Sporty – Aprilia RSV4 RR and RF 2017: first information – Pre-owned APRILIA

Aprilia RSV4 RR and RF 2017: first information

Sporty - Aprilia RSV4 RR and RF 2017: first information - Pre-owned APRILIA

Aprilia is taking advantage of the transition to Euro4 standards to improve its hypersport spearhead, the RSV4, available as in 2016 in RF and RR versions. As usual with Noale engineers, the progress is largely due to electronics with an estimated time gain of over a second per lap !

This fourth generation of RSV4 hardly evolves mechanically, with the important exception of its compact V4 which now meets Euro4 standards by means of a modified exhaust and a seriously improved power supply. The developments include the installation of a 100% electronic accelerator and a new, more sophisticated ECU, which allows the extension of the V4 to be increased by no less than 300 revolutions. By the way, the variable height intake vents are abandoned for an estimated weight gain of – 500 g. New pistons are also used and the distribution diagram optimized.

In the end, the 4-cylinder retains its impressive output of 201 hp at 13,000 rpm and 115 Nm at 10,500 rpm, all managed – fortunately! – by a veritable arsenal of electronic aids controlled by an inertial unit (IMU). As in 2016, the bike carries an adjustable traction control without cutting the throttle, three driving modes, a starting assistant, a shifter, a speed limiter (practical not to exceed the 60 km / h imposed on most routes stands) and an anti-wheeling.

New in 2017: the sensitivity of this anti-squat is now adjustable while driving, while Bosch takes care of the ABS braking with its excellent 9.1 MP system which takes tilt into account. A new cruise control is also making its appearance, while the instrumentation now takes the form of a color TFT matrix screen.

In terms of chassis, the RSV4 does not evolve in depth and retains its multiple adjustment possibilities appreciated by trackers (height of the engine in the frame, caster angle, height of the swingarm pivot, etc.). Braking remains entrusted to the monstrously powerful Brembo M50 radial calipers which now pinch 330 mm discs (instead of 320 mm).

For its part, the top-of-the-range RF version inherits new even more advanced Ohlins suspensions (Sachs on the RR), with new settings aimed at better progressiveness, and forged rims. The price is not communicated (€ 17,399 and € 20,999 in 2016).

Aprilia RSV4 2017: the key points

  • V4 at 65 °, 999.6cc, 201 hp and 115 Nm. Euro4 via revised exhaust and power supply
  • Elimination of variable admission horns
  • Chassis adjustable at multiple points
  • Sachs suspensions on RR, Ohlins on RF
  • Braking via 330 mm dual front discs and M50 Brembo 4-piston radial calipers
  • Anti-slip and anti-wheelie adjustable while driving. Bosch ABS 9.1 sensitive to the angle of the motorcycle, adjustable to three levels of intensity and including a function to control the lift of the rear wheel during braking.
  • Launch control, regulator, shifter and limiter as standard
  • 18.5 liter tank
  • RR colors: black and gray
  • RF color: red-green-black tricolor “Superpole”

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