slide quite well into the Frosto, but even when there is little moisture, the skin clings to the inner material and pushes the lining in front of you. When the strength and feeling in your fingers are also dwindling due to the cold, putting on gloves after a refueling stop requires the patience of an angel.

Noticed positively: Double cuff, insulation, visor wiper

Noticed negatively: Getting dressed is sometimes very fiddly

Sizes: 6 to 14

Price: 199.90 euros (RRP)

MOTORRAD verdict: 3.5 stars out of a possible 5


In the first test, the Rukka Frosto winter glove impressed with its reliable protection without sacrificing comfort. Only the entry was uncomfortable.

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