Sport – Under the minute to Carole: Checa and GMT did it! –

Under the minute to Carole: Checa and the GMT did it !

Sport - Under the minute to Carole: Checa and GMT did it! -

Three weeks after breaking the circuit lap record, David Checa and his GMT94 team were back at Carole last Friday. This time it’s done, the symbolic bar of the minute has been crossed on the Ile-de-France track. And largely…

"Thirty years that we expected this", just sums up GMT94."What driver, what spectator, what race official never asked himself the question: "will we get down one day under the minute to Carole " ?"The answer is definitely ‘yes’ !

Last June, David Checa, permanent life member of the Endurance GMT94 team, had established despite imperfect track conditions. "Very happy"but certainly more frustrated still, the Spanish pilot had not said his last word !

Convinced that his Yamaha Endurance had the potential to drop under 60 seconds on the Paris circuit, David and his team did it again this Friday, July 12, 2013. This time the driving conditions were perfect. The stopwatch followed: 59.462 seconds !

"This new reference time achieved with the help of the FFM and its official timekeepers makes the dream of many pilots and bikers a reality.", declares the great chief of the GMT, Christophe Guyot."David Checa can be proud to have been the first to achieve this goal".

The sympathetic brother of Carlos (winner of the 24 Hours of Barcelona on July 7 with the Folch Endurance team) is above all grateful: "our Yamaha R1 was perfect. Power in a straight line, agility in curves and my Michelin racing tires are the assets that allowed me to go up to 59.90. Then, Michelin did the rest."…

Usually – and paradoxically – faster on race tires than on qualif ‘tires, David was quite proud to improve his best time by putting on qualif’ Bibendum tires, finally turning a good half a second under the minute. Contract – largely – fulfilled therefore !

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